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You're Under Mind Control


15 Signs (You KNOW)
You’re Under Mind Control

Excerpt from “Restored Republic Report” of September 11, 2023
Posted and added to by Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, September 11, 2023

 Excerpt begins 

  • You think TV shows and movies are made to entertain you.
  • You think medical doctors are health experts.
  • You think the government steals your money to build the roads.
  • You think that they spray poisons on your food because of the bugs.
  • You know mercury thermometers are banned because mercury is extremely toxic but you also believe mercury teeth fillings are completely safe in your mouth.
  • You think your vote counts.
  • You think the news is there to inform you.
  • You think the government is there to protect you.
  • You think alcohol is healthy for you in moderation.
  • You think it’s OK to research and ask questions about a new car purchase, a new house purchase or a new appliance purchase but you also believe it’s not OK to research or ask questions when the TV tells you to inject something under your skin that’s killing and crippling millions worldwide. That of course you need to trust, no questions asked and full steam ahead.
  • You think a society of cowardly order followers, run by clinical psychopaths, will keep moving ahead into the future without any interruptions.
  • You think that working for the clinical psychopaths, as a government employee, is the ultimate dream job even though big brother is actively trying to remove you and your family because your pensions are already stolen and they don’t want you to find out. “If I can just push one more dose of poison under my skin, maybe I can get to my pension, which is already stolen…” It only makes sense if you don’t think about it.
  • You think a society of perpetual pleasure seekers, who don’t want to work in order to earn their keep, will always survive and that having fun is one of your first amendment rights.
  • You don’t notice that any time tyrannical authority tries to destroy you and your family… they keep telling you that it’s all for equity, equality, freedom, human rights or for your safety.  (In other words, IT’S FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, TRUST ME!)
  • You think poisons pushed your skin and taken into the mouth, prescribed by a person wearing a white butcher coat, is the only way to achieve optimal wellness and better health.

WARNING – side effects of being under mind control include but aren’t limited to being broke, being overweight, being depressed, feeling powerless, being addicted to substances that numb you to your harsh reality, hanging around other mind-controlled people so you avoid facing your spiritual weakness and more recently…., heart attack, paralysis, Myocarditis, dying suddenly and parroting the phrase “trust the science.” Talk to your doctor today to see if mind control is right for you. Some conditions apply. See your local government official or TV news channel for full details of your first class/5-star ride into the abyss.

Excerpt ends.

The following are my thoughts on this critical subject matter.  You can choose to believe whatever you wish to believe.  More importantly, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!  In that regard, let me help you.  Here are links that everyone around the world should research, there are many more on the subject of Operation Mockingbird: 

And another: 

And another: 

You don’t have to take my word for it, we, meaning you and me, have all been brainwashed primarily through our televisions (TEL-A-VISION or STORY), and also through radio broadcasts for as long as this 78-year-old can remember and that goes back to the 1950s.  It became a government orchestrated program in the 1960s when the government wanted to put the “best face” on the Vietnam War that most Americans KNEW was a fraud from the beginning.  America’s entry into the war was brought about because of the Gulf of Tonkin incident; which apparently NEVER HAPPENED.  The report of that incident began the first introduction of America into the war which was slow at first and then more rapidly to where over 50,000 people lost their lives and thousands upon thousands more severely wounded both physically and mentally.  And it was all based on a lie!  Boys/men my age in the 1960s did anything they could to avoid being drafted and fighting in a war that no one wanted any part of and where the reported “American Interests” were completely fabricated.  Some even fled across the northern border into Canada only to be granted pardons by President Jimmy Carter, a process that set a precedent for future such actions when men and women are called up to fight in a war they want no part of.  

The CIA KNEW that Americans wanted no part of a war fought in the jungles of a foreign land.  We were all told it was to prevent a “domino effect” from occurring where one domino would fall, South Vietnam, then another and then another until it reached Australia and New Zealand.  That is what we all were led to believe.  How did that work out when we lost the Vietnam War and to my knowledge, not one domino beyond South Vietnam fell?  The CIA, through Operation Mockingbird, actually had journalists, news networks and even members of the clergy on the payroll to spew what the CIA wanted Americans to know, true or otherwise.  For the most part, we all bought into the BS the CIA was spewing through these sources. 

We again were apparently lied to when we were told that Operation Mockingbird was terminated by our government.  If you want proof that it wasn’t, watch more than one main stream news media and even local news channels and you will see the EXACT SAME stories being broadcasted, using the EXACT SAME words and phrases to tell the stories, and that is what a lot of the broadcasts actually are, STORIES, FICTIONAL STORIES!  Want proof that Operation Mockingbird existed and still exists: 

  • WWII, America’s entry due to Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, when WE provoked Japan to attack
  • JFK Assassination
  • RFK Assassination
  • Vietnam
  • Vaccines, in general
  • 9/11
  • COVID Vaccines
  • 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020 and 2022 Elections were the cleanest, most transparent elections ever! 

For the most part, there is only ONE STORYLINE (example, The Warren Commission on the JFK assassination) ALLOWED for each of the above events.  Any contradictory reports are considered as being “conspiracy theories” which is a term CREATED by the CIA to defuse any stories that contradicted the government’s narrative of what was happening in Vietnam. 

No one can tell you what to think, or can they?  Our government, through government news releases, and through its control of the main stream news media that extends down through the local news media have been doing exactly that for decades and most people haven’t a clue that they have been brainwashed the entire time. Then when the truth about a given topic is finally revealed, NOT ONE NEWS SOURCE EVER APOLOGIZES FOR INTENTIONALLY OR UNINTENTIONALLY MISLEADING ITS VIEWERS!  NOT A ONE! 



Appropriately describes what we all have been doing when watching the main stream media and listening to the government’s and news media’s explanations of current and past events. 


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