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Where Do YOu Stand; or Not?

Where Do You Stand; or Not?
By Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, August 5, 2018
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Many years ago I coined a phrase based on a famous quote.  Who knew that 25 years later it would reflect the political environment in America?  What’s the phrase?

You either lead, or you follow;
or you stand on the side of the road and throw stones at those leading.

Can’t you see it?  This is where I believe we are as a society at this very moment in time in America.  Consider this excerpt from an article I discovered on the Internet:

Most countries that fall apart, however, do so not with a bang but with a whimper. They fail not in an explosion of war and violence but by being utterly unable to take advantage of their society’s huge potential for growth, condemning their citizens to a lifetime of poverty. This type of slow, grinding failure leaves many countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and Latin America with living standards far, far below those in the West.

America IS falling apart and it is NOT from an attack by a foreign enemy. I understood fear as a child. In the 1950’s we were taught as students in elementary school to take cover from a nuclear attack by hiding beneath our desks as if that would actually protect us.  In case you do not believe me:

Today it appears America is under attack from undisclosed “elites.”  What do I mean by “elites?” Simply put, “elites” by my definition are those people who have come to believe that they and only they know what is good for everyone else not just in America but also in the World. Are you familiar with the term, “The Talented Tenth?”  I had never heard of the term until I read Burgess Owens book Liberalism or How to Turn Good Men into Whiners, Weenies and Wimps.  It is a great read!

Owens’ referred to the term “The Talented Tenth” a term advanced by author W.E.B. DuBois in which he described how the top ten percent of people in the Black Race considered themselves as being better educated and had more knowledge than the remaining 90 percent of the Black Race and therefore they self-determined that they are in fact the “leaders” of the entire Black Race.  You can observe this happening within America today by just observing how the Black Politicians use their position of power to first enhance their own personal financial lives and then by passing laws that keep the 90 percent in their “place.”   There are numerous non-politicians like the Jesse Jackson’s, and Al Sharpton’s of the world who also consider that they are better than everyone else.  Only they know what is best for everyone else and therefore they and only they can effectively lead the rest of us.

The Talented Tenth does not apply ONLY to Blacks!  When YOU (someone within the Talented Tenth) can get OTHERS (those in the remaining 90 percent) to follow and support you unconditionally, you have effectively marginalized the 90 percent and therefore of little consequence to the “big picture” except at election time.  In effect the 90 percent have become “useful idiots” for the 10 percenters. 

What is a “useful idiot” you might be asking.  Here is a great definition:

A propagandist for a cause of whose goals they ARE NOT FULLY AWARE and who is USED CYNICALLY by the LEADERS OF THE CAUSE.

“A propagandist” would be one of the people within the 90 percent.  “The Leaders” would be a member of the 10 percent.”  But key words in the definition become “ARE NOT FULLY AWARE.”  That is the secret as to how it works.  People basically do not like doing the dirty work so they do everything within their power to get someone else to do it for them.  They also recognize that as the number of people who become “useful idiots” increase, the easier it becomes to achieve the goals of “The Leader(s).” 

Consider the excerpt above as to why countries fail and then apply it to 2018 America.  Can’t you see it?  The 10 percent are pulling the strings and in many cases paving the way for such groups as ANTIFA.  The 10 percent have covertly encouraged violence to achieve their goals.  We are no longer a Democratic Republic where elections are held and then everyone simply goes about their lives.  Today it seems like the results of a great many elections are challenged through protests, through violence and through the courts.  I seriously doubt our Founding Fathers, as intelligent as they were, ever imagined our America in 2018.

Both as a disclaimer and as an example I cite my own life.  I believed I properly vetted then Senator Barrack Obama and discovered that there were so many very questionable concerns in his background I could never vote or support him as a future President.  What did I discover?  Both of his parents were devout Communists.  He was not only mentored by devout Communist mentors and teachers, he sought them out.  His presidential campaign was initiated with help of members of the American Domestic Terrorist group, The Weather Underground.  These concerned me deeply.  But in America we had an election and not only did Obama win, he also won a re-election.  Did I like the election results?  Absolutely not but in America the winner of the election takes office and in the recent past Americans simply got on with their lives. 

