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United Kingdom Votes To Leave EU

United Kingdom Votes To Leave
The European Union
By Jim "Gymbeaux" Brown, June 22, 2016

I am not an economist, nor am I a politician or a British Subject (although 3 of my 4 children were born in England and thus they are considered as British Subjects as well as Americans) and having said this, I am very happy with the vote for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.  If you read through this Nugget you will see words that are underscored and mostly likely appear in blue ink.  That means if you click on them you will be directed to a video on the subject matter.

Why do I feel this way?  Thought you would never ask.  There is an underlying issue that so many of the world’s nations are experiencing and few if anyone wants to talk about – a one-world-government.  Towards the end of World War II there were senior German military officers and civilians who developed a plan for the Third Reich to continue AFTER they LOST the war.  People as early as 1943 could see that the war could end either way, Germany losing or Germany winning.  By 1944 it became obvious that Germany was going to lose the war and as stated, plans were now carried out to insure that Germany would rise again and become a significant influence in world politics.  They realized that whoever controlled the world’s money would eventually control the world and that was the plan/goal of Germany before World War II ever started – world domination. 

What a lot of people don’t know is that most of the top echelon of the employees of the European Union are NOT elected or in other words, the people they govern have little to no say about who controls the European Union nor are they accountable to anyone in regard to what they do to the people they now govern.  It has been estimated that the European Union has written over 55 percent of all the regulations that restrict or direct what the people of the United Kingdom and other member countries could or could not do, written by people they probably could not recognize if asked and people who have no accountability for what they write and ultimately control through regulations.

If I were a resident of the United Kingdom I would have taken my chances by voting to leave the European Union.  But I am not a resident of the United Kingdom; I am a citizen of the United States.  You would have to be blind not to see the comparisons between the United Kingdom and the United States.

·       Unelected politicians of the European Union write regulations that control all aspects of the lives of members of the European Union.
·       Unelected American Czars and unelected government employees write regulations (that for anyone paying attention realize that these regulations are actually laws NOT passed by Congress) that control all aspects of the lives of United States citizens and businesses.  And these people are NEVER held accountable for their actions nor can any citizen have them removed from their offices.
·       The United Kingdom by virtue of being a member of the European Union lost control of its borders and who could come in and out of member countries.
·       The United States has no control over its borders because of the American Government’s failure to enforce laws already on the books to control who comes into our country at a time when there are thousands of people, mainly radical Islamic terrorists, who have vowed to kill everyone who does not believe as they do; primarily infidels of the West.
·       The European Union collects unbelievable amounts of money from citizens of the European Union and then runs the member countries into the ground through regulations and control.
·       The American Government collects unbelievable amounts of money from its citizens and then spends it all; more importantly, it spends far more than it collects creating a debt for the country that now exceeds 19 TRILLION dollars.
·       The European Union collects unbelievable amounts of money from citizens of the European Union and then runs the member countries into the ground through regulations and control (sounds the same as the one just listed does it not?  But wait…
·       America is a member of the United Nations (very similar to the European Union) that collects unbelievable amounts of money from the United States or better said U. S. Citizens by way of the tax dollars collected then spends it as it pleases on issues and activities that have proved to be very ineffective or even noticed.  For example, the United Nations does not hesitate to condemn any and all activities of Israel while ignoring countries that foster the growth and terrorism or organizations like ISIL.  But wait it gets better.  Any member country involved in committee work can veto any other country meaning the United States pays more than its fair share to support the United Nations but has the same vote status of countries who do not seek world peace (just as an example) and pay very little to support the UN.
·       The European Union has created a divide between the citizens of individual member countries with the massive influx of Muslins into their respective countries of whom most have no intention of assimilating into the cultural and beliefs of those countries.  This will ultimately result in having two very different political powers within each country, the Muslims and everyone else.
·       The United States has a multi-faceted issue with the influx of people crossing the southern border from South American countries and beyond.  It is now taking in an undisclosed number of people from the Mid-East who cannot be properly vetted to insure that members of the radical Islamic terrorist movement are not included in those numbers.  The most immediate problem is the racial divide within America that has not been seen in decades and this issue, in my opinion, has been created by President Obama and his former Attorney General, Eric Holder.  They both engaged in rhetoric that hit its peak with their intervention in the incident in Ferguson, MO with the killing of Michael Brown.  Obama AND Holder both came out blaming the officer involved specifically and the Ferguson Police Department in general for the incident.  The shooting of Michael Brown was nothing more than a local criminal attacking a police officer who did nothing more than defend himself against the attacker.  The national news media picked up on the words of President Obama and the DOJ Eric Holder and ran with the false narrative and the results could have been predicated by anyone paying attention.  Therefore America has three separate but related issues – illegals pouring into America by any way they can – terrorists infiltrating those immigrating into America legally or illegally – and the ever widening racial divide created by the one person that should have brought an end to racism in America – President Obama.  Why do I include the racial divide in the comparisons with the European Union?  Because immigration, legal or otherwise, brings people into your country and they seek employment.  At the moment the highest group of Americans who are UNEMPLOYED are American Blacks and then the American Hispanics.  Therefore the immigration, illegal or otherwise, means these new residents of the land will be taking jobs away from Americans who need and want them.  It is all interrelated.

