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D.O.A. 2020 STYLE, Updated July 2022


D.O.A. 2020 STYLE

My Interpretation of the Pandemic!

Written by Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, originally written January 5, 2022, updated July 7,2022

It’s 2:25 AM on a Wednesday morning and I’m at my keyboard.  I managed to get to sleep with the aid of a prescribed sleeping medication but on this morning, I awoke from a sound sleep or maybe not so sound, I don’t remember, with thoughts racing through my head.  I had so many thoughts, it impossible to go back to sleep.  A good friend of mine who knew I liked to write said there is nothing wrong with getting up and start writing when the moment strikes you; on this Wednesday, January 5th morning, the moment definitely struck me about 2:00 AM.

What was preventing me from falling back asleep you wonder.  Over the past several days I have tried to read Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci.  I find this book to be a very compelling read but a read that is also very difficult to sit for any length of time to read and fully comprehend.  Not because of the writing style, no the style is actually very easy to follow along with and normally I would have made quick work of reading it.  But not this time.  The material covered in Kennedy’s book is simply disgusting and extremely disturbing.

For the younger people reading this Nugget, you may not know what D.O.A. stands for or why I would make it the title for this Nugget.  Let me explain.  D.O.A. stands for Dead on Arrival.  We have all heard news reports of bodies being found and the police or medical examiners announce that the bodies were determined to be Dead on Arrival (D.O.A.) at the hospitals. 

A movie was made with that same title D.O.A. in 1949.  This is the storyline as described on the Internet:

Small-town accountant Frank Bigelow goes to San Francisco for a week's fun prior to settling down with fiancée Paula. After a night on the town, he wakes up with more than just a hangover; doctors tell him he's been given a "luminous toxin" with no antidote and has, at most, a week to live! Not knowing who did it or why, Bigelow embarks on a frantic odyssey to find his own murderer

The movie started Edmond O’Brien and Pamela Britton.  It was actually a very good movie that I remember very vividly thus making it a good movie, at least in my mind.  This morning I awoke thinking of this movie that I have not seen in over 40 years.  The question is why did I awake thinking of this movie which is a very round about way of getting to the purpose of this Nugget.

O’Brien had the presence of mind to go to a doctor and was lucky enough to find one that took an interest in his case and was able to properly diagnose the problem.  There was no cure but at least he knew what the problem was.  He was dying from being intentionally poisoned and he knew not why or by whom.

If you have read and watched the news and documentaries as I have that DO NOT APPEAR ON the national news or even on social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and others, you know with certainty that something is happening not only in America but around the world that is NOT capturing the eyes of reporters. 

The business of news reporting has been dead for years and no one has had the decency to bury it. I don’t know what year it happened but I can safely assume that it happened during the years of the Vietnam War when it became very evident to organizations within our U. S. Government, like the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), that public opinion of the war effort was definitely waning and people had begun to protest in the streets and on campuses all across the nation.  Every night the evening news was filled with the most recently reported body count.  It was not known until much later that the Government had embarked on Operation Mockingbird and I suggest you take the time to look it up because it is extremely important for the rest of this Nugget.  Here is a great place to start your own research, I say “own” because I don’t want you to take me at my word that this happened, do your own research:

You will discover that our government not only fed the news media with stories sometimes real but most of the time highly distorted that showed the Vietnam War to be going in favor of the U. S. Military, when in fact in many instances, it was not. Citizens knew that something was wrong, even with grossly under reported U. S. Casualties, they knew that the war was not going according to plan; we were not winning.  It was not until much later when former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara was featured in a documentary and he apparently wanted to come clean in regards to what REALLY happened during the Vietnam War and it was not a pretty picture he painted.  There are several YouTube videos featuring this documentary, watch them for yourself.  Here is a great place to start: 

But the story doesn’t start with the Vietnam War. It goes back much further in time.  There is no need to go back any farther than the Civil War.  What most Americans do not understand is that slavery had been around for thousands of years.  Obviously, it did not begin in America but it did exist in America and more importantly, it ended in America.  Also, what most Americans fail to realize is that there were both White AND Black Slave Owners in America.  Furthermore, before there were Black Slaves, there were white slaves, predominantly from Ireland and they were referred to as Indentured Servants but they were slaves none the less.  The big difference between the Irish Servants of the northern states and the Black Slaves of the Southern States, was that the Indentured Slaves had the opportunity to work off their servitude and become free men and women whereas the Black Slaves were slaves for life unless they escaped to freedom.

