Friday, April 20, 2018

Houston, I Think We Have A Problem

Houston, I Think We Have A Problem;

At Least To Me!
By Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, April 17, 2018

It is impossible not to get involved in politics in one form or another in a country currently divided based entirely upon your political party affiliation.  Never has this become so obvious than having just witnessed what involved Television/Radio Talk Show Host Sean Hannity and the ongoing Russia Collusion Investigation.

It may be impossible for people to put aside their political beliefs to consider what I am suggesting in this Nugget; I sincerely hope they can.  What happened to Hannity by a Federal Judge COULD happen to anyone one of us. If it CAN happen to one, it CAN happen to MANY!

To my knowledge, Sean Hannity is NOT under any investigation by anyone.  Of course I could be wrong but I seriously doubt that his name surfaced as a result of the investigation being conducted by Special Prosecutor Mueller.  If that is the case, explain how Sean Hannity’s privacy can be totally disregarded by a Federal Judge when that Judge REQUIRES an attorney to provide a list of names of everyone that the attorney lists as his or her client.  If Sean Hannity did nothing illegal, how can his name be dragged through the courts mud hole as if he did?

I spent over 33 years in the real estate business.  I cannot remember how many attorneys I have spoken to over those 33 years; trust me, there were many.  Only one was an attorney that I actually paid legal fees to for services rendered personally to me and that was to create a Will.  If any of those attorneys ever found themselves in a situation such as President Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen found himself, would they be REQUIRED to release to the court my name as they did Sean Hannity’s? 

Compare what happened to Hannity with what has already happened to a great many Americans whose names have been inadvertently discovered during wire taps of foreign entities.  Those names are MASKED by the Federal Government so that no one can have their name tainted by those conversations most of which contained no illegal activities.  To UNMASK those names requires a special request and until the Obama Administration such approval of those requests were the exception, not the rule.

“Houston” my question is this.  Why do Americans have their names protected through the “masking” process but those same Americans can have their privacy exposed through in a Federal Court by a Federal Judge when there was no evidence presented that the American, Sean Hannity, had done anything illegal?  The simple act of releasing a name such as that of Sean Hannity “suggests” that Hannity had done something wrong or illegal. 

In my opinion, repeat OPINION, the releasing of Hannity’s name was nothing more than political grandstanding by a Federal Judge.  Think about it without the blinders of a political bias. The judge could just have easily asked for a list of the attorney’s clients and then based upon any charges being considered release ONLY the names of anyone who “might” be involved but even then, that is presuming that someone is guilty instead of presuming them to be innocent until proven guilty.


DISCLAIMER:  I am NOT a Sean Hannity fan; in fact, I do not like his television show and have only listened to his radio show a couple of times.  But I know when something is not right and this frankly stinks.  If you fail to understand that, I pray that what happened to Hannity never happens to you so that you discover what the power a judge can hold over you and your family.  I am NOT an attorney but I believe the Rule of Law was just thrown out the window.

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