Monday, May 29, 2023

History IS Repeating Itself




By Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, May 30, 2023

It was the decade of the 1950s when I grew up as a child in Youngstown, Ohio beneath the shadows of two giants of their time.  One was the U. S. steel industry.  There were 5 major steel plants in Youngstown.  I remember being able to drive in from out of town at night and seeing the glow from the plants that were still operating and thriving in the 1950s version of Youngstown, Ohio.  There was a second industry that also was huge and thriving in Youngstown and that was organized crime.  During one ten-year period, there were 52 unsolved bombings in Youngstown if my memory serves me on the subject.  Bombings were an accepted method of removing the clandestine organized crime community of its own members who no longer served their purpose.  To demonstrate how prevalent it was, there was a famous city restaurant located on Mahoning Avenue that was frequented by members of the organization.  In order to deter anyone from planting bombs in the parked cars of the customers out for a night of entertainment and good food, they hired local teenagers to sit outside the restaurant to wait their turn.  Their sole purpose was to start the customer’s cars before they departed.  It would have been counterproductive to be killing innocent teenagers so none of the cars were rigged to explode. 

I provide this information to explain that although I was familiar with organized crime, and as stated, lived within its shadow, I had no first-hand knowledge or experience.  The same is true regarding organized crime that went back to the 1920s and 30s and into the 1970s and even 80s.  I was aware of it but had no personal experience or exposure to it.  I knew that in 1950s Youngstown, the people of the city were upset with the number of murders and bombings, but not that much.  They were aware that most of the murders involved one element of the crime organization taking out another element of that same organized crime industry.  It was almost like the term in professional football, “no harm, no foul” so  they didn’t get excited or make any noise, otherwise, you may be next on their hit list.  It remained that way until one Sunday morning a member who was targeted to be taken out, had his car rigged with a bomb in his garage.  That Sunday he approached the garage and got into his car with one of his two sons.  Both he and one son were killed in the explosion; the second son who opened the garage doors was severely injured.  That seemed to have been the catalyst for “things to begin changing” and organized crime in Youngstown was never the same after that incident.

Why is all this important to this Nugget about History Repeating Itself?  So glad you asked.  It is my opinion, with the emphasis on the word “opinion”, that between the 1920s and as late as the 1970s, everyone was well aware that organized crime existed.  People had been murdered on the streets of several of our major cities but especially Chicago, New York and Youngstown which was often referred to as “Little Chicago.”  During this period, we the people, had allies in the media, which at that time were not referred to as “the main stream media” and we also had allies in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  The newspapers would report the news as they were able to uncover it and the FBI appeared to investigate it and use all the legal methods available to identify the evidence to convict those caught in their sting operations.  The key word in that statement is “legal.”  They used legal means to convict law breaking individuals.  It was not a secret that the FBI had to play by the rules or their legal cases would fail in the courts.  The criminals, however, did not have to play by such rules.  They lived their lives and ran their legal and their illegal businesses as they saw fit regardless of the laws and rules of the day.  It was two sides of the same coin playing by different rules.

That leads me to the title of this Nugget, “history repeating itself.”  It may be a different story line but the premise of the story in 2023 is the same as it was for all those years between 1920 and 1990.  You had a group of individuals that were required to play by the rules while the opposing group of individuals did not have to play by those same rules.  The difference this time is in the makeup of those involved in this cat and mouse game.  We knew who the criminals were in the 1950s; they made themselves very obvious.  In 2023, the players are not so obvious but that is only half of the storyline.  The biggest part of today’s story is that, we the people, no longer have a media or an FBI working to rid the country of illegal activities when those activities appear to fall on political sides or in pursuit of political agendas.  Our U. S. Justice Department, and that includes the FBI, from all outward appearances, seem to have targeted only those people who fall on the right side of the political spectrum.  They have made the case AGAINST them pursuing only those cases that benefited them very apparent as evidenced by the life-span of Hunter Biden’s laptop computer.