Slaves were kept on the plantation, not by constructing barbed wire fencing, they were kept there out of fear for what would happen to them and their families if they tried to escape.  Most of the families were broken up making it easier for the slave owners to control them as they had no idea where the rest of their families had gone.  The slaves, not knowing anyone outside of their plantation where totally on their own and very easy to spot by locals who did not want to see them freed so the locals would help to capture any runaway slaves and return them to the appropriate owners.  Some citizens did help slaves to escape by using the “underground railroad” to points in Northern States.  One such slave that escaped to freedom was Frederick Douglas and I suggest you read his remarkable story of being a slave to becoming a respected self-educated public figure and author.  Start your Douglas education:

There was another historical event that took place that has a great deal to do with this Nugget and the understanding I hope and pray I can convey herein.  The Klu Klux Klan may not have been officially created by the Democrat Party but it was manned by mostly Democrats. They formed local groups of hooded thugs that took it upon themselves to be the law enforcement arm of the Democrat Party to take care of the “Uppity Blacks.”  Some were lucky just to have been beaten. Others were murdered to send a message to other Blacks that needed to know what their place in life was in accordance with the beliefs and teachings of the members of the KKK and as directed by the leadership within the Democrat Party:  Easy enough to check out, many links on the web:

This all brings us to 2020 and the COVID Pandemic.  I will go on record to tell the reader that I believe that the Pandemic was manufactured and represents one of the many very successful hoaxes played upon the American people in American history.  Why would anyone do this?  Why would anyone join the KKK?  Why would anyone make a decision to own and brutally mistreat slaves, black and white?  Why indeed?  We’ve all heard the famous movie quote, follow the money!  It all comes down to three elements to consider.  Making money with the least amount of expense.  Exercising control, total and otherwise, over people who the elites consider as less deserving (slaves and the poor). And finally, power. Politicians and community leaders desiring to cement their place of power and prestige within the community.

To get to 2020 we must also go to the late 1950s when The Communist Party USA met and decided that it would be impossible for Communism to take hold in America through the use of military power.  They felt this way primarily because so many Americans were armed with their own weapons and trying a military assault would not only involve taking on the U. S. Military but also each citizen who owned a weapon or two or ten.  The Communist Party decided they would be patient and they developed 45 very specific goals that if achieved, would result in the complete take over of America without ever firing a shot and more disgustingly, they would use American Citizens to become their “useful idiots” to carryout their own demise.  Karl Marx defined a “useful idiot” as:

In political jargon, a useful idiot is a derogatory term for a person perceived as propagandizing for a cause without fully comprehending the cause's goals, and who is cynically used by the cause's leaders.

If you want to read all 45 goals, and I hope you do, you can find them at: or you can watch a video on the subject by going to:

In 2020 this principle became so obvious to anyone paying attention to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and the ANTIFA movement throughout America.  Both organizations’ leaders have been trained and teach the principles of Marxism and their stated goal is to destroy American Capitalism and literally take over America.  In fact, the leadership of these groups are more concerned in good old fashioned American Capitalism by using the money they collected from citizens but far more importantly from major U. S. Corporations to spend on lavish homes, cars and trips.  Yes, they ultimately would like to see the U. S. fail but, in the meantime, the leadership wants what it wants, a luxury lifestyle.

Back to 2020 and Kennedy’s book on The Real Anthony Fauci.  All of these covert historical events have led us to 2020.  Why would someone or organizations want to see every American receive an EXPERIMENTAL DRUG THERAPY VACCINE NOT APPROVED FOR USE BY THE FDA.  Why has this become so important that EVERY American from 2-year-olds to 90-years-olds receive this vaccine and now booster shot after booster shot?  Have we learned nothing from WWII Germany and the Nuremberg Trials that took place following the war when many people were tried, convicted and executed for committing war crimes, some of which involved the involuntary medicating of unwilling participants?  Americans watched the main street news who on every nightly show listed the number of COVID positive test results, the number of people admitted to the hospital, the number of people placed on ventilators and then the number of people who have died as a result of contracting COVID.  Joseph Goebbels the Propaganda Minister for Hitler knew that if you told a lie often enough people would believe it.  2020 has proven that premise to be as true in 2020 and beyond as it was in 1930’s Germany.  Germans bought into the fact that Europe had to eliminate the Jewish population from this planet as they were falsely determined to be the root of all evil.  That message was repeated over and over again just as Goebbels theorized.

