Friday, January 10, 2020

Quieting Your Brain

Book Review by: Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, January 10, 2020
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This is another of the many books I have read where I cannot possibly imagine that anyone who reads it would not come away without receiving positive tips on improving their life.  It is also one of the many books I only wish I had available and had read when I was a teenager in high school.

If you only read the title, Quieting Your Brain, you may not pick up the book to read it because the title would suggest a more specific topic than what is actually covered throughout the book.  The subtitle puts more emphasis on the “stress management” than on the “effective (life) habits” covered in the book.  It is all about forming the kind of habits that everyone should want in their life.  Once formed, stress becomes far more manageable than if you do nothing to acknowledge the areas of your life where you require better habits.

Silva has written a gem!  Surprisingly it is a quick read and even more surprisingly was the cost of this gem, only $2.99 as a Kindle read.  You read that correctly, only $2.99 so how could you NOT read it if price were the only issue? 

One paragraph from the book says it all:

“It’s taken a while to develop the voice that is inside of us. It is a combination of the people who raised us, the friends we surround ourselves with, the shows and movies we choose to watch, the books we’ve read, the lessons we’ve learned, and everything in between. It is your voice, but it is also inspired by the things that other people have helped ignite within you.”
It's also about such things as the books we have NOT read.  What have you read recently that could make significant changes in your life and your future?  If you can’t name one, start now by reading this one!
The last two paragraphs in the book form a perfect conclusion while at the same time give you a reason to want to read this book:

“Life is about balance, and you are the only one who can determine its stability.

You will get there. You will still have days where everything feels terrible, and your life won’t be free from moments of fear and anxiety. With the right tools and a focused mind, though, you can choose whether you’ll let these aspects destroy you or create the strong person that you are.”

Would I read this book again?  I would definitely read sections of it as needed.
Who should read this book?  That is an easy question, anyone and everyone who desires to take charge of their life and improve upon it where they can and should, therefore, everyone should read it.  What have you got to lose?
Would I give this book as a gift?  Absolutely