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By Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, October 30, 2023


Where to begin?  Maybe starting at the end of the day on October 19, 2023 would be a good place to begin.  Sooner or later most of the people I care about will know that I have been diagnosed with Bladder Cancer.  I met with the cancer specialist at the Benson Cancer Center in New Orleans on Wednesday, October 18, 2023.  The doctor was straight forward, direct and honest and had a calming presence about him even though he was giving me information that at best, was alarming.  Since he would be doing any of the surgery, he wanted to retest the various tests that have already been done, plus one additional one.  He said it was not a matter of distrust of my local doctor and instead since he was the one doing the surgery, he simply wanted to verify the information before it was too late.  I agreed.  All of the retests have been completed and I will be scheduled for major surgery during the first week of December. 

It’s one thing knowing what disease you suffer from but it is entirely a different issue when the issue that worries you the most is totally out of your control and it is NOT that I have been diagnosed with bladder cancer.  On the contrary, I worry about the wellbeing of my spouse (1), my kids (4), their kids (9) and their kids (4).  Not because I have bladder cancer, that simply is what it is.  No, I’m deeply concerned as to what kind of world I will be leaving them when my day comes to an end and it is very depressing to think about that world, at least for me. 

I was sitting in a quite spot in the house and just sat thinking about why things are as they are.  I came up with no solutions.  As for the cancer, I have mentioned to several friends I know that I should be more concerned/worried than I actually am.  But it is NOT the cancer that is weighing heavy on my mind.  

Please stay with me on this, it is important to me that you do!  I could not believe my ears when I heard some of our elected politicians, some of the candidates running for President, celebrity’s (not that I care what any celebrity thinks or says), newscasters, you name whomever you want, when they called for the nation of Israel to wipe out the nation or country of Palestine.  If they could actually hear themselves speak, they would hear what I heard.  They called for the genocide of 2.5 million people who call the Gaza Strip their home.  Maybe you, the reader, feel the same way, I honestly don’t know.  I know what genocide means, in this case, it means the systematic murder of 2.5 million people all lumped into one category of people – HAMAS.  You can support the people of Palestine and be against HAMAS; the terrorists who govern the people of Palestine.  And you can also support the people of Israel and be against the Government of Israel.  But that is not what has been happening; everyone is being lumped into one of two sides forgetting that the governing bodies of both Israel and Palestine are the main culprits in this several hundred years dispute.  Now America finds itself in a very similar situation.  No one could possibly support the destruction of America under the President Biden Administration, NO ONE!  So if and when WAR comes, it will be the result of the failed Biden policies but it will be ALL AMERICANS who are blamed. 

People are taking sides.  WORDS MEAN THINGS!  In this case, Palestine, DOES NOT MEAN HAMAS!  Nor does Israeli mean Israeli government.  I’m not a genius, far from it, but I know when something is fishy and the attack on Israel is so fishy it smells, at least to me.  

Add to the Israel/Palestine pending all-out war, is the fact that our government is spending us into oblivion!  We have an open border that permits anyone, and I mean anyone, babies to the elderly and everyone in between to enter our country unvetted.  Just for argument’s sake, what if some of these illegal immigrants are actually terrorists?  If you look at the people crossing the border, almost all of them are young men between the ages of 15 and 40.  You might also call that group of men, fighting age men.  We ARE witnessing an invasion of America and no one but the people on the right side of the political spectrum seem to care.  I CARE, DO YOU? 

President Obama authorized the Government, our Government, to use propaganda in directing the thought and belief process of American citizens.  In other words, he authorized intentional lying to achieve an agenda.  How does anyone find that acceptable?  I DON’T!  I CARE, DO YOU? 

As a disabled veteran, I appreciate the plight of our veterans.  Just think about the charities we see advertised on television; Tunnels 2 Towers, Wounded Warrior Project, Vehicles for Veterans, K9s for Veterans, Mobility Scooters for Veterans, etc. etc. etc.  Our Government puts its military members in harms way only to have them relying upon the various charities when they become severely wounded or if they happen to die in the service to our country.  Some of these charities provide mortgage free homes and/or scholarships for dependent children.  While these charities are to be commended, it SHOULD be the responsibility of our Government to take care of the very people who put their lives on the line for the United States of America.  That is simply not happening and I find that shameful!  Even The Veterans Administration, that is run and paid for by our Government, is extremely slow in providing the assistance needed by thousands of veterans.  Instead, eligible veterans face long wait times and some actually die while waiting on the Veterans Administration TO DO THEIR JOB THAT THEY WERE TASKED TO DO AND ARE BEING PAID TO DO!  I CARE, I CARE VERY DEEPLY, DO YOU? 