Bill and Melinda Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci and others have appeared to buy into the fact that there are too many people on planet Earth.  There are some  elaborate stones that have been erected in Georgia and they are referred to as The Georgia Guidestones.  One of the guides listed that the world’s population needed to be reduced to 500,000,000 people.  If you don’t know how many people populate Earth, this number may be insignificant to you.  But if you do know, you realize that reducing Earth to that number of people means that 13 out of every 14 people need to die.  How do you eliminate 13 out of 14 people and who will be the 14th person selected to survive this purge?  World Wars come to mind.  WWII killed off over 50,000,000 people but that hardly made a dent in the overall population of the world.  A nuclear war could kill off millions if not billions more if they were ever to be used again.  And then there is a world-wide pandemic as a possibility of killing off millions if not billions of people.  In 2020 the Pandemic plan seems to have more merit if you could manage enough people (like all of them) to get the vaccines promoted by most of the governments of the world and then follow them up with booster shot after booster shot.  The Pandemic plan is even more diabolical when you realize that no one knows the contents of these vaccines and booster shots.  To emphasize how easy the governments have made this, they have excluded the producers of the vaccines and boosters from any legal action taken against them should there be any adverse reactions to these “jabs.”

We have all seen advertisement for pain medication that have delayed reactions using the theory that having a slow and steady release of the pain mediation would be better and more efficient than just sudden dose of the medication and then nothing following the initial dose.  What if the vaccines were designed to cause a delayed reaction to the contents of the vaccines/boosters?  Who would ever suspect the vaccines as being the result of a person’s death if the death occurred months or even years after the vaccines/boosters were last administered? No one unless people were paying attention.  But what about the world’s leaders being video taped taking the vaccines?  How do you know what was in the vaccines they were administered?  Was it an actual vaccine or was it a saline solution given to look-like it was a vaccine?  You be the judge.

But wait, people have been paying attention.  There is the VAERs Reporting System ( where people can voluntarily report adverse reactions to having been given the vaccines and/or boosters.  At last count there have been 800,000 adverse reaction reports submitted and over 20,000 deaths related to people having taken the jab(s).  You don’t hear of this on the main stream news but you do hear it as reported by Independent Journalists on the Internet.  Sadly, only a small portion of the public watch independent journalists on the Internet so most people have no clue as to what has been happening.  These people are referred to as “being asleep.” 

Hackers have hacked into the records of the major vaccine providers and what they have discovered is outright shocking, They have provided a list of the batch numbers of the vaccines that have been used.  You can look up the batch number of a vaccine that you may have been administered and you can clearly see how many adverse reports have been submitted, how many have resulted in deaths and how many have results in disabilities.  I looked up the two Moderna vaccines that I had been administered and frankly it is scary stuff to know.  This leads me back to the movie D.O.A.  This morning at 2:00 AM I realize that I am now playing the part of Edmond O’Brien but I don’t have the luxury of having any of my doctors understanding or admitting to understanding that I may have been poisoned by the vaccines.  If what I have read so far about the vaccines and the total release of any liability by the makers of the vaccines, I feel I may have been submitted to a vaccine that will cause a slow and probably agonizing and expensive death from this poisonous concoction. 

Why would anyone do this; that is the Number One Question!  Let’s go back to Kennedy’s book that I have not as yet completed but I have read enough that my stomach turns as I read it.  I have to take breaks to keep from becoming so angry that at times I feel like I am losing my mind.  I obviously have lived a sheltered life because all of this is so difficult for me to accept. I have read about the evil and vile experiments of Dr. Josef Mengele of Hitler’s Germany and they WILL turn your stomach.  He started on invalids and people with mental disorders but who were all prisoners.  None of them gave him their personal consent to experiment on them.  Most if not all of the patients eventually died or were murdered.  Then he moved on to children and then to Jews held in captivity.  None gave their consent.  Sound familiar? 

In Kennedy’s book he points out the relationships that Dr. Fauci and his team have with Communist China and other nefarious groups and how he and his henchmen were instrumental in starting the gain of function research making viruses more deadly to humans using our tax dollars to achieve this.  In effect he and his groups were inventing bioweapons that have since been released on the Earth.  Far more deadly, he and his governmental groups where he exhibits a great deal of control and influence upon, have BANNED KNOWN AND APPROVED MEDICATIONS that CURE COVID PATIENTS.  In their place he has inserted his own brand of medical treatment plans that almost guarantee a patient’s eventual death while IN a hospital.

