Friday, July 14, 2023

How To Be An Alpha Male



By Andrew Tate

Review by Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, July 13 2023

By his own admission at the beginning of the book, Andrew Tate warns readers that the book is NOT for the faint of heart.  I have read the entire book and while I understand why he may say that, I don’t agree with is assessment.  The only thing that makes this book cautionary is the language.  If you are offended by foul language, you may not want to read it.  I typically do not like foul language whenever it is used but in the case of this book, it somehow perfectly fits in when used.  If you can get by the foul language the lessons contained in this book are PRICELESS!

I think it is important to understand who I, the reviewer, is.  I am a retired 20-year Coast Guard veteran so foul language is nothing new to me.  I am also a retired 33-year real estate broker where foul language is never acceptable.  Having said that, I found this book loaded with short, concise tips on how to become an Alpha Male.  In 2023 that may not seem to be what most men/boys are seeking but they should be.  The country needs to rid itself of the feminization of men and boys and return to the days when men had principles, were strong, made decisions and protected the ones they love.  The book is short and very easy to read in one sitting.

Andrew Tate is by profession, a very successful 4-time Kickboxing World Champion and that would account for the foul language.  When he uses the language in the book, he uses it to get your attention and gives you the feeling he is talking directly to YOU!  The topics he covers in the book speak for themselves.

  • ·         Andrew Tate’s journey
  • ·         Importance of being an Alpha Male
  • ·         Developing confidence, self-assurance, resilience and charisma
  • ·         Mastering the art of communication and body language
  • ·         Physical Fitness, Strength and Self-Defense
  • ·         Staying in shape and maintaining a healthy body
  • ·         Dressing for Success and Personal Style
  • ·         The significance of grooming and personal style
  • ·         Career, Financial Mastery and Leadership
  • ·         Building wealth and financial independence
  • ·         Relationships and Friendships
  • ·         Building a support network
  • ·         Expanding your knowledge and skills
  • ·         The importance of Self-Improvement
  • ·         Learning from the success of others
  • ·         Understanding female psychology
  • ·         Networking with successful people and discovering fulfilling hobbies
  • ·         Benefits of being well connected
  • ·         Leaving a legacy
  • ·         Lifelong pursuit of self-improvement

Based upon my 33years in the real estate sales business, most if not all of these topics could be easily applied to a sales career and I believe that is the lessons that Andrew Tate wants everyone to understand.  These are not lessons that will teach you to become the next kickboxing champion, they are lessons that (1) will teach you to become independent, to (2) become a strong individual that can easily make decisions, (3) builds relationships and become both a student in those relationships as well as a teacher, and maybe the most valuable lesson of all (4) become a self-learner through self-improvement and never stop learning!  It’s all about create habits NOW (as compared to some time in the future) that will serve you for the rest of your life!

Is this a book I would read again?  At my age I don’t think so.

Is this a book I would give as a gift?  ABSOLUTELY

Who should read this book?  I believe it is targeting young men ages 16 to maybe as old as 30 if it is not to late for the 30-year-olds.  Habits are hard to break.  It would make a great gift to a high school graduate or soon to be graduate.

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Cinspiracy Theories Becoming Realities





By Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, July 4, 2023

I don’t want anyone to automatically believe everything or anything I am about to write about that it is true and without question.  That would be idiotic.  I am going to briefly touch on several subjects that I have done some research on and was shocked to discover that alternative stories abound on the Internet that are contrary to popular beliefs.  I hope this Nugget simply challenges you to do your own research and question some of the things reported as fact by your parents, former teachers and the various news media outlets.  I think you will discover as I have that we have all been lied to for a very long time. Some people like your parents only repeated what they have been told and believed to be true.  But you will also discover as I have just how proficient a great many people just lied to us to advance agendas; it’s a form of brainwashing perfected during WWII.