The list of comparisons can go on and on.  More importantly, it seems like President Obama and Hillary Clinton have chosen the losing side of most arguments and issues not only in America but around the world.  In regard to the vote to leave the European Union, President Obama interjected himself into the issue by actually encouraging the people of the United Kingdom to vote against leaving the EU.  I could not help but wonder how he would feel if Prime Minister Cameron came to the United States and encouraged Americans to vote against Obamacare or some other program being espoused by the President.  The President is free to do whatever he feels like doing but in my opinion, he clearly overstepped his authority and position of the President of the United States with his comments which by the way did not speak for me.  President Obama has taken unprecedented steps of writing laws (Executive Orders) from the White House and that is in direct violation of the U. S. Constitution.  Congress writes law; the President either approves the law or vetoes the law.  President Obama, a self-proclaimed Constitutional Scholar, has completely ignored the Constitution by writing law under the guise of being Executive Orders.  Congress seems unable to reign in the President but the Supreme Court has on many occasions declared his actions as being unconstitutional.  Still, he writes even more Executive Orders (laws).

I believe the single most important comparison between the United Kingdom’s vote and the United States is that the people of both countries are totally fed up with the elites trying to control their everyday lives as if only the elites of the world know what is best for them.  Said another way, the world’s elites believe the people of the United Kingdom and the United States and others are just too stupid to know what is best for themselves.  This is the exact premise of the world’s elites who want to form a one-world-government; they and only they know what is best for everyone in the world whether you like it or not.  The European Union is the first attempt at creating a one-world-government by controlling the people and telling them who they can and who they cannot do business with as well as who can enter a country and rarely who cannot enter a country and that is not just dangerous it is outright stupidity!

Until the vote by the United Kingdom I had become very despondent regarding the future of America and the world.  Not only are free-thinking people of the world under attack by radical Islamic terrorists who want to dominate the world, it is also under attack by politicians who want to dominate the world.   It is not just my thoughts on this issue, I would strongly recommend you become familiar with The Bilderberg Group and Agenda 21 (now called Agenda 30)  You can click on either one or all of those listed and the link will take you to a video explaining each; you WILL be shocked!  It is all about the creation of a one-world-government as I have suggested.  These forces are at work beneath the public’s radar.  It is so hard to believe that our government would be doing this to you and me but it is.  Common Core is a perfect example.  We are being told that the U. S. Government IS NOT setting the school curriculums around the country but that is exactly what is happening.  The Government is establishing the tests to be used to test American students to determine their educational development.  So what do teachers do?  They teach to the questions on the tests – is that not setting the curriculums?  But it gets worse.  You may or may not believe in global warming or now climate change but did you know that climate change has been very silently introduced into our schools curriculums?  Adolph Hitler knew that if he could control what children were being taught to believe that in 10 short years he would control the minds of the adults that were created by the German school system.  He was right and history has recorded those results.  In all, it has been estimated that over 50 MILLION people were killed as the result of World War II.  I can see it happening right now in America; not the murders but the control of children’s minds.  Children are NOT being taught the value of free thinking and instead are being taught what the government wants them to learn.  In other words, students are not taught to be creative and possibly color outside the lines; they are only taught to color inside the lines and with only the colors they are told.  Free speech is becoming a thing of the past in America.  Just look at the ramifications of speaking your mind on our college campuses.  Students are told what they can and cannot say and where they can say it if at all.  You would have to be blind not to realize what is happening in regard to political correctness in America but especially on our college campuses.  Again it is one political party’s attempt to control what students learn.