It would be easy to go on but I think you get my point.  Our Government is failing us in so many ways and now they are drafting legislation to go to war with Iran.  In fact, President Biden has just invoked the War Powers Act giving him the authority to engage enemies without Congressional approval which to my knowledge IS THE LAW!  Another war that is going to be funded and fought so that the world’s big banks and the Military Industrial Complex can continue making money by means of armaments bought and sold involving a war that has no immediate interest to America, like so many of the wars where men and women were killed or severely wounded. 

Here is a list of LIES that our Government has laid at the feet of its citizens.  I urge you to research the terms Operation Mockingbird and MKUltra.  If you actually research them, you will be as shocked and disgusted as I am at the lengths that our Government has gone AND CONTINUES TO GO to mold and form your opinions and beliefs through their lies and deceit.  Here’s my short list of KNOWN lies: 

WWII, it was not a total surprise attack.  The attack was needed to enable America to enter the war and for President Roosevelt to take sides with Prime Minister Winston Churchill, even though the attack took place in the Pacific Ocean.  THEY KNEW!  THEY LIED!  I CARE, DO YOU? 

I am not well versed on the Korean Conflict (as opposed to War) but I’m sure we may someday know what really happened and why we fought to a draw.  Technically we are still at war with North Korea; a peace agreement has never been signed.  I CARE, DO YOU? 

Vietnam was a horrible mistake!  Over 50,000 American lives were lost and thousands more severely wounded.  Why?  Because of the incident in the Gulf of Tonkin.  Look it up!  It never happened but Americans were led to believe that we went to war because our naval ships were attacked by the North Vietnamese; they weren’t.  THEY LIED!  I CARE, DO YOU? 

The Murder of John F. Kennedy was orchestrated by the CIA.  The world KNEW this but our Government said it was a lone gunman operating solely on his own accord.  BS!  The Warren Commission was stacked with politicians who spewed the Government’s storyline of the murder because it advanced THEIR agenda!  THEY LIED!  I CARE, DO YOU? 

If you read Dr. Mary’s Monkey (I read it three times), you will learn how vaccine experiments went seriously wrong and a deadly monkey virus somehow was mixed in with the Polio vaccine.  It was known in the 1950s that this virus would eventually cause a lot of people to develop soft tissue cancers in the 1980s and beyond.  Look it up for yourself.  The country experienced a serious uptick in cancers in the 1980s and ever since.  The Government covered it up.  THEY LIED!   I CARE. DO YOU? 

9/11:  Maybe the biggest false storyline of all time.  The Government in conjunction with the Main Stream News Media all promoted the story of the Mid-East Hijackers flying planes into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and another flight that ended in a crash in Pennsylvania.  We were led to believe that this was all orchestrated by one man in a cave in the Mid-East.  The storyline is like the “do you believe in UFOs” storyline.  Originally very few Americans believed in UFOs because the Government has told us for decades that they do not exist.  Most people believed them until a more recent poll indicated that more than 50% of Americans now believe that UFOs exist.  Why do I mention UFOs, because we were fed lies about UFOs existing and the Government recently admitted that they had video evidence that they do.  They made up the storyline that they did not exist and for decades we believed them like the sheep we have become.  The same is true regarding the REAL storyline about 9/11.  With each passing year there is more and more evidence that 9/11 was in fact an inside job and that tons of gold went missing as did the records in the Pentagon’s missing 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS announced on 9/10 one day BEFORE 9/11!  None of the details that have surfaced match the Government’s storyline.  THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL!  THEY LIED!  I CARE, DO YOU? 

Finally. we come to COVID!  Hopefully you, the reader, have heard enough of the evidence that the Government, the News Media and Social Media all initially refused to allow to be heard.  Most people knew something was wrong.  The evidence that the entire COVID SHUTDOWN was done to demonstrate the amount of control our Government could wield over its citizens (sheep) and like the dumbasses that most of us were at the time, WE COMPLIED!  THEY LIED!  WE COMPLIED!  I CARE, DO YOU? 

That brings me back to my ongoing problem with bladder cancer.  Two weeks AFTER my second Moderna vaccine I began to have health issues that I did not have prior to the second vaccine.  Two of the more serious issues involved urinating a 12” blood clot and the second one was having the vision in my left eye become very blurry and not subject to correction through the use of glasses.  I was tested over two years ago for the blood in my urine and the doctors could not find anything wrong at the time.  Part of that was my problem in that I was scheduled for a third test, I was told that (1) I had to wear a mask and (2) receive a booster vaccine.  I refused.  That may have caused the cancer in my bladder to either start up or get worse than it already was.  Today, October 30, 2023 I was told by the surgeon that as for how long the bladder cancer has existed to be this much infected, he said about 1 to 2 years; it was 2 years ago I had the second Moderna vaccine!  Coincidence?  Maybe so, probably not!  THE GOVERNMENT LIED TO US.  I CARE, DO YOU? 

