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Connecting The Dots!



Written by Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, January 7, 2022

 Life has a plan, and while you can’t see the map, or the destination, you’re traveling on an incredible path.  Every event in your life is like a single dot on your journey.  Every person you meet, every triumph you celebrate, and every loss you learn from, all of them have a meaning and a reason.  And while all these dots may seem random and unconnected to you at the moment, one day you will look back and see how they all beautifully connect together to define your journey.  Have faith in your map, and learn to enjoy your journey.

 One day it will all make sense.

From Synctuition, Section 7 track 4 – Connecting the Dots 

Explanation:  A word of explanation, Synctuition is not a misspelling.  It represents a program to help you relax and actually meditate.  It currently consists of 8 Sections of 20 individual tracks.  Each track consists of a brief 3-to-4-minute explanation of the purpose of the track and then it is followed by 24 minutes of 3-D music and sounds all designed to interact with your brain waves.  Sometimes I listen and fall asleep and that is okay.  Other times I listen to the entire 30 minutes. In ever case it generates complete relaxation and that is never a bad thing unless of course you are driving your car which is a no-no.  You can sign up for free but be careful because it eventually leads into a subscription that you may or may not want.  Certainly, worthy of checking out.

The track referenced above is like the saying, when the student is ready the teacher shall appear.  Let me explain.  I have become very disillusioned with both the National News Media AND the local news media.  For as long as I can remember I have become an observer of people.  I have also become an observer of print and electronic media and more importantly the body language and the words and phrases that people use on a daily basis.  No more has this been evident than whenever I watch or read the news.  Here are some of the observations that caused me to STOP watching the news. 

·         I discovered that no matter what television channel you happen to watch, you hear the different talking heads all saying the exact same words and phrases to describe an event or situation; this cannot be an accident.  Maybe twice is an accident but when you see it over and over again, you realize that someone is feeding the announcers the words they speak and the videos that go along with the words.  They are the same no matter which channel you watch.  Most people would think the various channels are in competition with each other and would therefore have different news broadcasts but that is just not the case.  I have since learned that the major National News Networks all get their marching orders from just six people.  I assume those six people are strongly influenced by the corporations that advertise on their respective networks.  For example, Pfizer is a HUGE advertiser on ALL the channels, but especially during the news programming.  What have we seen during these various news broadcasts?  Report after report all saying how bad the COVID situation is devastating in America and around the world.  NON-STOP!  That can’t be by accident.  Therefore, if Pfizer wants a certain story covered or not covered, they simply give the networks hints or as I prefer to call them, marching orders.  Then out of fear of losing advertising dollars from very large corporations, the news networks concede to their wishes and you hear only what they, the corporations, want you to hear.  Pfizer good, everything else bad.  As a result, everyone affiliated with Pfizer (and other drug manufacturers) are making BILLIONS of dollars off of the COVID issue. 

·         Censorship.  This has become a very disgusting way of life.  Censorship is nothing more than a form of corporate cancel culture.  Consider the vaccine and COVID issue.  Dr. Anthony Fauci and his cohorts seem to be directing all of the traffic when it comes to dictating the steps to be taken.  Someone or some group has decided that there will be no competing voices concerning the accuracy or effaces of what they are preaching to the masses.  For example, the Federal Government appears to be speaking with one voice.  The Democrat Governors have picked up on the message and implemented those instructions within their respective states. The Republican Governors have all but defied the Federal Government and specifically Dr. Fauci and set their own rules and guidelines.  The actions of the GOP Governors have made significant improvements within their states using their own rules and guidelines that severely contradict those of Dr. Fauci and the Federal Government.  The actions of Democrat Governors have all but economically destroyed their states. 