Sadly this has all been predicted when in 1958 when The Communist Party USA made the decision that overtaking America by force would never happen and that to realize its goals, it would have to create a turnover through internal but peaceful turmoil and more importantly be patient and wait for it to develop.  In 1958 The Communist Party USA establish 45 written goals or objectives to create the takeover of America and as of 2016 most if not all of these objectives are well underway.  Like the radical Islamic terrorist movement, The Communist Party USA had time as its ally – they were prepared to patiently put into effect their 45 goals, one at a time.  I would suggest you read the book, The Naked Communist.  I will warn you ahead of time, you are going to be shocked at what you read and you are NOT going to like it.

At first I became very angry that this was happening and few if anyone seemed to care.   Then I became depressed that it was happening and most people didn’t want to hear about it even when presented with the facts.  If you as a family member continued to spend more than you earned, eventually your life would come totally apart – it is unsustainable.  America is no different.  Yes we have two political parties but it seems like both are on the same course of either unconsciously or deliberately destroying America by spending more than it takes in plus regulating its people to death.  There are also movements that may have been created with good intentions but they have been infiltrated to the point of being totally controlled by The Communist Party USA.  Yes, that is exactly what I said and what I meant.  Don’t believe it?  Then I strongly suggest you watch the movie, Agenda, Grinding America Down and again you are not going to like what you see and hear but it is happening in America and it is very hard to deny IF you take the time to watch it.  Click on the “Trailer” button and at least as this writing you could watch the entire movie.  This is exactly what The Communist Party USA wants to create in America – turmoil – and eventual destruction.  That is when the elites of the world come to the rescue as your life gets so bad at the hands of your own government you will be ready to accept anything in its place.  That is the plan, like it or not, and it is happening right now in America and throughout the world (example the United Kingdom and the European Union).  Other countries are likely to follow the lead created by the United Kingdom.

Like the lyrics to the song Me and Bobbie McGee, by Johnny Cash, suggests, “Freedom’s just another word for having nothing else to lose!”  We are losing our freedoms and liberties while we watch mindless television and simply do not pay attention.  It is definitely much easier and less stressful to NOT pay attention is it not?  That is where the 80/20 Rule comes into play.  If you have read all of this Nugget you are undoubtedly a member of the 20% who are paying attention.  You can safely assume that anyone who may have been turned off by the title or read only part of the Nugget or failed to click through to the various videos, they are undoubtedly part of the 80% who chose not to pay attention.  Unfortunately 100% will ultimately pay the price!

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CONFLICTED - 2016 Presidential Race

Conflicted – 2016 Presidential Race
By Jim "Gymbeaux" Brown, June 7, 2016

I can honestly say I have never been “conflicted” regarding a political election as I am at this very moment.  So much so I looked up the definition of “conflicted”; it follows:

[verb kuh n-fliktnoun kon-flikt] 
Spell Syllables
verb (used without object)
1.      to come into collision or disagreement; be contradictory, at variance,or in opposition; clash:  The account of one eyewitness conflicted with that of the other.  My class conflicts with my going to the concert.
2.  to fight or contend; do battle.

3.     a fight, battle, or struggle, especially a prolonged struggle; strife.
4.     controversy; quarrel: conflicts between parties.
5.     discord of action, feeling, or effect; antagonism or opposition, as of interests or principles:  a conflict of ideas.
6.  a striking together; collision.
7.  incompatibility or interference, as of one idea, desire, event, or activity with another:  a conflict in the schedule.
8.  Psychiatry. a mental struggle arising from opposing demands or impulses.