The computer had obvious damning evidence and the FBI and Justice Department had the laptop in their position for years and nothing was ever done with the evidence.  On the contrary, it is just as obvious that 51 former leaders within the various intelligence agencies VOLUNTARILY signed a letter stating that the laptop was “Russian disinformation” and should be ignored? THEY KNEW that the laptop was Hunter Biden’s and the information was in fact true.  This was a criminal case that should have been brought to trial, but wasn’t.  Why?  Because the same news media that investigated organized crime activities that occurred between 1920 and 1970 collectively chose to ignore the evidence that existed and instead ran with the disinformation story.  Anyone providing evidence or statements to the contrary were immediately censored and considered far right conspiracy theorists and nut jobs.  But it was even worse, because those same organizations that actively went after law breakers, chose NOT to pursue the law breakers substantiated on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

On the surface it all appears so hopeless and involves much more than just Hunter Biden’s laptop.  You could start with the Pandemic.  Was it a natural occurring event or was it manmade?  All of us who suggested that it was manmade were labeled as nut jobs and conspiracy theorists.  We were later proven to be right.  Then there were those of us that suggested the 2020 election was stolen and in spite of a great deal of evidence and failures of several states to abide by their own election laws, again we were labeled as nut jobs and conspiracy theorists.  None of this would have been possible had the news media actually did its job and investigate the issues of the day.  Consider this, President Trump garnered over 75,000,000 votes; more than any previous sitting president yet Joe Biden supposedly beat him.  Is that even possible?  If you add up Trump’s votes and Biden’s votes you get numbers that appear to be mathematically impossible to achieve yet they were validated and Biden became the next president.  Still, MILLIONS of Americans believed the election was stolen but no one, and I mean no one was permitted to even say the words “fraudulent election.”  It was that way on all of the major television networks and none of the newspapers would touch the subject.  You would think that in an honest world, people would have at least investigated the election results given that MILLIONS of people STILL BELIEVED that it was fraudulent.  That should have been a news story but it wasn’t. The media should have at least tried to prove those MILLIONS of people to be wrong; but it didn’t.  It just “said” they were wrong and that was the end of the story!

I am of the belief that there ARE people working behind the scenes to fix what has been broken in America for a very long time.  Very few of us are privy to the actions being taken.  Some such actions eventually see the light of day and become news items.  Other false news stories are intentionally leaked to try and control what is actually happening.  Few if any of the public know which stories are real and which are false; only time will tell which is which.  I personally am happy that the “good guys” are playing by the rules even though the opposition is under no such obligation; just like before.  Sadly, a lot of the people who are not obligated to play by the rules, such as are our government officials, elected, appointed or hired, have no fear of ever being prosecuted by a Justice Department that only attacks the political opposition.

It's the same story but with characters playing different roles – history IS repeating itself and will continue to do so as long as people are no longer concerned with history and why things happened as they did.  Until such time as the majority of the world’s population actually wake up to the fact that we all have been manipulated by the news media, by what we see and hear coming from Hollywood. and what the government “allows” us to hear and see, nothing will ever change and – history will repeat itself!

How do we stop this cycle from continuing on and on and on?  My advice would be to (1) stop listening to the news!  (2) pay attention to the messages being put forth in Hollywood movies.  (3) listen to the words of the music of the day, especially the music our children listen to.  (4) pay attention to what is being taught in our schools.  (5) forget the political party affiliations, this situation, if not fixed, will eventually hit the political party you affiliate with; it is a bi-partisan issue if there ever was one!  (6) GET INVOLVED! 

 Don’t sit on the sidelines and watch the game, get into the game and make a difference!

Monday, May 8, 2023

Adolph Hitler, A True Story?



By Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, May 6, 2023

From as far back as the late 1950s, I began to hear and read about the end days of one of the most, if not THE most hated and feared dictators in world history, Adolph Hitler of NAZI Germany.  What interested me the most is “what happened to him?”  There were so many stories about his final days and how he committed suicide and then had his body burned.  I have also heard a lot of stories about how crazy a drug addict he was.  The key word in all of these statements is the word “stories.”  Stories can be true and they can be false.  When you are only 12-14 years old, and there was no internet and only the public library, you tended to believe what you were repeatedly told as compared to doing the necessary research to find the real story, the true story.  If everyone is telling the same story, which they were, I doubt a trip to my local public library would have unveiled anything different than what I had been told. 

Enter the Internet and independent journalists and documentary type television shows in the 1980s up until the present.  There was a series that ran for at least two years if not more about tracking Hitler to South America.  There was enough real evidence to plant a  seed of doubt, at least in my mind, that the story of Hitler committing suicide no longer was the dominant thought about his demise.  On the contrary, there could be a different story and it too could be true or false. 

Put all that aside and let’s play a “what if” game with Adolph Hitler. 

