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DISCLAIMER.  You WON’T hurt my feelings by labeling me as being nuts or crazy, or stupid or whatever name you prefer to call me but don’t dare call me that UNTIL AFTER you have read this Nugget.  If you read it, and more importantly, do your own research and can prove that anything I said was in error, then you have every right to call me crazy.  I am big boy and have been called much worse in my lifetime.  Mom was right when she said, sticks and stones may break my bones but NAMES (JUST NAMES) will NEVER hurt me!  Unlike today where people get offended by everything and anything.  She said that as early as 1950 if memory serves me.

By Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, September 17, 2023

Who hasn’t heard someone declare that I’m not interested in anything political!  At first hearing that phrase, it sounds impressive and frankly, not only did I say it, I actually believed it!  Am I proud of my stance about not being interested?  For a long time, absolutely, but remember I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s when Father Knows Best was a popular television (TELL-A-VISION) show and everything was right with the world.  Right?  Seriously?  They called it TELEVISION because it was designed, from the very beginning, to TELL US A VISION, BUT ONLY THE VISION “THEY” WANTED US TO KNOW AND HAVE! 

I remember emergency drills in my elementary school classes where at the sound of the alarm, we all would crawl under our tiny little wooden student desks to protect us from a possible atomic bomb attack; that’s how “everything was well in the world” thinking we all had just by watching shows like Father Knows Best, Leave it to Beaver, The Lone Ranger, etc.  The White Hats won; the Black Hats lost!  Nobody ever really died.  We knew it was all play acting, the guns didn’t have real bullets.  Those were the rules of the world back in the 1950s and 60s.

There are people throughout the world in 2023 that have a very serious agenda and they have declared war on over 6 BILLION PEOPLE INCLUDING YOU & ME and most of them, probably you IF you truly believe that you are NOT interested in “anything political”, have no clue that:


The World Economic Forum (WEF), the United Nations (UN) and any number of three letter agencies including some in our own government like the CIA, the FBI, the DHS, the NSA, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBR, and FOX.  Wait…ABC, FOX and others are NOT part of the government.  If you truly believe that, you really do have your head buried in the sand and are NOT interested in “anything political.”  Just look up Operation Mockingbird!  PLEASE, LOOK IT UP!  I’ll make it easy for you, here is a link to a site that explains it for you:  But wait, you may say if you have read this far; I say that because if you are truly NOT INTERESTED IN “ANYTHING POLITICAL” you probably have NOT read this far.  But if you have read this far, congratulations!  You ARE interested in some things political. 

I challenge you to STOP reading for about 2.5 hours.  For just a short period of your time, get a cup of coffee or your beverage of choice, sit back and watch and listen to the following Max Igan video because he covers a great many topics in one video that you assuredly DID NOT SEE on your national or local TELL-A-VISION news programs.  During the last part of his video, he goes on a rant like none you have ever heard, I can almost guarantee that claim. Seriously, I CHALLENGE YOU TO WATCH but I am pretty certain that most will not.  Why?  Because most people, certainly not you, feel their time is so valuable that they can’t possibly take an hour out of their extremely busy schedule to actually learn something.  You don’t have to believe everything Igan says, but I hope you at least research what he says, the information is out there, all YOU have to do is let it in.  NOTE:  I have no idea if you can click on the following link and gain access, some browsers permit it, others do not.  If not, copy and paste the link to your browser and it will open up.

WELCOME BACK, assuming you did in fact come back.  The story continues!

WE HAVE BEEN AT WAR FOR A VERY LONG TIME.  Wars have been fought where the elites of the world actually financed BOTH SIDES, ensuring that they will be on the winning side.  Their only interest was in making money off of the death and destruction of millions of our fellow human beings.  They funded both the Allied Forces in WWII as well as NAZI Germany!  Think about that for just a second.  If it is true, and it is, the world bankers and world’s financially wealthy families financed both sides of WWII and millions upon millions of people gave their lives, both military and civilians, just to feed their bank accounts.  And what did most people do, they choose NOT to be interested OR concerned, in “anything political”, me included!