The above definitions of “conflicted” sum up my feelings about the 2016 presidential elections.  There are numerous individuals running for the office but at this writing it really comes down to 3 maybe 4 candidates that could be on the ballot, even as late as June 7, 2016.  Donald Trump seems to have the Republican ticket all but locked up unless he does something to sabotage his candidacy which is entirely possible.  He has a tendency to say things on the fly without a lot of thinking or contemplation before he talks.  I don’t think he has ever apologized for things he has said that may offend others.  He also tends to change his positions over time.  Changing one’s mind is not necessarily a bad thing but he seems to lose track of what he had previously said.  Then the various talking heads tell you what he really meant to say.  If that is the case, why didn’t he just say it?  Even more worrisome to me is that very recently he considered himself a Democrat.  So what is he now?  A Democrat on a Republican ticket or a converted Republican in name only (RHINO).

On the Democratic side of the election, Hillary Clinton has been the presumptive Democratic candidate even before the first primary election was held.  If anyone can explain the Super Delegate procedure, have at it; I don’t!  It makes absolutely no sense at all, at least to me.  Candidates typically run on their “record.”  How Hillary Clinton can be the “presumptive nominee” based  upon her non-existent record is beyond my comprehension.  She has been caught in lie after lie and yet millions continue to support her.  We constantly hear that we as citizens want honesty and integrity in our politicians, especially one that might occupy the White House.  That obviously is not true.  We get neither in Clinton.  She has lied about being shot at, about who was responsible for Benghazi that caused 4 Americans to die, about her emails, and the money-in and money-out of the Clinton Foundation that should be prime for a Federal Investigation, and the list goes on and on.  Still millions support her.

Then there is Bernie Sanders, a self-confessed Socialist and he too has millions of supporters.  Why?  History has shown that one country after another that “tried” Socialism failed miserably.  As I write this Venezuela is literally falling apart.  Everything is scarce or non-existent, people are rioting in the streets, yet Sanders still says that Socialism is the way of the future.  Amazing.  People want free stuff and have no explanation of how the free stuff is going to be paid for.  At issue is Hillary Clinton’s possible indictment over her mishandling of her private server and emails not to mention probable hacking of classified information.  It is my belief that Sanders is still in the race because it is quite possible that Hillary WILL be indicted and then the field is wide open because he is the only other Democrat that has run a successful campaign.  But wait, Sanders has been and is still an “Independent” and yet he is running on the Democratic ticket.  If Clinton IS indicted, it is my guess that the “powers that be” in the Democratic Party will not let Sanders become the Presidential Candidate for the Democratic Party.  Enter Vice President Joe Biden.  He wanted to run and again it is my opinion he knew that Clinton was in legal trouble and now he sits at the ready to take the helm of the Democratic Party.

What happens if Trump self-implodes; who will take over at the helm of the Republican Party?  Once again, I don’t think they will jump to Ted Cruz because they just won’t.  Instead you have Paul Ryan, current Speaker of the House who has a strong presence in the Republican Party Establishment (I have come to hate that word).  Could it be possible that Paul Ryan may be selected as the Republican Presidential Candidate if Trump self-implodes and again that is entirely possible and maybe even probable?

Talk about conflicted.  It is quite possible that America could see two Presidential Candidates running for the White House who DID NOT run in any of the primary elections.  Webster may want to include this as a definition of conflicted the next time they revise their dictionary.

Now consider the “real politics” of the situation.  If Clinton, Sanders, or Biden is elected to the White House, we will have 4 if not 8 more years of what President Obama has started.  In my mind that is unacceptable.  President Obama has destroyed our reputation around the world, has increased the number of people out of work and no longer looking for work, is responsible for Obamacare that was passed without any input by the Republican Party and is in my mind is unconstitutional but then what do I know.  Now we hear that people speaking on behalf of the Obama Administration have intentionally lied and/or have altered published transcripts/tapes of conversations to fit their desired agenda.  Obama himself has looked America in the eye and lied to them about Obamacare.  Then of course we have one of his henchmen on tape saying that they could get Obamacare through because Americans are just too stupid to understand.  And then you have the millions of citizens who still support President Obama and his failed policies.  Of course I could be wrong but I don’t think so.  Very hard to dispute facts; those pesky things that get in the way of agendas.