I’m 78 and it been a very quick ride as you will yourself learn in time!  Lesson #1, enjoy yourself when and while you can.  My life changed significantly when I had a heart by-pass surgery in 2012.  It was almost as if I was supposed to have died instead of being saved by skillful surgeons.  Ever since that day in 2012, my body seems to be fighting back.  3 back surgeries, a hip replacement surgery, thumb surgery, a TENTH knee surgery on the left knee and probably another knee surgery in the very near future, all reminding me that I am on the last chapter of my life.  There are days when I have thought that I would be better dead than living through the pain in my back and legs 24/7 as I have for at least a decade.

My physical downward trend was also aggravated when I agreed to take the COVID 19 EXPERIMENTAL JAB(S), TWO OF THEM.  Immediately following the second jab, several medical issues occurred within weeks and then months.  Two were particularly scary events.  The first was that I began having severe pain that would suddenly occur behind my left eye, then it would move to my right eye and then back to my left eye.  This went on for several weeks.  I did see an eye specialist and he could find nothing wrong.  Shortly after the last pain episode, I began having blurry vision but only in my left eye.  That was over two years ago and the vision has never returned to the 20/20 I previously had just before the second jab.  Prior to the second jab, I did not require any type of eye glasses except for reading glasses and that was required by choice because of cataract surgeries.  I have since been fitted for eyeglasses, twice, and the doctor said they will not return my vision as it was before but they are as good as she could make them (2 different doctors said the same thing).  Second jab, vision SUDDENLY goes bad, a coincidence?

The second scary event was totally unpredicted as I had no symptoms to warn me that there was a problem.  I suddenly found myself urinating blood, a lot of blood and then a 12” blood clot.  I wish I had tried to retrieve it but I didn’t.  When I  explained it to the doctor, it was only my word and he didn’t seem to want to take me seriously.  I became very frustrated with doctors.  I explained what was happening to me to my primary care doctor (2 of them), to my Diabetes doctor (1), to my heart doctor (1) and to my eye doctors (2).  I explained it to a total of SIX doctors and none were willing to connect the dots back to the friggin vaccine that I took and that THEY encouraged me to take.  My guess is that they did not want to be held responsible for what has happened and what may happen in the future as a result of the vaccines that were never tested and never actually approved by the FDA.  In case you don’t know, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) KNEW that they had altered their procedures and that forced them to redefine THEIR definition of vaccines so that the COVID Experimental Drug Therapy would then meet their new definition of what a vaccine is and what it does.  This was done AFTER I took the friggin jabs!

Thankfully that crap is now out of the way.  Let me tell you a little about why I believe what I believe and why people, hopefully not you, all think I’m crazy.  Crazy is a funny term to me.  I have lived long enough to know that people were called crazy when I was growing up only to later discover that the subjects for which they were considered crazy to believe in, slowly at first and then suddenly, became reality and then those same people were no longer considered crazy.  In fact, most people forget they once called them crazy or why they did so in the first place.  That is the way I feel about the things I believe to be true.

Let’s start with World War II, a subject you probably are not all that aware of in detail other than who fought the war and who won.  Based upon what we, you and I, were all taught in schools, I doubt you know much more than that.  I can tell you that in the 1930s and 40s, Americans wanted no  part of the war.  It was being fought in Europe and in the Far East and they really didn’t care as a nation.  FDR, our then President, wanted desperately to enter the war and he did so for many reasons.  I hate to say money had a part in it but it did.  Industries were retooled, prior to our entering the war, to build the weapons of war. A lot of people made huge sums of money in doing so.  FDR also wanted desperately to help his friend Winston Churchill whose country was left as the only country fighting NAZI Germany.  France had all but surrendered to Hitler and all of Europe except for England was under the control of Germany who then set its sites on attacking England.  It was a miracle that the attack on England ended when it did.  Known as The Battle of Britain, it ended just days before England would have exhausted its remaining Air Force and its fate would have been in the hands of Germany.  Germany suddenly and very unexpectedly quit the attack but the war on England was far from over.  It turned into a sea war and that is why it was critical for America to enter the fray.  Without America, England would have starved to death and they could not continue in any way to fend off Germany.