I have said it before, actually I have repeatedly said it and I have written about it, my interest in politics began in the 1990s when I read the book The Naked Communist, in which, the author described the 45 specific objectives of The Communist Party USA.  The Party KNEW with certainty that it could NEVER take over America militarily because the country treasured its individual freedoms PLUS the entire population was heavily armed (the Second Amendment at work!).  That is when I knew that the United States was at war with a silent enemy.  In 2023, they are silent no longer.

If you have NOT read Agneda 21, written by the United Nations of which we are a member and PAY the most for its membership; and Agenda 30, which is an update of Agenda 21; and if you have not seen what was written on the now destroyed Georgia Guidestones in several languages, you really don’t pay attention to anything politicalbecause these people HAVE TOLD YOU WHAT THEY HAVE PLANNED FOR YOU AND YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO IGNORE THEM.  The following is MY life-lesson for you who truly do not want to open your mind to “anything political”:


 The “elites of the world”, like the WEF, the UN, George Soros and Bill Gates of the world have publicly told you that “they” plan to kill off 13 of every 14 persons around the entire globe!  But people, certainly not you, have not been paying attention.  But I have!   So has Lara Logan.  It would behoove you (love that word) to pay attention to how Lara Logan defines WHO “THEY” ARE in this clip.  Again, if the link does not work, you owe it to yourself to copy and past the link to your browser and it WILL work.

IF you have not been paying attention, the following are just a few of the things you have in store for you that you would NOT have seen IF you have not paid attention to “anything political”: (Courtesy of Jordan Peterson as posted on Twitter)

·         No Fireplaces
·         No Meat
·         No Dairy
·         No Air Conditioning
·         No Cars
·         No Clothes
·         No Flights
·         No Comedians
·         No Free Speech
·         No Cash
·         No Dogs
·         No Cats
·         No Farm Animals
·         No Children (aka the move to transgenderism is one way of achieving this) 

(This is) Your future as a peasant under the eco-fascists with the best excuse EVER (saving) the PLANET! 

The WEF and all those included in the term “THEY”, and many others want us all to be living in 15-minute cities.  Yes, they do exist and they are being experimented on several cities around the world.  Using the same system created by the Chinese where they can identify everyone (millions upon millions of people) by face recognition and capturing everything about everyone through electronic technology, “they” will be in control EVERYTHING WE DO.  If the government at any time dislikes something you have done, the government will be able to shut off your access to your own money; something they can probably already do since so many of us bank entirely by electronic means, me included.  



The advent of ELECTRIC vehicles is just one more step in the process.  There are not enough rare earth minerals to build all of the electric batteries required to build the number of electric vehicles the government wants you and I to purchase.  PERIOD!  Don’t take my word for it, look it up yourself.  DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!  It is a simple case of math.  If it takes X amount of minerals and given the number of vehicles the government wants us to own, would then become X PLUS some number; mathematically, IT CAN’T HAPPEN! Yet, that is what they want us to believe.  Remember, if over 6 billion people are to be removed from the planet, the government estimate of electric cars needed will not really be “X Plus”, will it?  It will be more like X-MINUS the change in the number people that no longer populate the world, will it not?  That is why they don’t care that the math doesn’t add up in 2023 because they are planning for a very significant change in the world’s population and trust me, you and I are not in the club that will survive. 

What is a 15-minute City?  So glad you asked.  The “elites” (‘they”) want those of us that remain alive to live in very localized high-rise type housing where you can easily WALK to anything you need within 15 minutes of where you live and that includes going to work.  You will be authorized a very limited number of passes where you can travel beyond your 15-minute cities to visit family who might live in such cities not in your area.  But if you have violated government laws, the government can prevent you from traveling outside YOUR circular city simply by shutting off your access to your funds, preventing you from flying or shutting down your electric vehicle any time it wants to.  It can probably do that now.  I own a conventional vehicle and I can shut off the engine now from my phone even when it is being driven elsewhere by someone else.  Think about that.  If I can do it with one car, “they” will be able to do it to every modern-day car, gasoline or electric. 