Enter President Trump.  I have never particularly liked Donald Trump as I knew him to be.  But I disliked like what Bill and Hillary Clinton had done TO America and for THEMSELVES far more than a superficial dislike of Trump.  I voted for what I then considered the “lesser of two evils” but I voted; I did not sit out the election as I first intended.  In 2016 like in years past, I considered the election as being over.  History has shown that was simply not the case as we now learn of all the covert actions by some within our own government that have set their sights on removing Trump from office – legally or illegally!  Not because he has done anything illegal; no it is far worse than that.

We seem to be in a war between two sides.  Not Democrat vs. Republican.  Not Progressive/Liberal vs. Conservative.  It is a lot more serious than that – those competitions have existed for hundreds of years.  Today we are in a war between those in America that want to become a government based on Socialism and those who want to remain a government based on Capitalism.  It would not be much of a war PROVIDED the combatants knew exactly what Socialism meant but I fear they do not.  Is history being taught in our schools any longer?  Do the youth of America know who fought in WWII and why they fought?  Do those in support of Socialism know that NAZI means National SOCIALIST Workers Party of Germany?  Do those in support of Socialism know that USSR means Union of Soviet SOCIALST Republics?  The key word being SOCIALISM!   Is that the type of controlling government you want or that you want for your children and their children?  Just look to Venezuela in 2018 – it is falling apart under Socialism.  A once great country with abundant energy resources is now bankrupt and the Venezuelan people are suffering terribly.  Even knowing this, there is a movement within America to turn America from Capitalism to Socialism.  Many within the Democratic Party now refer to themselves as Democratic Socialists, whatever that means. Why?

The answer is far too involved to include in this Nugget but I direct you the reader to several terms you can research on the Internet.  The Bilderberg Group, Agenda 21 and Agenda 30.  All three represent the 10 percenters throughout the world who believe that they and only they know what is best for the rest of the world.  They can only get to that point when the larger governments of the world fail and then a new world government steps in to explain to the 90 percent that they know how to fix the world’s problems.  When governments fail, the citizens of those countries would then welcome any outside party that would provide a resolution even if that means giving up their freedom, their liberty and their money.  That would mean a New One World Government would be given total control of the world.  It is nothing more than a global power and money grab. 

I have always been taught and believed that it was best not to get involved in politics or politicians or worry about what is happening both around the world and in America because there was so little that I could actually do to change anything so why worry about it.  To some degree that remains a valid argument until you realize that we are now engaged in a war of survival for Capitalism or surrendering to Socialism.  And less you do not understand Socialism as evidenced throughout the world for centuries, eventually leads to Communism and that eventually leads to Nazism/Fascism – or total control by just one man or woman or small group of men and women over EVERYONE ELSE including you and me!   In 1958 The Communist Party USA created 45 very specific objectives to overthrow our U. S. Government.  Read them, memorize them, most if not all have already been achieved, especially #15.  You can read them all at:  IF you read them, and if you apply today’s events to them, you will realize they are much closer than you could have ever imagined.

I served in the U. S. Coast Guard for twenty years.  Every day Coast Guard Men and Women put THEIR lives at risk to save the lives of people they have never met and they have done so since 1790.  America has become the U. S. Coast Guard for the world where people from all parts of the world risk THEIR lives to come to the freedoms, liberties and opportunities that America has offered since 1776. 

If Socialism is the choice of my children, their children etc, then so be it.  For me, I choose Capitalism and the Freedoms and Liberties that it has afforded Americans including my children and their children since America was first founded.  Now those who come to America to escape the horrors of THEIR country want to change America into a replica of THEIR country by any means possible.  I can no longer just sit by and watch my country be torn apart by the “useful idiots” on behalf of the 10 Percenters.  Or in the words of Patrick Henry over 200 years ago:

Patrick Henry could just as easily have said:

Either way, the end result is the same!

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