There is no doubt in my mind that Hillary Clinton is a serial liar.  I don’t believe she is capable of telling the truth.  What millions of people see in her other than she is a woman and no woman has ever been elected President of the United States it so hard for me to understand.  That hardly qualifies her to be President.  Jane Fonda could be elected using that as a criteria.  I could NEVER vote for Hillary Clinton.  She is untrustworthy (a liar) and has no integrity (dishonest).  I can only imagine what she and her husband Bill have done with the Clinton Foundation where they have taken in millions upon millions of dollars and given out less than 10% to charity, the reason the foundations was supposedly created in the first place.  And then there are the donations from nations that fail at every level of human rights including women’s rights that donated to the Foundation.  And how can you overlook the benefits these nations received from the Secretary of State and the Obama Administration shortly AFTER the donations were made.  Evil personified. 

That leaves me with Donald Trump.  I have always considered him a bully – big time bully.  If he does not get his way he cries and accuses the other party of “not treating him fairly”, how many times have we heard that phrase?  He makes a comment and if you wait long enough, he will say something to the contrary.  So which statements are we to believe?  Take a look at what he has said about abortions and Planned Parenthood.  He has been on both sides of the issue.  What does he really believe?  He is another person I simply do not trust.

Now comes the real kicker in all of this discussion, at least for me maybe not you.  It is called the U. S. Constitution.  Other than Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, I have not heard one candidate espouse the terms and conditions set forth regarding what a President can and cannot do and what a Congress can and cannot do as set forth in the Constitution.  We have heard all these things (some not so wonderful) that all the Presidential Candidates say they are going to do but in reality Congress passes legislation, the President signs it, not the other way around.  In years past, especially the Obama years, the President has legislated from the White House through Executive Orders.  The Founders never envisioned this happening to the extent it has.  Compound that with the Supreme Court also legislating from the Bench instead of just determining whether a passed law is constitutional or not.  A perfect example of this is Obamacare where the Supreme Court changed the terms to meet the conclusion they desired.

A President can set the table for things to happen as he or she would like to see them happen but it is the responsibility of Congress to create the law that would make these things happen.  In recent years that has not happened.  Then there are the “enumerated powers” of the U. S. Constitution that define what the White House and Congress can do; all other matters are referred to the States.  For example, you will not find anywhere in the Constitution that the Federal Government is responsible for the education of the citizenry.  Imagine that.  Yet here we have Common Core and in spite of what the Federal Government says, it IS creating teaching agendas by virtue of the content on the tests given in the schools that match up with what the Federal Government wants students to learn.  Again, imagine that.  Control what the minds of America’s youth learn and you have control over them as adults.  Where have I heard that before; oh yes, 1930’s Germany.  How did that work out for everyone?

Come November there is not a clothes pin large enough to cover my nose if I choose to vote which by the way is a third option – not voting.  When you don’t trust or like any of the candidates running for President, what do you do?  Do your principles and beliefs matter?  Mine do, does yours?  What are you going to do?  Do you vote your Party Line as most people tend to do?  Or do you vote for whom you think will lead America into the future; one of prosperity?

I believe that every Presidential election is determined by a very small number of voters, about 10% to no more than 15%.  That means that approximately 45% will vote for the Democratic Candidate no matter what.  Their minds have been made up and nothing short of a total disaster will change their minds.  45% will vote for the Republican Candidate no matter what; just like those on the Democratic side.  That leaves approximately 10% of the American populace that will eventually turn the election to one side versus the other.  Given my past voting record, I have tended to vote for more Republicans than Democrats; I do not deny this.  I can assure you, if JFK were running in this election, he would have my vote as compared to who we have running now.  Reagan would be another who would get my vote. Regarding the people running in this year’s Presidential election, I like none of them and “none of the above” is not a choice on the electronic ballots or can you write in a name on our electronic ballots as if it would actually make a difference.

All my life I could never understand the polls when some people indicated they are “undecided.”  I remember asking the question, knowing what you know about all the candidates and issues, how can you be “undecided” at this stage in the race.  Now I know for I am undecided but not over issues – I simply do not trust any of the candidates or the ghost candidates like Biden or Ryan and even Elizabeth Warren.