Make no mistake, the major hospitals are in this up to their ears.  They get a dollar amount if a patient is diagnosed with COVID.  They are reimbursed more money if the patient becomes an inpatient. Then even more money, lots of money if the patient dies and it is determined that the patient died of COVID.  This is simply incentivizing fraud and corruption on the part of Hospitals and doctors affiliated with hospitals.  There is no way for a patient who is admitted to a hospital “with COVID” to win.  Some families have had to take their case to court to get the hospitals to administer any number of drugs that have been on the market and have been proven to be an effective cure for COVID that Dr. Fauci has seen will never see the light of day.  Instead, the hospitals use drugs as authorized by Dr. Fauci and his organizations that ultimately put money into the pockets of Dr. Fauci and his groups because they have financial interests in the pharmaceutical companies that produce the expensive drugs that Fauci authorizes.  It is a vicious circle making them all very rich while patients die and they simply don’t care, aka Dr. Josef Mengele of WWII Germany.

I’m not a doctor nor am I a lawyer but I can read.  What I have read is as shocking and for the most part has been unbelievable because I was brought up to believe that people were basically good people, not all, but most.  I no longer believe that.  Money has a tendency to talk.  Offer someone enough money and they will turn on their own family members just like these goons have turned on American citizens.

As I have said, I have taken two Moderna Vaccines.  I suggest you check the web site:  Don’t know how long the powers to be will permit it to remain active so check it out sooner rather than later.  You WILL be shocked.  Having taken the two jabs, I feel exactly like O’Brien in the movie.  I feel as though I have been poisoned but I know who did it.  I also feel there is not a lot that I can do to reverse the adverse effects that will ultimately torment my body.  For the record, my second shot was in February 2021.  Since then, I have kept a record of all the medical issues that have befallen me that I had no incident of BEFORE the second jab.  There are 8 of them and a couple of them have been very scary and I am still involved in ongoing medical tests to ascertain what kind of internal damage has already been done to one or more of my organs.  Coincidence?  One or two, maybe.  Eight, I seriously doubt they are a coincidence, this has been by design.  These evil and vial people want to kill off 13 of every 14 people because having this many people on the planet wastes valuable natural resources and more importantly, to these demented minds, too many people are bad for “climate change.”  I am not Einstein but even I understand that the Earth’s climate changes on a 44,000-year cycle.  It changes so much that in time, the Sahara Desert will return to the lush green area that it once was only then to eventually return to becoming a desert.  This is not a man-made occurrence; it involves the Earth rotating on an axis like a child’s top.  The very tip of the top does not rotate in a straight line.  If you look closely, the very tip actually forms a circle as it rotates. The Earth is no different.  The axis rotates but it takes 44,000 years to make one full rotation. As it rotates it changes where the heat forms and where the cold forms and as such the Earth’s climate is always in a state of flux and change.  At times a greater flux than at other times; it is a natural cycle.  Check your history books and check weather tables back100 or more years, the facts don’t lie.

The sad part of this story lies in the thoughts of people making these insane decisions that they and only they will be in the number 14 of those who survive making them part of the elites that will eventually rule what is left of the depleted world population.  It is their desire to form a one-world-government where THEY are the government and the rest are basically their slaves.  The slaves get rewarded based upon their compliance to the slave masters, just like back on the plantation.  Disobey and receive less or pay the ultimate price and be eliminated.  It’s George Orwell’s 1984 coming to life in 2020.

At 2:00 AM on a Wednesday morning, I feel like I am Edmund O’Brien and I am a dead man walking.  The question remains for how long will I continue to walk.  I am 77 soon to be 78. Who will miss a 78-year-old man with underlying conditions?  I can see the obituary now, “he struggled with Diabetes for over 30 years and finally succumbed to the disease.  Don’t send flowers, send your donations to the Diabetes Foundation.”  How many obituaries have we already seen like this?  Making matters even worse, few if any autopsies have ben performed so doctors can’t be held accountable for the cause of death and most will say he died because of COVID.  It is quite possible that people die WITH COVID but not because of COVID.  I’ve seen reports that upwards of 80% of COVID deaths were also people diagnosed as being Obese.  So, if these people lost weight, would they still be alive?  Maybe so, maybe not but no one seems to care enough to investigate the possibility.  I know this, there is no national effort to get people to reduce their body weight.  Why is that?  Is it because people are afraid to “fat shame” obese people?

My suggestion is to read Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci and then explain to me why Fauci is not in jail waiting to be executed for Crimes Against Humanity.  If he were, I would be one of the first to volunteer to pull the trigger on a firing squad, release the trap door for a hanging or flip the switch to electric chair or administer the drug to finally put this evil man away forever!  He deserves nothing less.  If that makes me non-compassionate or unchristian-like, so be it, I can live with that.  I just want to outlive this son-of-a-bitch!