How does a President of the United States enter into a World War that its citizens want no part of? If Germany, Italy, or Japan did not attack the United States, it was unlikely that the United States would have entered into a war with any of them.  EVER!  Call it a coincidence or call it a plan, either way the terms outlined in a memo that could be labeled a coincidence and written AND PRESENTED in 1941, all somehow came to fruition and the United States by accident or by design (coincidence) suddenly entered the war.  You can find the LCDR McCOLLUM, USN Memo at:

The United States had been isolating Japan and depriving it of its necessities and forced them to take action; Japan was left with no alternative but to fight.  I don’t think FDR thought Japan would attack Pearl Harbor.  No, I actually believe he thought Japan would attack two war ships that the United States put in harms way in the far eastern Pacific Ocean near Japan.  Japan had other plans and she attacked Pearl Harbor.  Japan was, in my opinion, clearly provoked into attacking the United States which is exactly what FDR wanted to happen.  I seriously doubt you learn of any of this in any class in any school you ever attended.  I sure as Hell didn’t!  It wasn’t until I began to do my own research on the subjects I cared deeply about. 

I have come to the realization that we as a society have been lied to about a great many things.  Just consider that the 1941 memo was the PROBABLE cause of the US entering the war.  How many lives did that memo cost?  Did our government think the loss of lives was a cost that was justified to meet its agendas?  I have come to believe the answer is yes and it gets worse, hold on.

Korean War.  Sadly, I have done very little research on the Korean War but I can almost guarantee you that if I did or if you did, you would discover that the government was deeply involved in that war as well and as to why, would be anyone’s guess.  President Eisenhower, when he left office, warned us when he said that we should all be very aware of the Military Industrial War Complex;  it thrives on wars and makes boat loads of money when the country is engaged in wars.  We had just finished WWII in 1945 and now it was 1950 and we are engaged in another war, the Korean War (whoops, sorry, CONFLICT). 

I’ going to take you on a slight detour for good reason.  In 1955 I would have been 10 years old.  It was about that time I had an incident happen in my elementary school class, I think it was the 3rd grade or maybe the 4th.  The teacher was explaining that there was no life on any other planet other than Earth.  It was too hot or too cold and not enough oxygen and there was no water to live on them, especially Mars.  And as for the other planets, none had the features available as Earth did and therefore, according to THIS TEACHER there could be no other life on any of the planets.  As a 10-year-old, that should have made all the sense in the world.  But it didn’t to me.  I remember the question I asked.  What if the people on Mars liked it hot and what if they breathed in carbon dioxide and gave off oxygen like the plants on Earth do?  Why are we judging that someone who lives on Mars must be just like us?  The teacher said that my question and suggestion were stupid and made fun of me in front of my classmates.  That was the day that changed my attitude about school.  I knew I was right and she was wrong but nothing I could say from that point on would make a difference.  What did I do as a 10-year-old?  I just shut up and went along with whatever they were teaching but my mind and heart were simply never in the game from that day on. I began to have problems with schools in general and my grades showed it.  I simply lost interest and did only what I absolutely had to do get through it.  Does that sound familiar to what we hear about universities in 2023?   

When I went to college it was even worse.  I was required to take courses for the first two years that I had absolutely no interest in and did nothing to meet the requirements put forth to me for my major, Marketing and Advertising.  I was like a square peg in a round hole, I just didn’t fit in.  The ONLY class in college that I put an effort in was the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Class (ROTC).  I discovered I had an interest in the military, more so than I had ever realized.  My interest started in the 6th grade when our class went on a field trip to an Air Force Base located just outside Youngstown, Ohio.  It housed a squadron of F-101 Fighter Jets known as Voodoos.  I took my turn to sit in the cockpit of an F-101 and from that day on, I wanted to be an Air Force Pilot and fly jet fighters.