The game changer for me was reading Judge Andrew Napatolano’s book, It Is Dangerous To Be Right When Your Government Is Wrong.   It is an amazing and educational read.  If  I were to cast my vote for Hillary Clinton there is no doubt what would happen to the Supreme Court over the next 4 to 8 years.  It would be a disaster for America.  Just look at some of the “liberal” decisions that have come forth with little to no reflection on the U. S. Constitution; a document supposed to be  the court’s guide to determine if a law is constitutional or not but that is NOT what has happened over the years.  Supreme Court Justices have allowed their own political bias to determine the status of a law and the Constitution was a mere bystander.  There can be no guarantee regarding the type of Justices Donald Trump would nominate but I would prefer to “take my chances” on his nominees over anyone that Clinton would nominate.

Sadly I will be casting my ballot NOT for the next President but rather for WHO the next President will nominate for any vacancies on the Supreme Court Bench of which there is already one.  That is a pitiful development on such an important election as that for President of the United States of America but frankly that is what is important to me.  Why is it important?  Let me count the ways.

  • 1.     Abortions and the money being funneled to Planned Parent Hood plus abortions permitted in the third Trimester of pregnancy.  If you don’t want a baby you currently have twenty weeks to make that decision, no one should be waiting until the third trimester to do so.  I have never understood the issue of rape or incest – get medical help immediately after it happens as compared to waiting until you are definitely pregnant but then maybe I don’t understand the process.  Roe vs Wade doesn’t have to be overturned but the life of a baby ought to count for something; something more than it currently does.
  • 2.     Infiltration of the United Nations into our daily lives.  The UN has no business telling or directing the lives of anyone in America.  The UN can’t even do the job for which it was created let alone directing the lives of Americans.  The UN is a guise for the elites of the world to create a one-world-government and I am totally against that.  Terminate our UN membership and tell them to go elsewhere.
  • 3.     Second Amendment.  Even given my military background, I do not like guns.  The Founders created the Second Amendment not so much to authorize individuals to own and carry weapons to hunt or for their own protection as much as to protect them from a tyrannical government which we currently have.  Without stopping the growth and money grabbing U. S. Government, it is only a matter of time before the American people will be forced to make a decision as to stand up for the Constitution or just roll over under the thumb of government, a cause they originally left Europe to free themselves of.  I want the Second Amendment protected.
  • 4.     Political Correctness.  This may be the secret weapon that could destroy America.  The First Amendment guarantees everyone Free Speech.  Free Speech does not mean only speech that YOU agree with or a group of collegiate elites, it means ALL speech should be free whether you and I like it or not.
  • 5.     THE CONSTITUTION!  This is the most serious of my concerns.  The Constitution is over 200 years old and looking back, the Founders were geniuses who apparently had the ability to predict America’s future years by understanding what could and has already happened in America.  The Constitution was written to prevent some of these things from happening and would have IF the President, Congress and the Supreme Court actually did their jobs and governed using the Constitution as its authority to govern “we the people.”  All of the institutions have failed “we the people” by ignoring the terms and conditions of the U. S. Constitution.  While I fully understood this failure, it was seriously brought home to me after reading the Judge’s book where he has documented the monumental failures of our Government to do the right things and govern by the written law – the U. S. Constitution.

Therefore I have come to the conclusion that a “no vote” is NOT a vote for Hillary NOR is it a non-vote for Donald, it IS a vote signifying that I don’t care about the future of the Supreme Court and thus the country.  I do care, very much so.  I care that I will not like nor support any candidate nominated by Hillary Clinton based upon  my belief that she will nominate far-left thinking Judges to the Supreme Court Bench PLUS she is simply corrupt and you NEVER know what a corrupt individual will do or not do.  If that were to happen, America would become closer and closer to a true Socialist country and that should scare everyone.  As for Donald Trump, there is no such guarantee but I am willing to take my chances that he will nominate Judges who believe in the Constitution and Judges who will NOT use their position on the Bench to create legislation as has some of the previous Supreme Court Justices/decisions have done.

There you have it, my summary of the 2016 Presidential Election and why I will ultimately vote for Donald Trump.  I know that this will upset a lot of people who read this but to be honest – what you think of me is none of my business and frankly I don’t care what you think of what I have written or what you think of me – I do care about America and its future.