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Unequal Justice in America



Written by Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, January 2, 2022

Remember Martha Stewart?   She spent five months between 2004 and 2005 at a minimum-security federal prison in West Virginia after she was convicted on multiple felony charges, including conspiracy and obstruction of justice?

Remember Kim Potter?   She is the former Minnesota police officer who mistakenly drew her handgun instead of her Taser during an attempt arrest of a wanted suspect trying while resisting arrest in April in which she was found guilty and is awaiting sentencing for a long-term prison sentence?

Remember LT Michael Byrd?  Probably not, his name was kept secret for a long time.  He is Capital Police Officer who fatally shot an unarmed Ashli Babbitt during the Jan. 6 Capitol protest (still referred to as an insurrection) and who is still on the job with no punitive action taken against him?

Remember Alex Baldwin?  He is the actor who “accidently” murdered a movie crew member and wounded another member of the crew and remains free and uncharged of the shooting.

Remember the hundreds if not thousands of BLM and ANTIFA members who rioted, burned, looted and even murdered people?  To my knowledge, NONE have been arrested or convicted of the crimes they SO OBVIOUSLY committed?

Remember the U. S. Senators who mysteriously made a ton of money in the stock market by selling off stocks days before legislation was passed?  Probably not, the news media didn’t cover it very much.  The passed legislation made it possible for them to realize the profits they gained by selling off their stock and no charges were filed, NONE?  This is referred to as “insider trading.”

Remember when the National Football League Commissioner?  He prohibited the Dallas Cowboys from displaying decals supporting the fallen police officer that were ambushed and murdered in Dallas and then he permitted BLM statements displaying the name of the FELON and drug addict Floyd on those same helmets?

Remember the charges and subsequent trial of Kyle Rittenhouse?  He did nothing other than defend himself by killing two of his attackers and wounding another and then acquitted of the trumped-up charges that everyone could easily see should never have been filed?

Remember the homeless man who “accidently” shot and killed Kate Steinle?   He was subsequently found innocent of an “accidental shooting” and set free in San Francisco?  His was an accident and he is a free man while Potter’s was also an accident and she is going to jail.  Do you see a pattern here?

Remember the Swat Teams WITH WEAPONS DRAWN converging on the home of Roger Stone?   This occurred in the early hours of the morning when they arrested him for a non-violent blue collar type crime, if a crime was even committed.

Remember the Swat Teams WITH WEAPONS DRAWN converging on the home of Paul Manafort?   This also happened in the early hours of the morning when they arrested him for a non-violent blue collar type crime for which he was charged and convicted.

Remember how Jeffrey Epstein?  He was arrested, charged for sexual abuse against children and was only give a slap on the wrist and eventually released.  Remember how it became untenable for him to remain free and they arrested him again and charged him for the second time?  Then suddenly he committed suicide in jail BEFORE he could release the names of all the prominent people of the world who were as deeply involved as he was?

Remember the evidence that Dr. Anthony Fauci was deeply involved in the creation and funding of the COVID virus using taxpayer money?  Remember how he actively prohibited the distribution of medications that clearly were successful treatments for people who contracted the COVID virus resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths in America and even more around the world?  Remember the Dr. Fauci who used taxpayer money to arrange for the torture and death of thousands of Beagle puppies?  Remember the same Dr. Fauci who is now linked to the unwilling testing and death of children taken from various orphanages?  Did you know that Dr. Fauci is the highest paid employee of the Federal Government?  Did you know that Dr. Fauci and various pharmaceutical companies he is affiliated with made BILLIONS on the sale of the vaccines to combat the virus that he was responsible for creating?  Do you remember or even know that Dr. Fauci is on the record of lying under oath to the U. S. Senate that carries a penalty of years in prison?  Do you understand all of this and yet Dr. Fauci remains a free man?

This list could go on. The three cases that disturb me the most are the second, third and fourth cases listed above.  A WHITE woman police officer accidently shot and killed a BLACK felon resisting arrest and is sentenced to prison.  A BLACK Capital Police Lieutenant intentionally shot and killed a WHITE UNARMED protesting woman and not only were charges NOT filed, he remains on the job and his future pension remains intact.  A WHITE celebrity apparently wealthy actor, murders a WHITE female crew member and wounds a WHITE male crew member and no charges were filed, at least as yet.

This is not a Black vs White issue as some of you might infer from the above paragraph, that was not my intention.  I was attempting to convey that there is no EQUAL JUSTICE in America and hasn’t been for quite some time.  Whites are treated differently than are Blacks.  That’s a fact.  Street Mobs have a greater impact on the administration of justice than the facts of the trial.  Case in point involves the Chauvin vs Floyd case where the News Media immediately took sides and condemned Chauvin on television before the trial was ever held.  They reported he had his knee on Chauvin’s neck when Chauvin clearly had his knee on Floyd’s upper back, not neck.  Floyd was clearly dying of a drug overdose before the police attempted to put him the back of their car.  He literally killed himself by overdosing on illegal drugs before he was ever placed on the ground, yet Chauvin, like him or not, is going to spend the rest of his life in jail.  But the Capital Police Lieutenant who MURDERED Ashley Babbit remains on the job and HIS pension is intact.  And Baldwin remains a totally free man!