Got off tract there a bit but keep in mind that in the early 1950s we were at war in Korea.  Now it is in the early 1960s, ten years later and we are at war again (remember what President Eisenhower warned us about) but this time it was Vietnam, a country I had never heard of.  I graduated from high school in 1963 and Vietnam was gearing up to be a major war.  Young men my age were being drafted into the military and most were immediately sent off to fight in the jungles of Vietnam.  Some decided life in Canada was a better alternative and they fled to Canada.  I remember being very conflicted at the age of 18.  Those that fled to Canada were labeled as cowards.  Kids of wealthy families found ways to avoid the draft.  If you attended college,  you were given a deferment until you left college.  I went to college but after two years, I knew that I had enough. I was not applying myself and I had no interest in what I was doing; it was a total waste of money.  That is when I joined the Coast Guard.  I have written as to how and why I managed to join a service I had never heard of.  You can read about it in those documents.   Suffice it to say, I was in the military albeit the Coast Guard.  If you want to read about it, send me an email to and put Humor in the subject line and the booklet I wrote for my kids is yours to have fun with.

What about Vietnam?  Was it a real event or was it concocted by our government?  To most of us, we thought it was a legitimate war because that is what we were told.  It supposedly began when Vietnam attacked US War Ships in the Gulf of Tonkin.  It was known as the Gulf of Tonkin Incident but it was supposedly the CAUSE of why we went to war in Vietnam.  Please do your own research on this but you will discover as I did, the Gulf of Tonkin never happened.  Our participation in the Vietnam War really didn’t have to happen.  It only had to be reported that such an incident happened and the news media would repeat it just as they were TOLD to repeat it.  In this regard, please research Operation Mockingbird.  You will be shocked to learn that many in the news media were on the payroll of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and they were reporting the news exactly what OUR government wanted the public to know.  It was a form of brainwashing and none of us knew it was happening to us, BY DESIGN!  We lost over 55,000 lives in Vietnam and the country didn’t seem to care because they were brainwashed to believe it was a “just cause.”  It was all a lie.  For years we were told that we were winning.  Robert McNamara was the Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam War and years AFTER the war was over, was part of a video documentary, I think there were 9 episodes, where he eventually told the truth about Vietnam and America’s participation.  He did not paint a pretty picture.

Vietnam was a made-up war.  I believe Korea was as well but again, I have not researched it.  I am confident that WWII was forced upon us by the actions taken prior to the war against Japan and we got exactly what we had hoped for – an attack by Japan on America.  So far, we are three for three as far as our government getting us involved in wars.

It’s been decades since the Vietnam War and the Military Industrial Complex needs new wars to engage in.  That is how it makes its money, creating weapons of war.  We began fighting wars all over the mid-east.  Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Iran, the list is endless.  Do you recall any Congress ever authorizing any of these so-called wars?  Me neither! 

Then came the big one.  It happened while Vietnam was still being fought.  President John F. Kennedy told the world two things.  First, he was going to share info with everyone including countries like Russia.  Such info may include what the US knew or didn’t know about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).  Second, he was going to return America to the gold backed dollar.  When Kennedy was murdered in Dallas, the official line was that he was killed by a “lone gunman” who was later identified as Lee Harvey Oswald.  Like everyone at the time, I believed what we were being told by guess who, the news media; remember Operation Mockingbird.  It was not long after his death, I began having doubts about what we were being told and confirmed by our government to be true. 

I began to read, and what I read provided me with enough proof to believe that Oswald was exactly what he said he was, a patsy (his exact description just before he was killed).  Someone to take the fall for the murder of JFK.  What sealed the deal for me were two books, the first was Dr. Mary’s Monkey (I hope you read it) and I emphasize the importance of that one book for many reasons.  It cast doubts on the government’s story of Lee Harvey Oswald.  Then I read Me & Lee which is a continuation of a love story that began in the Dr. Mary’s Monkey book.  As an example, the government said that Oswald did not know Jack Ruby, the man who killed Oswald.  That is not true because in the books referenced, they talk about going to a picnic outing with Jack Ruby on a ranch in Louisiana.  Dr. Mary’s Monkey discusses the governments attempt at creating a fast-acting cancer-causing virus to be used to murder Fidel Castro of Cuba where no one would know he had been assonated.  It then became very ironic that someone visited Jack Ruby while he was in custody in Dallas and just 30 days later, he suddenly dies of cancer.  What a unique coincidence with no explanation.