·         Since I have stopped watching both the National and the Local News Broadcasts, I have discovered that there are numerous Independent Journalists that host blogs, podcasts and have channels on many of the Social Media Platforms NOT controlled by Big Tech or Big Pharma or the National News Media or the Federal Government.  As a result, I hear and see a great many opposing viewpoints to items covered only on the National and Local News Programs.  In my opinion, the one voice you hear and see on the National and Local News programs is a form of brainwashing in the highest degree and it appears to be directed by our own Federal Government.  I strongly encourage you, the reader, to do your own research and look up Operation Mockingbird.  This is a program that was started in the 1960s but really took off when it became obvious to the Federal Government that the storyline of the Vietnam War was not going well in the homeland.  More and more people were becoming very upset at the way the war seemed to be going as the death toll mounted.  We were losing.  Operation Mockingbird was put in place where many news reporters were actually put on the Government payroll and then were told what to say on the news that very much distorted the true story of the Vietnam War.  This was all done in hopes of persuading the American People that the war was a good thing and that we were winning when we weren’t.  

·         Enter the COVID crisis.  I listened and I read what the Independent Journalists were speaking and writing about and I was shocked beyond belief at what I was hearing and reading.  It was the opposite of what I had been hearing on the National and Local News Broadcasts.  Which stories should I believe?  When I realized that all the news programs were saying the exact same thing, I knew with certainty that they were all full of bullshit and they were doing nothing but reading what they were told to read.  None of the reporters that I watched seemed to have done their own research.  I grew up believing that reporters researched their stories and it became a race to see which reporter, which news network, which newspaper would get the story out first.  They were, however, all guided by the same principle, get the story right and require their stories to be verified by multiple sources; definitely NOT based on “hearsay” or worse, “anonymous sources.”  That principle has since dissipated over time and now the truth does not seem to matter and only the ratings do.  This is NOT news reporting.  This is simply reading what they have been told to read, true or not.  On one occasion, I called out a local newscaster about the story she had read on line pointing out the flaws in her story.  Her response was very telling.  She only read what was given to her to read by her National Affiliate in New York.  No questions were asked, no dissenting opinions given, just read the story as written.  It was shortly after our communications that she quit her position at the station.  I don’t know why she quit, I would like to think she quit because she had principles and she understood what was transpiring within the news media and she didn’t like it.  Unfortunately, I will never know her actual reasons for quitting. 

I have chosen a much different path to follow than most people or at least most of the people I know.  I have always been a reader and now I have become a fan of these many independent Journalists not limited by a corporate structure or their advertising dollars defining what they can and cannot say.  My decision to follow these Independent Reporters/Journalists has cost me dearly among my friends.  Members of my own family think I am crazy.  They believe that there is no way that any of what I believe could possibly be true.  

What is there to be gained by the National News Media, Local News Media and our Federal Government continually lying to “we the people?”  What indeed!  

Money.  Zig Ziglar argued that people who believe that money is the root of all evil has it wrong.  He says that money is green, it is warm and fuzzy and it can do great things.  He also said that money could be used to create bad and evil things as well.  I think it was Ziglar who said that money makes you more of what you already are.  In the case of corporate leaders and our elected politicians, money is the fuel for their greed!  Politicians seem to enter the political theater at one end of the financial spectrum only to leave as millionaires/billionaires on salaries that would suggest that their financial climb would or should be impossible to achieve.  Money is one obvious answer and the easiest to understand.  People want more and more of it.  

Power.  People have sought to have more power for as long as people have been on the planet.  That too is an easy answer to understand, too easy to suggest it is the reason that they constantly lie to “we the people.”  Yet, it is a reason.  They want more power and they will say and do anything to keep what they have – thus they lie when it is convenient to do so.  The most amazing thing about politicians,  corporations and the Federal Government lying to us, is that they do so as if there is no record of what they have previously said as recently as a week or month ago.  It is as if they don’t think we can remember that far back or that videos do not exist of what they have previously said.  They lack honesty and more importantly they lack integrity! 