Do you consider yourself a Republican?  Do you consider yourself a Democrat?  Do you consider yourself an Independent?  Do you identify yourself as a Black?  Do you identify yourself as a White?  A better question should be; do you consider yourself to be an American citizen?  Everyone should be an American citizen, FIRST!  If you first identify yourself as anything other than an American citizen I can easily see where you would take sides in any of the cases described above when in fact you should have no side to take.  American justice has been described as being blind for as long as I can remember.  Justice is not blind.  It sees hate.  It sees color, both Black and White.  It sees popular celebrities and wealthy people such as Epstein and Baldwin very differently and treats them differently than most everyone else. like you and me.

If the Justice System treats them differently, you and I who sit on the jury and charged with determining their guilt or innocent also treat them very differently.  Case in point the OJ Simpson trial.  His popularity trumped what actually happened and most everyone not biased by his popularity or the color of his skin knew what he had done and until the civil trial occurred, got away with it through the jury nullification process.  Far too many jury cases are determined by the (d), the (r), or the (i) that may follow the name of the person being charged or following the name of each jury member, like it or not.  People vote for just those little letters, why not judge others using the same criteria?  You know it, I know it, that is what has been happening for decades and decades in America.

Out of all the cases mentioned, I feel very sorry for Officer Potter where the shooting was clearly an accident that occurred during the heat of the moment of arresting a resisting suspect.  But the one case that just baffles the Hell out of me is how Dr. Fauci remains free and on the payroll of the U. S. Government and other agencies when he has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands if not MILLIONS of people around the world while making obscene profits from his actions.  Lying to Congress is bad but not nearly as bad as his implication into the creation and spread of the COVID virus around the world.  I don’t want anyone to just take my word for this. I’ve done my homework, most recently, reading Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s book The Real Dr. Fauci.  If you read it and read any of the facts that have long been available regarding Dr. Fauci’s sinister involvement in the COVID debacle, I feel certain you will come to the same conclusion but then I could be wrong.  You may choose to ignore the facts like people have been ignoring a great many facts IF they are NOT covered on the corrupt and extremely biased National News Media such as CNN or MSNBC.

Our Judicial System requires a major overall.  We have a Federal Judicial System and then 50 individual State Judicial Systems and then there are Local Judicial Systems.  While on the surface that appears to be a great setup, when you look at the results, they really suck!  First it has become very obvious that District Attorneys have become extremely partisan in their execution of their duties.  There are now DA’s that refuse to prosecute criminals for their actions and immediately release them back into the public with no bail while other DA’s do just the opposite.  It seems to me that the actions of our DA’s depend upon which political party they are affiliated with in lieu of following the U. S. Constitution and then their individual State’s Constitution.  Following the Constitutions and public laws should take priority over everything else but it doesn’t.  All Judges, all District Attorneys, all attorneys in general should be held accountable for their actions just as the criminals they prosecute should be held accountable.  It seems so wrong to me that a person committing a crime in one state gets off with little to no accountability and another person committing the exact same crime in another state IS held accountable and sentenced accordingly.  Case in point, Potter, Baldwin, and Byrd.  Three very similar cases, three totally different outcomes.  That should not be allow to happen in America!  As Attorney Johnnie Cochran famously said, “If it (the glove) doesn’t fit, you must acquit!”  The reverse of that is also true, “If the glove fits, YOU MUST CONVICT!”  But sadly, in America, thousands of violent criminals are not convicted and are free to indiscriminately commit more and more crimes without consequences.  The recent of flurry of “smash and grab” crimes is evidence of our failed criminal justice system thanks in great part to politically biased District Attorneys and uncaring State Legislatures and worse, our own current White House and U. S. Congress!



We all understand that “Big Tech” has been censoring people for at least a decade if not longer.  That is a given.  What most people do not understand and do not want to hear about is how the News Media is extremely biased in their selection of the news that appears on television and in our newspapers.  There are only 6 people that control what we see, hear and read in the major news medias.  Those six people and their corporations are controlled by the corporations who advertise on their programs.  If the news media decided to run a story that was contrary to what these corporations want, we the people to hear, see or read, they would threaten to pull their advertisements thus costing the networks a great deal of money.  It all comes down to money and agendas!  Just follow the money and you will immediately find those who control what we see, hear and read.  In that regard, I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to look up the phrase, Operation Mockingbird.  Not only are major corporations dictating what we see, hear and read, our own government has been significantly influencing what the news produces as well, deep behind the scenes, yet they have been very effective in manipulating what we do see, hear and read.  This may not appear to be as blatant as the propaganda machine of Nazi Germany but it has been nonetheless just as effective.  If you don’t do your own research and homework, and/or if  you don’t believe what I just wrote, you will have become the “useful idiots” described by none other than Karl Marx.  Just so you know, the definition of “useful idiots” is:

In political jargon, a useful idiot is a derogatory term for a person perceived as propagandizing for a cause without fully comprehending the cause's goals, and who is cynically used by the cause's leaders.

Perfect case in point – BLM and ANTIFA



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