Tuesday, November 14, 2023

A book written by Jack Watt
A review by Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, November 14, 2023

There are a lot of books and most are interesting even though a lot of books that people begin to read are never read to the end; or, it takes forever for them to get to the end of the book.  This is NOT one of those books!

As a form of disclaimer, I have no firsthand knowledge of underage sex trafficking or spousal abuse so when I tell you this, it may help explain why I consider this book both a “must read” as well as a “page turner” and I don’t classify books as page turners very often.  This book is definitely a page turner, especially if you are like me and are naive to sex trafficking and/or spousal abuse. 

We have all most likely asked why an abused spouse simply didn’t leave the situation and instead chose to remain in the relationship.  I know I have.  This book explains why someone probably stays in such a relationship and it makes perfect sense. 

The problem with this book is not in its writing or the story it conveys, the problem is that it has no ending.  To give away the ending of the book would do it an injustice; the book needs to be read.  

If you know of someone who has a family member that has gone missing, either a boy or a girl, you definitely need to read the book and also share the book or encourage others to read it.  If you have young daughters or granddaughters, you also need to read the book but in more like you would read a medical preventative medicine book. 

More importantly, the author points out the distrust level that people justly have in our law enforcement officials, local, state and federal for good reason and why.

Who should read the book?  I have already addressed that above.

Would I read it again?  Probably not because the message was received loud and clear!

Would I give it as a gift?  DEFINITELY!

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