Saturday, February 9, 2019

I Am An Angry American; you should be as well!

I Am An Angry American!
You Should Be As Well!
By Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, February 9, 2019
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What you are holding in your hands or reading on your screen is an “apparent” solution that could solve not only America’s energy issues but the energy issues of the entire world and beyond.  By beyond I mean the Moon and Mars.
Disclaimer:  I am not a scientist nor do I even pretend to suggest I understand the science behind what I am about to introduce you to.
Question:  If the premise of this Nugget is correct and I believe it is, then what would you say about your government who created such a promise of world-wide energy had in its hands since 1965 and did NOTHING WITH IT?  NOTHING!
If you want an explanation of what I am referring to, please for my sake take twenty minutes and watch this video:
Over the past year I have been sending tweets to just about everyone I know including my State’s US Congressional Representatives and TV Investigative Reporters and TV Personalities and none, repeat none have bothered to respond other than with a standard form letter (from the Congressional Reps) and no response from TV personalities.
The technology discussed in the above video exists.  In fact if the United States EVER builds a manned station on the Moon and/or Mars, it will most likely be powered by a Thorium Reactor.  Why?  Because the Thorium that probably exists in your back yard definitely exists on the Moon and most likely on Mars.  More importantly the materials to build a Nuclear Reactor do NOT exist on the Moon and probably NOT on Mars as well without the transfer of such hazardous materials from Earth to the Moon/Mars. Therefore, no power; no manned station(s).
Keep in the mind the year 1965.  This technology has been around for OVER FIFTY YEARS and the government has done NOTHING WITH IT!  WHY?  Your guess is as good as mine but all of the answers are definitely NOT in the best interest of the people our government is suppose to be serving – US! 
Case in point.  They City of New Orleans and its citizens have been in a debate regarding building a conventional power plant in New Orleans East.  The power company was so adamant about building it, they actually hired actors to attend a community meeting where THE PAID ACTORS actively supported the power company’s position instead of the residents who actually live in the area and who did not want such a plant in their community. 
Now think about a SAFE Thorium Reactor Power Plant that also provides safe clean drinking water on a planet where Thorium is READILY ABUNDANT!  You probably have Thorium in YOUR back yard. Why would this not be the number one consideration whenever a community is considering building a power plant?
Now consider this.  The United States has ZERO Thorium Reactors being built and/or used within the country’s boundaries yet OUR GOVERNMENT, YOURS AND MINE, is actively helping a country not considered to be an ally, do just that.  Which country?  CHINA!  Of all countries, why would OUR GOVERNMENT being doing this for a country that is NOT our friend?  WHY?  Don’t believe me?  Check out this link:
I am well aware that probably less than 100 people will ever see this Nugget unless of course those 100 forward to their friends.  Of those 100, I am guessing that if the 80/20 rule applies only about 20 people will actually follow the two links.  For those 20 people, thank you and I am sorry; because if you did follow the links you are now as angry as I am and that was my intention.  Without angry people writing to their Congressional Representatives NOTHING will ever happen and we will continue to do what we have always done all the while expecting different results (definition of insanity) and that is not a long term solution to a world-wide issue.
If you ARE as angry as I am, consider this.  There are countries around the world and especially in Africa that have ZERO power and do everything they can to generate power from of all things - cow manure.  No one believes burning cow manure is a safe form of power.  Would you want to heat your home and cook your food over a heater/stove fueled by cow manure?  I doubt it unless of course you had no other choice like so many people around the world have.
What would I like to see happen?  Hopefully this Nugget will get as many people as possible aware of the technology that is already available and NOT used.  It would be fantastic if they contacted their Congressional Representatives, local television investigative reporters, television personalities and of course their friends and family.  Only could it then be possible to get our government to do the right thing!