WORLD RE-ORGANIZATION.  This one is more complicated and involves money, power and CONTROL not mentioned above.  Why are all the leaders of the world so Hell Bent on getting everyone vaccinated?  Have the vaccines been proven to be successful in preventing people from getting the COVID virus?  Hell no they haven’t, but that doesn’t seem to matter to them.  They are moving mountains and threatening isolation and even imprisonment of people who refuse to be vaccinated.  People have been fired from their jobs, and people have quit their jobs instead of taking the vaccines and boosters.  Keep in mind that the Government seems to fail at almost everything it does.  It changes its policies and its direction as often as most people change their underwear.  What was important today is almost nonexistent tomorrow.  The big question to me remains, WHY is the Government so focused on getting everyone vaccinated? 

Right or wrong, this is my opinion and it is based on what I have been reading and listening to.  God knows I hope I am wrong but the facts that ARE known lead me to believe I am more right than I am wrong. 

China has always been our number one threat.  If it were not for the United States, China would have free reign over the rest of the world so we have always been a stumbling block for their desire for world domination.  How could China take over America without risking their own future through nuclear wars and total devastation?  If I were the Chinese and since I lead the world in technology, I would plan for two very different types of attacks on America and subsequently the rest of the world without America even knowing it was being attacked.  The first requires a great deal of patience and that would be to very quietly infiltrating the various institutions of American culture like schools, unions, militant organizations and the government itself.  Given enough time, it would be relatively easy to place enough people within these organizations or to payoff people already there because we all know that money talks.  With the organizational and financial help of people like Bill Gates and George Soros, I would attempt to place individuals into high political positions like District Attorneys, Attorney Generals and other city, state and Federal positions of influence and power.  This would require the manipulation of the election processes within America to ensure their outcomes.  Given that I would already own a great deal of the technical capabilities to hack computers on a world-wide basis, it would be a simple matter of connecting to the local voting machines in only a few select areas of the country where the entire outcome of the election could be pre-determined.  This would insure “my man or woman” won the critical races that would cause a shift in the control of power within the United States. 

Unknown to most Americans, I would have ever so slightly changed the educational curriculums being taught in American schools to begin teaching children at an early age that America is not the country that decades of Americans once believed that it was.  Instead, I would teach that Capitalism is bad, Socialism is good.  Over decades, this indoctrination of our children would result in young and even older adults climbing aboard the road to Socialism in America where everyone is entitled to free stuff from the government.  Who doesn’t want free stuff?  These same people are now holding seats in our Congress, our Courts, our City Governments and even our White House.  

It is now only a matter of putting all the pieces of the heretofore disconnected puzzle pieces together.  The door would have been opened wide for a power such as the United Nations to enter the fray to settle the unrest within America that all of the chaos intentionally and methodically had been created by the Chinese to bring it to a “peaceful” settlement.  Then suddenly, the Chinese Communist Party would be in a position to not only take over America but impose their Communist Rule over the entire world by creating the one-world-government that documents such as Agenda 21 and Agenda 30, written by the United Nations,  that explained and predicted would come to the world.  Don’t believe me, LOOK THEM UP YOURSELF!  They do exist and they are sickening to read. 

The BIG question remained, how would a government or organization get the huge majority of people within a country to voluntarily go along with a plan to forego its traditional government of  250 years in favor of a more controlling government like the Chinese would offer?  How could anyone get people to VOLUNTARLY line up to accept the government pitch to comply?  Enter the Pandemic or the pretense of a Pandemic.  I still believe that the Pandemic was nothing more than a redefining, or using the phrase so often spoke in Washington DC today, “reimaging” of the annual flu.  Deaths from the annual flu which always plagued our country suddenly dropped off the charts while deaths from COVID just as suddenly topped the charts.  Was this an accident or was it by design?  I believe it was by design.  Who was affected the most?  Seniors, which most of whom already had medical issues that could easily result in death if they became infected with a serious case of the annual flu.  This has been the case for decades!  In spite of this history, longevity rates have increased over time because people were being treated for their medical conditions.  Yet in 2020, thanks to people like Governor Cuomo and others, the seniors became targets and instruments used to increase the death toll from COVID for the sole purpose of convincing the remainder of the world that the world was in crisis.  Everyone needed the Government to step in to fix the problem.  The government did not fix the problem, it only exasperated it by withholding the very medications that would cure most of the people afflicted with the disease that could and did eventually kill them thus increasing the death by COVID.  They needed to scare the public into following their orders, dictates, guidelines without question for their plan to succeed.  There is a HUGE difference between dying BECAUSE of COVID and dying WITH COVID which was the case in a vast majority of COVID reported deaths. 