So yes, I am probably a “conspiracy theorist” when it comes to the death of JFK.  But it gets worse, much, much worse!

Where were you on September 11th when the Twin Towers and Pentagon were attacked?  Most people know exactly where they were and what they were doing, just like when JFK was murdered.  And just like the JFK murder, the news media (there they are again) told us what we all should believe about what we saw or thought we saw.  Their explanation was excellent, it did its job, probably just as Operation Mockingbird wanted them to do.  I am more convinced in 2023 that we have been lied to about 9/11 not only by the news media but more importantly our government.

Let’s begin with one very obvious observation regarding THREE buildings, not TWO.  We all saw what was happening to the Twin Towers.  It “appeared” that planes struck one and then the other.  There was never an explanation given as to how an aircraft could penetrate the building like it “appeared” to have happen.  What about the external steel girders that supported the building.  Both towers were supposedly designed to withstand an impact by a large commercial or military plane.  But according to what we all saw and heard, they did penetrate the buildings and then mysteriously caused the massive support system to begin collapsing from the ground up.  People on scene and on the ground said they heard explosives AFTER the planes hit the buildings.  When you watch the collapse of each of the Twin Towers, you must recognize buildings that are being intentionally denotated and designed to crash upon their own footprints like we have seen done to buildings all across the globe.

Several hours later, repeat HOURS, it was reported that Building #7 had some fires on one or more of its floors.  Suddenly and unexpectedly to most people, it collapsed upon its own footprint just like the Twin Towers.  A British Reporter reported that Building #7 had collapsed about 20 minutes BEFORE it actually did.  Imagine that.

Lost in all this mayhem was a news release by Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld who on 9/10 reported that the Pentagon had “lost” over 2 TRILLION DOLLARS.  This story should have been leading the news for weeks but was suddenly lost on 9/1I.  I do not recall anyone ever talking about it ever again.  Imagine that.  It’s quite possible that 9/11 was actually the greatest gold heist in world history.

Next was the Pentagon.  We were told it was struck by an airplane.  Think about that for just a second and you realize just how impossible that would have been.  We are expected to believe that people that NEVER flew jet airliners before were now so qualified that they could fly parallel to the ground without striking anything and then hitting the Pentagon exactly where vital records on how and where money was being spent, OR LOST, by the Department of Defense was being kept; all of the records were destroyed.  More importantly, to the naked eye, there were no airline parts or debris visible to anyone at the crash site.  Imagine that.

More questions about the 4th plane that crashed in Pennsylvania.  Everyone saw the deep depression in the ground but did anyone see any airline parts lying about the site?  I certainly didn’t, did you?  How is that possible?  No landing gears, no massive engines, no tail sections, nothing!  How is that possible?  But we were told by the media what had happened and that is the storyline we were expected to believe and repeat.  Imagine that!

There are four very excellent books on 9/11 that I highly recommend you read.  They are books of fiction but based on facts.  They were all written by a Senior Flight Attendant Rebekah Roth who was very familiar with the procedures in place that were supposed to have happened during an airline hijacking.  According to the author, none of the distress procedures were followed by any of the over 30 airline onboard employees.  Imagine that.  While you are imaging, she wrote that cell phones did not work in airplanes once you exceeded 1000 feet, yet we had lengthy recordings supposedly from cell phones of passengers AND crew at altitudes above 1000 feet.  If what she writes is accurate, how is that possible?  But that is what we were told.  Again, imagine that!  Her four books are and they should be read in order:

Methodical Illusion, by Rebekah Roth

Methodical Deception, by Rebekah Roth

Methodical Conclusion, by Rebekah Roth

Methodical Exposure, by Rebekah Roth

If you read these books, fiction or not, you will NEVER think of 9/11 as you may have in the past, ever again!  EVER!