I have never added a P.S. to any of my Nuggets but this one just feels like I should.  I have maintained a list of all the “strange” medical things that have happened to me since my last Jab in February of 2021.  I showed the list to my Primary Care doctor and he did not seem to be concerned.  Yesterday I showed it to my Diabetes Doctor and at first, she did not seem concerned as well.  But as she was leaving the office, she picked up the paper and asked if she could make a copy of it.  I told her that was an extra and she could have it and she walked off with it.  The ONLY doctor that made any comment at all was my Ophthalmologist who examined me TWICE and said there was nothing wrong with my eyes but could not explain the pain I was experiencing or the blurred vision, none of which I had prior to the second jab.  Then he said, “they have no idea what the long term affects of the vaccines will be on anyone!”  Then he just looked at me as if I knew what he was talking about and I did, and he left the exam room.

So here you go, a complete list of medical things that I experienced following the second jab:

I don’t believe this was an accident.  I had the second Moderna vaccine (experimental drug therapy) in February 2021.  Since then then the following has happened in regards to my health: 

I began to have severe eye pain behind my left eye.  Then it would move over to my right eye.  Then it moved back to my left eye.  This went on for about 4 months. The pain is predominately behind the left eye but still comes and goes. My Eye Physician has tested me TWICE since then and said everything is fine.  Still my vision in my left eye is obviously blurred where it was NOT blurred prior to the vaccine.  Now I am wearing glasses for the first time in my life aside from reading glasses.  Coincidence? 

My blood pressure seemed to have tanked on the low side.  I have had readings as low as 95/55.  I have never had readings like that before the February shot.  My doctor cut my Bystolic mediation in half to combat the low readings.  Coincidence? 

As this was all happening, I noticed that the Belles Palsy that I had in the early 90s returned on my left side but not anywhere as severe as it was in the 90s. That may be affecting the vision issues in my left eye but does not explain the pain behind my eyes that did not exist in the 90s at all.  And by the way, Belles Palsy IS an adverse reaction to the injections. Again, just a coincidence? 

Blood Sugar Readings.  Immediately following the second shot my readings where all over the scale, high, low but on average much higher.  I went from an average reading of 6.2 A1C to 7.2 with no changes in my eating habits and this happened while I could still exercise in the pool (used the pool because of my back issues).  Again, a coincidence? 

Blood in my urine.  This was the scariest issue of all.  I had no warning of any kidney stones or gall stones.  Then in mid-November 2021, I suddenly began to urinate serious amounts of blood in my urine.  It was obviously (to me) clotting.  It appeared in gobs and also string like threads as long as 12 inches.  I reported this to Dr. and he conducted tests to see if he can determine what happened and why.  Again, like the others, this happened after the second shot.  Now it is July 2022 and the blood has returned for a second time.   Coincidence? 

Lower leg issues.  I have always had Diabetic Neuropathy in both feet. Yet since February it has gotten much worse and the numbness feeling has extended half way up both calves towards the knees.  Saw a foot specialist and, other than some skin issues, he said the feet look fine. He did fit me with specially designed shoes.  Again, coincidence? 

I have become severely unbalanced.  I have seen a neurologist and he said I am okay but I know unbalanced when I feel it. I constantly look for places to hold onto.  I know it stems from all my back issues because it all is centered on my center of gravity but again, it has gotten so much worse since February.  It could also be a result of the issues with the feet feeling swollen (when they are not).  Again, just a coincidence? 

I have had Tinnitus (diagnosed) for decades.  The degree to which I can hear it 24/7 has definitely increased to point that the only way I can get to sleep on some nights is to wear over-the-ear headphones and play constant ocean or rain sounds to cover up the siren I otherwise hear. 

Here’s the rub!  If you search the Internet looking for adverse side effects, you have a hard time finding a definitive list.  For example, few if any list an increased number of Tinnitus cases yet some do list Tinnitus as an adverse condition.  Here is a list that you won’t find on a Google general search, I had to use DuckDuckGo to find it.  That alone should tell you all you need to know about Internet Search censorship.  Very few if any of the Google search results listed “death” as a possible side effect yet over 20,000 deaths have been reported on the VAERs voluntary reporting system. 

Finally, watch any television advertisement for any drug and you will hear a PARTIAL list of adverse side effects that the drug may cause.  My question is this; did you receive a list of side effects the vaccine may cause?  No, me neither!

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