Saturday, September 17, 2022

Methodical Illusion



Written by Rebekah Roth

Reviewed by Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, September 17, 2022

Disclaimer:  Like everyone at the time, I watched the attacks on 9/11 and my opinions were formed by what I/we saw on television news coverages and special reports also broadcasted on the television networks.  Therefore, I believed the media and government’s narrative as it played out on television. Over time, I was introduced to alternate facts and opinions that caused me to rethink the events of 9/11.  I add this just so you can put into context what I am about to say about Ms. Roth’s book. 

I was unable to put Methodical Illusion down so I’m warning you ahead of time, if you decide to read it, you may want to put some time on your calendar to do so.  Yes, it is that good! 

Ms. Roth was being interviewed about 9/11 when she mentioned the book she had written.  I made the wrong assumption that it was going to be a non-fiction book singularly about the events that took place on 9/11.  Ms. Roth’s book is a book of fiction but with historical truths intertwined in the books’ plotline.  The story that is told is worthy of becoming a movie; it IS that intriguing.  How much of the storyline is fiction and how much is real, I actually do have a feeling for the answers but imagine the answers to those questions will be different for everyone who reads the book. 

As stated above, I initially believed the 9/11 narrative as put forth on television news.  At the time I failed to pick up on the fact that every news coverage said the exact same thing.  I know what I saw on the television screen but the shock of the events that followed clouded my judgement when it came to believing what I was being told versus what I was actually seeing.  It was not until years later when someone pointed out (1) how the twin towers each collapsed upon their own footprints exactly like a building would that was being intentionally demolished with explosives and then (2) how building 7 collapsed 8 hours after the Twin Towers collapsed and without any physical evidence that the building had been hit by either a plane or any of the following debris from the towers.  Building 7 also collapsed upon its own footprint like all other buildings that are intentionally demolished with the use of explosives. 

The author, Ms. Roth, had been a Flight Attendant and Flight Purser for over 30 years.  Therefore, she has significant insight in commercial air flights and passenger controls.  She began to ask questions.  She raised those questions during the interview that I listened to.  I had some of the same questions but had no answers.  She laid out answers based on her over 30 years of experience and her answers JUST MADE PERFECT SENSE!  What she said she thought had REALLY happened was so over the top and so shocking, it was hard to digest at first.  But as I considered her answers and suggestions when compared to the facts she put forth, I had to admit that her explanation of 9/11 made the attack far more believable than what we have been told by the news media and our government. 

This book weaves those same questions and her answers into a fictious plot that is riveting to read.  I read it in less than 24 hours meaning I read it as close to a one-sitting-reading as possible.  

Would I read this book again:  Parts of it, DEFINITELY!

Would I give this book as a gift:  ABSOLUTELY

Who should read this book:  Everyone, but especially those who believe the news media narrative of 9/11 without question.  This book WILL make you question what REALLY happened, why it happened and your beliefs to this point in time that you have been taught to believe!

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