Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Review of Jeffrey Gitomer's book, Win Now

Win Now
How to gain a greater share of sales in a leaner, meaner marketplace...NOW!

Disclaimer:  I have read most of what Jeffrey Gitomer (www.gitomer.com) has written and some of them more than once and one more than 12 times, The YES!Attitude (new edition on sale as of January 16 2018).  So with that said:

I have NEVER read any of Gitomer's books where I came away dissatisfied; they are all GREAT!  This one is no exception.  Jeffrey Gitomer has to be the worlds second happiest man.  I am sure there is someone better but I have not found him as yet.  This book is written primarily for people in sales. The problem with that definition is that it fails to understand that everyone is in sales of one type or another.  Trying to sell yourself to a potential employer.  Trying to sell your parents on something you want to do.  You get the point.  This book shows you how to set yourself up for success whether is be in a down market or an up market. 

Gitomer suggests you read one book every two months.  He further suggests you read a couple of pages from a book that has something to do with creating/building your positive attitude.  I suggest that you can get this from reading any of the many books Gitomer has already written for this purpose and this book is no exception.

Who should read this book?  Anyone and everyone in Sales.  Anyone who wants to have a more positive attitude.  Your kids should read it. Your parents should read it.  In fact I can think of no one type of person that could not get something important to their attitude and happiness from this book.  So I guess that would include you, the reader of this post.  Keep in mind, the book was published prior to 2017 when the economy did a complete turnabout.

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