Friday, January 5, 2018

Tinnitus STOP!


The following is a review of the book Tinnitus STOP!  Written by Annette P. Price.  I posted this on on Jan 5 2018.

Millions upon millions of people suffer from Tinnitus and I am one of them. I have a buzzing in my ears (both of them) 24/7. At times it gets very depressing. I am currently going through a couple of therapies described in this wonderful book. The book is not a remedy but rather a thorough explanation of how the ear works, what Tinnitus may or may not be and the multitude of remedies that are available to the Tinnitus sufferer. If you have Tinnitus or know of someone who does, especially someone in your immediate family, I would encourage you to read the book and then give the book to them or buy them their own copy. It is a very instructional book to include in your library. I am certainly very glad I purchased it and have read it; I think you will as well.

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