I know, this is all crazy talk; or at least I once thought it was.  It’s time folks: 


I already KNOW what it is like to live in a 15-minute city; I am currently living in a self-imposed 15-minute city of sorts.  I have health issues, primarily serious back and knee problems that prevent me from sitting in one position for any length of time like more than 15 minutes and that includes watching television; I just have to get up and move around.  I can drive short distances like to the stores or doctors but not much farther.  That is exactly what the “elites” want us all to be doing, healthy or not.  In regard to being healthy, I am pretty sure that I would be referred to as an “eater” by “these people”, meaning I would serve no useful purpose for them to meet their needs and as such, I would be disposable to them.  It would be a needless cost and burden to those in power.  That would also be true for just about every retiree.  Is that what you want for yourself or your children and their children?  I certainly do not but then I have been paying attention; have you? 

For the record, I have four children, 9 grand children and 4 great grandchildren.  I’m 78 years old soon to be 79.  I am saddened that I am unable to leave them some great financial legacy like the very wealthy people have done for their children.  I am seriously saddened that my generation, one that collectively has NOT BEEN PAYING ATTENTION, are going to leave all of our children a world where there is NO “shinning city on the hill” that draws people from all over the world to want to come, live, and work here AND more importantly, assimilate into our wonderful history.  I intentionally used the word HISTORY because the American Dream is fast becoming history with all of the illegal immigration, the moral decay of our society, the demise of great educational opportunities and the total corruption of our children.  That is NOT the legacy I hoped to be leaving my children and their children and their children.  Is it yours?  If not, it will be unless you get up off your ass and start paying attention. 

·      Shut off the national and local news
·      Find alternative news sources, they exist on the internet in ABUNDANCE
·     Don’t believe anything you hear or see on the TELL-A-VISION because that is exactly what you are watching and listing to, a VISION that our government and the elites “they” of the world want you to hear and see.  Get a shot, wear a mask, stand six-feet apart, wash your hands, don’t breathe on anyone, you get the VISION!
·    Don’t believe anything you hear or see on alternative news sources, do what they all suggest, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, VERIFY EVERYTHING!

· Start by getting involved in local politics, know who is running for every political office but especially your local school boards.  Do thorough research on EVERY candidate.  Don’t vote for anyone just because they have a small letter (r), (d) or (i) or some other small letter after their name.  The country is evolving into a Uni-Party, meaning there is no significant difference between a lot of the pollical parties and silently they agree on so many very significant issues that the “we the people” would never agree to like waging wars!  KNOW what your candidate stands for AND DON’T JUST TAKE THEIR WORD FOR IT, research them. Find out what have they done to cause you to want to vote for them and hopefully it is not JUST the letter that follows their name. 


Words normally mean things but in this case the evil people orchestrating this take over have changed the words so they seem more acceptable to everyone; everyone but me and others who have done their own research.  The single greatest example of this war-footing premise is the following, JUST THINK ABOUT IT FOR A SECOND! 


sounds non-threatening and even something great


It cannot be much easier to understand.  That has been the goal of Communism for as long as I can remember – to take over the world.  That has been the singular goal of just about every evil dictatorship such as Germany, Italy, Japan, China, Russia, Iran and to some extent, even the United States with all of its military involvements around the world all designed to change the leadership of countries, REGIME CHANGE!  In that regard, we are no better than any of the horrible wars that have been fought world-wide. 

If you want MORE and I hope you do, here is another video that everyone ought to watch if they want to know the truth about so many topics that you WILL NOT SEE ON YOUR TELEVISION SETS!  PERIOD! 

This is my story and I’m sticking to it.  I am no longer physically capable of fighting anyone other than with my words.  Therefore, I let my words do my talking and fighting.  Like it or not, WE ARE AT WAR AND HAVE BEEN FOR AT LEAST 100 YEARS!  The real question is this: 




Saturday, September 16, 2023

"Dumb Luck!"


