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NOTE:  The following is a verbatim copy of an article written by author Lou Vickery regarding his latest book.  I thought it was worth including on my Blog page for everyone to see.  


From The Sunshine Report by Lou Vickery!

 “When you scatter sunshine in the lives of

others, you get to keep plenty for yourself!”

hello! What next?

HELLO! I’m going to ask you to do me a favor. We have a book that was released last year entitled PEOPLE SKILLS IN THE AGE OF SOCIAL MEDIA. Many who read the book found it to be a big winner. The unfortunate part is that too many told us they were confused about the title. They misunderstood, thinking the book was about social media and not people skills. There is a world of difference. Therein lies our challenge and the request for your help.

HELLO! That is a first, and vital step, in developing a new relationship. But what next? Therein lies the essence of this book. The emphasis is on social skills and the ability to interact with others, notably with someone new to you.

Unfortunately, traditional communication has become a rare event. For example, if you were around a couple of decades ago and found yourself in a room full of people, what would you see? You would see people socializing, talking to one another, and getting to know each other. There would be direct, face-to-face interaction. However, these days, it would be something more like people on their electronic devices, and countless others in conversations with those who are not present in the room.

There is little doubt that the technological growth of electronic devices has put pressure increasingly on the development of communication skills. However, it is our belief that technology cannot effectively replace the social interaction craved by human beings. That’s right, we need each other. But it is clear we are living in a culture that features diminishing genuine relations and the establishment of deeply entwined personal relationships.  Further research has found that most regular social media users feel isolated when disconnected and unplugged from their electronic world. Loneliness is a big negative that has developed from the social media climate. Studies show technology is isolating upwards of forty percent of the real world.

These individuals expressed loneliness and were lost when they were away from their electronic devices.  Can the electronic age offer enough to guarantee quality interactions and the ability to grow social skills? Will it provide the connectivity that leads to better self-development and quality social fulfillment in life? Or will social media and electronic devices continue to expand in their limitation of face-to-face interactions and the growth of interactional skills?   

What happens after the “Hello” is obviously the mission of this book. Our focus encompasses the “how to” in the use of personal and communal skillfulness to accomplish an individual or collective relational-building goal. Our emphasis is on personal social-relational skills like approachability, relational goals, listening, asking questions, word usage, tone of voice, body language, activity management, networking, and a long list of personal traits.

Effective interactional skills extend beyond the above list to engage economic, psychological, and emotional facets of life. From a functional basis, the expansion of the ability to engage in collaborative behavior with other individuals is our goal. We feel nothing is more important than the development of the human desire for social interaction and relational activities with others.

Significant progress in the “people business” holds the key to enjoying greater prosperity in life.  The intent of the book is to create a greater personal presence that can powerfully affect the interaction we have with each other, whether it is on a personal or professional level. The advantages that flow from growing these personal intangibles will lead to a professional investment that will multiply material returns many times.

The journey to superb social skills can be both exciting and challenging. We want folks to look at the book as a resource book. It is written to be a “go to” book to provide guidance and encouragement in the efforts of the reader to find their social groove. But let us reassure you the book is just a launching pad. Its purpose is to inspire —even probe—others to uncover what you already have on the inside.

Improved social skills await those who connect with those internal qualities and use them to enrich their social presence in the world of people.

This resource guide can make a big difference in expanding what happens after the HELLO! Who in your inner circles needs to read this book? Begin with visualizing who needs to make tremendous strides in the development of interactional skills and enhancement of their people skills. This will lead to a greater and more enjoyable social life.  

Now, with all that said, here’s my request. Would you assist us by providing your feedback about the new title we have selected or recommend something different? Here goes: HELLO! WHAT NEXT? We would greatly appreciate your input.

  • Keep a smile on your face;
  • Keep happiness in your heart;
  • Keep optimism on your tongue!
  • Keep positive thoughts in your mind.

Lou Vickery

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