Now I am sitting in a darken room, just thinking.  That is when a voice came to me in my head.  I don’t know if it was a voice that I just thought I heard, a voice that I made up, or a real voice that originated from an outside source.  Either way, it was a very distinct voice.  What did it say?  I can’t tell you the exact words but it verified that I had bladder cancer and that if left unattended, could be a death sentence.  Then it was either the voice speaking or my own mind working overtime when I heard myself say, I have two choices, I can pray to God to save me from this deadly disease or I can pray for something else of my choice but NOT BOTH.  It seemed like I had been given a gift that if used wisely would have a great outcome.  I sat very still, staring off at nothing in particular and suddenly and surprisingly it came to me.  I said something to effect: 

“Dear God, it seems like you have given me a gift and a decision to make.  Cancer versus something else I would like to have or see happen.”  That is when all of the frustrations from the constant Government lying and an endless progression of wars, death and destruction as discussed above, and more importantly, a population that doesn’t seem to care, all surfaced at the same time.  What I really would like is to live long enough to see the world eradicated from the evil that exists throughout the world.  I choose to pray for peace and I pray that all the evil people in the world be given the opportunity to change their evil ways and work for the peaceful survival of mankind OR, be eradicated from the face of the planet. 

That may come as a surprise to you the reader; it came as a surprise to me.  I have lived for over 78 years and I regret very few things.  I’m okay with whatever happens to me because my life has little meaning left in regards to anything that I could possibly do to bring peace to a waring world.  My prayer was not totally selfless, I was praying for a better world for my 4 children, their 9 children and their 4 children and any more that may come in the future.  I prayed for my family and by extension, I prayed for you and your family as well.  We all deserve to live in a world of peace and harmony. 

I care deeply about the misuse of our tax dollars.  I care deeply about the invasion on our southern border.  I care deeply about the parade of endless wars.  I care deeply that our government, supposedly working for “we the people” instead lies and lies to preserve their own power, greed and control over “we the people.”  I care even more deeply as to how all of these constant lies will adversely affect not only my family, but yours as well.  After 78 years, will I be leaving my family and yours a world better off than when I entered it in 1945?  Not only NO, but HELL NO!  I can’t change it on my own and my time is running out.  Maybe I can start a change with you the reader who in turn reaches out to help someone else become aware of the lies and deceit and through a grassroots movement, begin the process of making people aware of what has been controlling their lives without them even realizing it.  Only then, when enough people become aware, will anything begin to change.  It all starts with at least one person THAT CARES!  HOPEFULLY THAT ONE PERSON IS YOU AND IF SO, MY PRAYER WILL HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!  WHY?  BECAUSE I CARE!  DO YOU? 

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like when we were free.”  President Ronald Reagan 

Finally, I beg of you to take the time to watch a video proving that the election results in 2022 and before were manipulated to obtain the outcome that the elites in power wanted.  I have heard people say “why vote, my vote really doesn’t matter.”  They said that as an excuse for not voting when they know they should have.  This video proves that they were NOT WRONG when they said their vote did not count.  Watch and learn HOW they cheated country-wide. It is long, over 2 hours but so worth listening to especially if you believe the past elections were transparent and honest. You can speed up the presentation to 1.25 or even 1.50 to cut the time required to hear and see it all.


The above referenced video and Ronald Reagan’s quote verifies everything I have said in the Nugget and Prayer. 

“The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing!” 

No one knows for certain who said this but it exemplifies the message of this Nugget.  It’s past time for the good men and women, not only of America but of the world to stand up to the elites who have chosen power, greed and control over our freedom to live a healthy and wealthy life with our families.  Until that happens, the world is destined to continue on its path of endless wars fought for the sole purpose of making the elites and corporations of the world even more wealthy than they already are.

The following link is to a 60-minute documentary that is so timely (October 19, 2023) as it refers to Israel and the pending war in that region that could very easily escalate to WWIII.  It is clear, at least to me, that the elites who run everything in this world desperately need WWIII to occur because of what I mentioned above; they need the money, the power, the greed and the total control over everyone on the planet.  If you read Agenda 21 and updated to Agenda 30, the elites want to reduce the world’s population from 7 BILLION down to 500 MILLION.  That means that out of every 14 people on the planet, 13 must die.  How does that happen?  Pandemic, disease, and WAR!  We are looking at someone pulling the strings to create WWIII and if there is one thing I desperately do not want for my family, it is living through, or not living through, another World War!!!!!  Thus, my prayer!


It's time to get involved, to stand up, to work to enable our elections to be transparent and honest, our borders to be secure, immigration to be plentiful BUT LEGAL!  And finally getting control of government spending. Read President Ronald Reagan’s quote once again, it says it all!  He may be more prophetic than he realized.


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