  September 15, 2023, The following Nugget was written in May of 2007 and was written when I was the Broker for Keller Williams Realty® therefore, there are references to Keller Williams Realty® within this Nugget.  The lesson of this Nugget not only applies to real estate sales, it applies to sales of all types and companies of all type including other real estate companies. IT ALSO APPLIES TO ALL HOMEOWNERS OR HOMEBUYERS! Don’t discount the lesson because of my affiliation with Keller Williams Realty® because of where I was at the time I wrote this Nugget.  True life lessons are timeless and apply to everyone!


“Dumb Luck” is not an effective strategy!
Article by: Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, May 5, 2007

I do not believe in coincidences!  Things happen for a reason.  Yesterday I was watching the NASCAR race at Talladega, Alabama.  I was not really paying attention but I definitely heard someone, I think it was Daryl Waltrup, say, “Second place is the first loser!”  Wow, did that hit home.  Then as if on cue, I read chapter 10 of List More Sell More by Jerry Besser and what does he write about; the analogy of the Indianapolis 500 and selling real estate.  Two race situations within 24 hours is not a coincidence – there is a lesson.

Besser described the Indy Car as a machine with thousands of parts that have to work precisely otherwise the driver could lose valuable seconds and when you lose seconds, you lose the race.  He went on to say that listing a home is no different than winning the Indy 500. 

The seller is the car owner.  The driver is the listing agent.  Everything else involved are the parts and team.  If you want to open your seller’s eyes, ask the seller to imagine that he or she is the owner of a Keller Williams Red top-of-the-line Indy Car.  Then ask the seller if he or she wants to win the 2007 Indianapolis 500.  If the answer is yes, point out that in order to do so he or she would have to first have a car, hire a first-class driver, crew chief, fuel man, tire changers, etc.  Shortchanging the selection of these items and people would result in not winning the race.  Then everyone on the team would have to practice and practice and practice.  Like the GMC commercial states, “amateurs practice until they get it right; professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong!”  Just putting the car on the track would rely on “dumb luck” to win and dumb luck is not an effective strategy!  It is no better than the “three P’s” of real estate”; overpricing a property, Putting it in the MLS, Putting a sign in the yard and then Praying that it sells. 

There is no difference in listing a home.  Does the owner want to win?  Remember, second place is the first loser.  In order for the owner to win there must be an effective strategy in play.  They made the first correct choice in interviewing you (the driver).  But what else must be in play to win the race and not finish second, third or worst, last?  As Besser pointed out in Chapter 10, everything has to be as close to perfect as possible to finish first and that includes but is not limited to: 

  • The property condition MUST reflect the price
  • The property condition MUST be in its best condition BEFORE the first buyer sees it
  • The property MUST be priced to sell and in a buyer’s market that means lower than the seller thinks it should be
  • The front of the home and the yard MUST be impeccable and inviting
  • When buyers leave the property, you want them to remember good things about the home not the items needing repairs, “That home smelled like fresh baked apple pie.”  Much better than, “That was the home that had the rotted out front doorway.”
  • Every one sells the features; you want to sell the benefits.
  • You want to assume that the showing agents does not know what he or she is doing and so you create a display at every feature and benefit by using “benefit cards” large enough to be seen.  If the showing agent is unfamiliar with the property the best features and benefits will go undetected – create attractions for the buyer to self-discover them
  • Here is a Big AHA from Chapter 10 of Besser’s book, create feature and benefit sheets without your company logo and name all over them.  Why would a showing agent from another company want to give your feature sheets to their buyers if your name and company and contact numbers are all over them?  Would you?
  • Did I say the property must be priced right?
  • The property NEEDS a Home Warranty Program (if the seller does not want to pay for one, you should consider paying for one for the buyer from the closing proceeds.)
  • If the home inspection is the number one reason a purchase agreement fails to close and it is, then why would a seller not want to get the home inspected BEFORE the buyers see it and then either fix the discrepancies or price it accordingly?
  • Offer more commissions to a coop agent than the competition.  A buyer’s market is NOT the time to reduce your commission; on the contrary.  You must offer even MORE commission to coop agents to attract them and their buyers to YOUR listings.
  • If you believe in the 80/20 rule, then only 20 percent of the board’s membership would be considered as “sellers of real estate” at a high level.  In a board of 600 agents, that means only 120 are probably working with buyers.  Do you know who they are?  Do you market your properly priced listings with great terms and better than average coop commissions to them?   If not, why not?  They most likely have buyers!  You should know who (REALTORS) in your market area are the ones that consistently sell real estate!
  • Most agents will not talk to sellers about properly pricing their property (that obviously does not apply to you) but in most cases they would prefer to take the overpriced listing than lose the listing.  Then week after week they become reluctant to call the seller to explain why the property is not being shown or sold.  Why is the property not being shown or sold; surprise – it is because of the agent who failed to take the initiative to tell the seller the truth and then back up what they say with facts.  “Do you want me to tell you the truth or do you want me to tell you what you want to hear?”
  • Think outside the box, be creative.  You cannot sell a property if no one sees it.  How do you get agents and buyers into your listings?  Remember, “Dumb luck” is not an effective strategy.  Have a plan! 

