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A true story of

Power, Sex and a Billionaire’s Secret Plot to Destroy a Media Empire

Written by Ryan Holiday

A Book Review by Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, August 12, 2020

Ryan Holiday’s book Conspiracy has it all.  It’s the stuff Hollywood movies are made of to capture people’s attention.  Millionaires, lawyers, gay lifestyles, unscrupulous writers and bloggers, sex on tape, Hulk Hogan, vengeance, the Constitution and of course a conspiracy wrapping up all the various aspects of the book.  Aside from that, it is a true story.

The author’s writing style and the content holds your attention even though you know what the outcome is because it was disclosed in the very beginning of the book.  The remainder of the book describes how the outcome was achieved.  Intertwined in the book the author inserts facts from historical figures and events to help the reader understand the thought processes involved and the possible multiple outcomes that could happen as a result of actions being taken or not being taken.

In just a few words, it is a remarkable book to read.  As public as the trial must have been and as readily accessible as the sex tapes must have been, I personally had not heard of it and that made it that more interesting at least for me.

Who should read this book?  I think everyone would find the book compelling but you would have to have an interest in reading about a conspiracy in the making, current events and a court case.

Would I read it again?  No, no need to.

Would I give it as a gift?  Probably not.  As interesting as the book is, it is not for everyone but probably should be.  The results have long term ramifications on future free speech legal issues and court cases. 

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