  • What if Hitler was not as dumb as we have been led to believe?
  • What if Hitler knew the end was at hand and that he was either going to die or escape?
  • What if the Allies and the enemies both knew that Germany was already lightyears ahead of the rest of the world in technology, weapon development and war planning and the technical abilities of its scientists and engineers?
  • What if the step-by-step mentality of the Germans actually held them back from developing the technology they created or were handed to its fullest and earliest development?  See note at end.
  • What if the Allies, especially America and England, identified the scientific geniuses that were in the Hitler Administration, and wanted them on the Allies team; they were still fighting Japan? 

Let me tell you a very different story about the “end days” of Adolph Hitler. 

Leaders throughout history have used body doubles on many occasions and that included Winston Churchill and Adolph Hitler.  There was no doubt in anyone’s mind, including Hitler’s, that Germany was on the verge of losing the war in Europe.  If YOU were the leader of NAZI Germany, what would YOU have done?  Would YOU have chosen suicide?  Or, would YOU have had Plan B that included an escape to South America with hundreds and hundreds of NAZI leaders who did exactly that?  Not possible you say?  Really? 

Look at the Nuremburg War Trials.  Did you by any chance see any of the NAZI scientists tried by the court who created the advanced weaponry for Germany?  No and neither did I.  What happened to them?  The official story line is that some went to Russia (and they did) and a great many if not the majority went to America (which 88 actually did).  But how did that come about?  Why were these people not tried for the war crimes they committed?   Research Operation Paperclip. 

What I recently heard on a podcast was a totally different storyline regarding Hitler’s supposed end days.  America had two choices.  It could hunt down and arrest all of the German scientists and engineers and would therefore lose their technical expertise, or, it could make a deal with Hitler.  Hitler held the “trump card” by controlling the futures of at least 88 of his scientists and engineers.  He could just let them all be captured and eventually tried and probably executed, or spend the rest of their lives in a prison, or, he could offer America a deal. 

Here's the deal that he “may” have offered America.  You, America, let me and some of my administration escape to South America and make no effort to hunt us down and I will hand over to you all of my scientists and engineers.  I will arrange for a “Hitler and his bride” to have committed suicide and had their bodies buried for all the world to see.  You, America, will acquire a vast array of knowledge and technology already developed by these 88 geniuses while you are still at war with Japan. 

True or not, you must admit the concept is brilliant.  Is it possible?  Let me add my “two cents.”  I am confident from all that I have read and watched, America made no effort to find Hitler in South America even though there had been numerous sighting reports made and the FBI and government were aware, yet they made no obvious attempt to follow up on the leads.  Why?  There could be only two reasons.  They either did not believe them OR, it was part of the deal made with Hitler, they would not pursue him and his men in South America.  Could that be possible?  Which do you think would be true?  Keep in mind, no one has ever to my knowledge proven conclusively that the burnt bodies found in the shallow graves to be Hitler and Eva Braun.  

This could be just another made up story about an infamous historical character or it could actually have happened just as I have written.  I tend to believe what I have written if for no other reason than America made no effort to follow up on the many reports of German war criminals who had escaped to South America.  Those who escaped included one of the evilest of all, Dr. Mengele who we KNOW escaped to South America and died on February 7, 1979.  It is also known that a German Submarine was scuttled as compared to being sunk by a military action; it was sunk off the coast of South America and is believed to have been the submarine that not only carried Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun to South America, it contained no torpedoes and the vacant spaces were filled with gold, silver and other valuables captured by the German government that have never been recovered, as  yet. 

Is this pie-in-the-sky thinking or does this make any sense?  It sure as hell makes all the sense in the world to me.  Given the choice between dying and living and having access to anything in the world you would need to pull this off, I believe I would have chosen to live, especially if I knew I would not be pursued for the rest of my life. 

Note about German mentality.  Germany for as long as I can remember has always been known for how meticulous they are in such things as engineering, aerospace, mathematics, etc.  Now imagine World War II as an example.  For whatever reason, Germany either was handed to them (an entirely different story for another time) or developed themselves, technology that put Germany lightyears ahead of the rest of the world.  But, being meticulous, they would have developed what they were handed or discovered step by step.  They would NOT have skipped any steps in the development of the technology they were working on, example the Atom Bomb.  Americans, by comparison, would have skipped some of the necessary steps in developing things such as the Atom Bomb to get to the end quicker.  Simon Parks has said that had Germany skipped some of the steps, it would have developed the Atom Bomb first and much sooner and the war may have turned out quite differently.  The Parkes assessment of this makes all the sense in the world, at least to me.