In a buyer’s market where there are far more sellers than qualified buyers, why would YOU want to hire an agent who has so little belief in self that they are so willing to cut their commissions in order to take a listing?  Think about the Indy 500.  Why would a car owner take on a driver who could not navigate the oval without keeping his or her foot to the floor on the accelerator?  They would not, so why would you if you were the seller?  Are you a winner or are you an also ran (second place or worse)?  There were 43 cars that started the race in Talladega but only one winner.  There were 42 also rans!  But as Besser states in his book, you do not have to beat 42 other cars, you only have to beat the car that comes in second or as DW said, “The first loser!” 

Okay race fans, think about this.  At Talladega 43 cars started, 1 finished first.  In our market in East ST. Tammany Parish, there are currently 732 residential listings on the market.  During the month of April 2007, there were 118 closed sales.  Let’s assume there are 600 licensed agents in Eastern St. Tammany Parish.  Let’s say for argument purposes that no one closed more than one sale.  That means that 482 failed to close a sale in April.  Do you not find it strange that if there are 600 agents and there are 118 sales that the 118 sales represent almost exactly 20% of the Board Membership?  Does 80/20 mean anything to anyone?  That means that only 16% of the listings sold in April.  What does that tell you?  It tells me that if you want your sellers to be one of the 16%, they have to be realistic in regards to pricing their property.  Again, “dumb luck” is not an effective strategy! 

Most agents (not you of course) would not think twice about declining to get into the seat of an Indy Car that did not have seat belts and other safety gear – it would be suicide.  Yet they would take a listing that is not market ready and then hope that it sells.  Dr. John Maxwell said, “Hope is not an effective strategy.”  

Tony DiCello said, “you cannot grow your business in a seller’s market; you can only grow your business in a buyer’s market.”  Why?  Because in a seller’s market everyone is in the real estate business and listings and sales come your way whether you want them or not.  But in a buyer’s market, more people typically get out of the business and the discounters fade into non-existence.  It is the agents who focus on the basics of the business that grows their business.  Then when the market shifts as it most assuredly will, those agents are positioned to soar with the eagles.  As Gary Keller said, “You don’t see eagles swimming in a duck pond.” (Or something like that.) 

If your sellers fail to be realistic regarding placing their property on the market, I am suggesting that you would be better off declining the listing and moving on to sellers who want to sell their properties and do whatever is necessary to get them into “selling condition.”  If you are not being honest with your sellers, I would suggest that you are not upholding your fiduciary responsibilities to them.  If you over price the listing you KNOW it will not sell – is that being honest with your sellers?  If you offer less than a competitive coop commission, you KNOW other agents will show other properties first.  Is that being honest with your sellers?  If you don’t make suggestions to get the property into its best “selling condition”, are you being honest with your sellers?  Are you telling your sellers what they want to hear or are you being honest?  One only need remember the Keller Williams Realty WI4C2TS where the “T” means: Trust starts with honesty!  Do you want me to tell you what you want to hear, or do you want me to tell you the truth?  That one sentence should be your NORTH like the NORTH on a compass of life.