But it still gets worse.  What do you know about the sinking of the TITANIC?  I knew (past tense) what I was taught in school.  If you stop there, the government and the media have done their jobs; they have brainwashed us to think in a certain way and never to question their explanation of what happened.  PERIOD!  I dare you to do some research on the TITANIC!  If you do you will learn many things not taught in schools.  First you will learn that there were two ships that appeared very similar to each other; the TITANIC and the OLYMPIC.  There were subtle differences like the number of port holes, one had 12 one had 14.  One had square windows, the other very slender windows.  There are many researchers that believe it was an older OLYMPIC that was substituted at the last minute for the TITANIC and it was the OLYMPIC that sunk, not the TITANIC. 

More importantly, of the many passengers on the TITANIC or the OLYMPIC, three represented some of the richest men in the world who were very much against America forming the Federal Reserve.  They were John Jacob Astor, Benjamin Guggenheim, and Isador Straus.  A fourth billionaire, J. P. Morgan, who was strongly in favor of the Federal Reserve, was set to sail on the TITANIC or the OLYMPIC but at the very last second, with his personal belongings and treasures sitting on the dock waiting to be loaded, decided NOT to make the trip.  Oh, and by the way, did I say he was an avid supporter of the Federal Reserve program.  And just like that, there was no further opposition to the creation of the Federal Reserve.  Imagine that! 

But even with all of the above historical events that I no longer believe happened as I was taught or as reported by the media, there remains one more recent event that simply defies logic – COVID-19.

The United Nations (UN), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the World Economic Forum (WEF) have all told us their plans and still people either have never heard them before or they don’t believe what they have told us verbally, in writing and etched in marble on the Georgia Guidestones.  They have many goals but there is one that stands out from the rest:


What does that mean in real numbers?  With a world population exceeding 6 BILLION PEOPLE, It means that 13 of every 14 people on Earth must die!  Unless you are a very special individual, I seriously doubt that you are going to be the 14th person spared.  I know with certainty that I am in the group of 13.  My advice to you since you have read this far is that when someone tells you in writing that they are going to kill you, BELIEVE THEM!

How does one go about killing off over 6 Billion people?  There are several ways, some much more efficient than others.  Let me list the ways:

·         Natural causes (way too slow)

·         Wars (very costly but that is not necessarily a bad thing for the Military Industrial Complex)

·         Diseases (much too slow unless of course you help them along)

·         Starvation (way too slow)

·         Vaccines (Experimental Drug Therapies) (Bingo!)

Under the threat of serious illness and/or death, people are frightened into taking a vaccine that is supposed to be a cure-all to a looming pandemic.  Everyone should take the vaccine and it will (1) prevent you from getting the disease and (2) spreading it to others.  Who wouldn’t want for that to happen.  Who would not want to help their fellow man by taking the vaccines?

Therein lies the tale of death and the HOW they could reduce the world’s population through a world-wide vaccine program where everyone, repeat, everyone, takes the vaccine.  But the vaccine as we now know was not a vaccine at all, it was an experimental drug therapy that neither prevented someone from contracting COVID-19 nor did it prevent them from spreading it to others, it was all a lie!  A very large but effective lie!  Now the world has no choice but to sit back and wait to see what happens months and years later to those people that were vaccinated; it can’t be good!

Our government and our news media have been lying to us for well over 100 years!  The effect of all of the lying and misinformation is a brainwashed world-wide public.  The lies no longer are as effective because of the Internet.  Everyone can now do their own research and the truth eventually surfaces; it’s inevitable, it always does, EVENTUALLY!  Imagine that!

This is my story! I’m sticking to it until someone proves me wrong, which I doubt they ever will!