There was a missing link required to make this happen and I discussed this earlier in this Nugget – the news media.  People watched and listened to the news; it was a daily ritual.  Turn on the news first thing in the morning and then again at supper time and then just before you turn in for the night.  At least three times a day Americans would listen to the news and what did they hear and see?  COVID!  COVID numbers 24/7.  How many tested positive.  How many were hospitalized.  How many were on ventilators.  How many died.  You know this is true.  The subject matter doesn’t really matter.  When you repeat a message often enough and long enough, people believe your message even if it isn’t true; it’s that simple.  People around the world believed the COVID/DISASTER messages and the messages created fear.  People will do almost anything to avoid being afraid and will do anything they are told to do if their fear is great enough.  People will even forfeit their hard-fought freedoms and liberties if they fear something dreadful is going to happen to them if they do not comply with the “experts”, like Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates who isn’t even a medical doctor or have medical training. 

Enter “Mass Formation Psychosis (MFP).  What is it?  

Psychosis is when people lose some contact with reality. Mass formation psychosis is when a large part of a society focuses its attention to a leader(s) or a series of events and their attention focuses on one small point or issue. Followers can be hypnotized and be led anywhere, regardless of data proving otherwise. A key aspect of the phenomena is that the people they identify as the leaders – the one’s that can solve the problem or issue alone – they will follow that leader(s) regardless of any new information or data. Furthermore, anybody who questions the leader’s narrative are attacked and disregarded. 

There is one name that comes to mind when I read the above definition of MFP and that is Dr. Anthony Fauci.  He has been front and center at almost every press conference and on almost every news program EXCEPT for news programs on FOX News, NEWSMAX and One American News; not sure he has ever appeared on any of these broadcasts because he knows he would be grilled on the multitude of positions he has taken over the years.  He has changed his positions more often than most people take showers and still, few if any of the reporters ever question what he said before as compared to what he says now or what he will say in the future which will certainly be different than what he says today.  That is the perfect example of Mass Formation Psychosis.  I can think of one other time in my lifetime where this has happened and it involved a man named Jim Jones and what then happened in Guyana.  If this is unfamiliar to you, please look it up.  People followed this man to their deaths much like people are doing under the direction of Dr. Fauci.  In this regard, I cannot encourage people enough to read Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci.  It WILL turn your stomach and prove without a doubt how people, thousands if not millions of them, died as a result of his interference in standardized and heretofore widely accepted medical treatments for the COVID/FLU infected people.  Don’t take my word for it, read the book! 

I don’t know if any of what I have written is true but I know how to connect dots!  There are a lot of dots described in this Nugget.  Connect them yourself.  Come to your own conclusions.  I have come to my conclusion and it is very simple for me to understand and believe.  We, America, have been systematically attacked by the Chinese in its attempt to (1) take over America and (2) subsequently take over the rest of the world.  If America falls to China, who is left to defend the remainder of the world from a total Communist one-world-government takeover?  No one!   That fact, regardless of everything else I wrote, is true and everyone knows it.  The question remains, if you were the Chinese Communist Government, how do you get from point A to point B (connecting the dots) with your well-defined goal of world domination.  Can you think of a better way especially with the main stream media supporting your efforts at every turn of events?  I doubt it. 

Then, almost as if it were by Divine Intervention (and who is to say it wasn’t), I listened to the next installment of Synctuition that started by saying:

The Universe works in a mysterious way.  Sometimes, you might feel like you are all alone.  But as you start heading towards the path that was designed for you, you will notice incredible things start happening all around you.  Almost, like magic!  We humans call these moments coincidences but you need to understand that for the Universe there are no coincidences.  The Universe will give you chances by creating situations and bringing all the right people into your life.  Embrace the chances you’re given and trust your intuition as it guides you towards this path.

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