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A Book Review by Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, September 11, 2019
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From the book:  It took our species thousands of bloody, torturous, and degrading years to climb out of the pits of hell and recognize the sanctity of life, the value of the individual, and the equality of our fellows.  To this effect, Madison proudly declared, “The happy Union of these States is a wonder; their Constitution a miracle; their example the hope of Liberty throughout the world.”

I could not possibly think of a better book to finish on this infamous date; September 11, 2019.  September 11 when America was under attack by a foreign enemy.

But I do not believe that IF America is to ever fall, it will NOT be from a foreign enemy but rather from within by citizens who know not the history of this great country and fail to stand up when it is the right thing to do.

This book should be read by EVERY American, yes that includes you, with no exception.  It is that important.  As I read the book, I took away many valuable insights into what happened in the early days of America that ended with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Imagine a country with 13 Colonies, no internet, no instant 24-hour news media and miles and days to travel through the 13 Colonies to get people of very different backgrounds and beliefs to agree on such a document that has survived all these years; at least until now.

I could not help but put myself into the picture as I listened to some of the most famous names in our history put forth their ideas regarding the rights of individuals in this new found nation.  As I read the printed words I pictured Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Paine et al debating the wording of the various sections of the Bill of Rights.  I understood how the individual Colonies created their own Bill of Rights and those Bills were eventually incorporated in the country’s Bill of Rights.

I feel I had a good understanding of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights before I read the book but now, I know I have a greater knowledge of the intent of each section and why they are worded as they are.

In 2019 there is an increasing belief that Socialism is our future.  I shutter to think that ever be the case.  It is time everyone STAND UP and be counted to preserve our way of life and the freedoms we enjoy.  One need not look very far to see what the perils of Socialism is – IT HAS FAILED EVERYWHERE IT HAS BEEN TRIED AND MILLIONS OF PEOPLE HAVE DIED UNDER THE YOKE OF SUCH OPPRESSIVE SOCIALISTIC GOVERNMENTS. 

I take the side of the author when I ask that YOU read the book and then get your family and friends to read it.  Give it to them as gifts with personal notes inside emphasizing the importance of reading it. 

Sunday, August 4, 2019


Article by: Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, August 4, 2019

The news this week has been horrible.  First there was the shooting at the Garlic Festival, then the shooting at a Wal-Mart in El Paso and that was followed by a shooting at a bar in Dayton and as if that were not enough it was just announced that there was another mass shooting at a “playground” in Chicago.  I put playground in parenthesis because I am unable to tell if it was truly a playground given the ages of the people involved in the shooting, late teens early 20s.  At least 3 of the shootings involved multiple deaths and many wounded.

While watching the coverage today I listened to an official with the State of Texas and he said something that really struck a nerve.  He said to imagine being an Emergency Room Doctor/Team looking down on an unconscious patient who had just been shot or severely injured.  You don’t know their name.  You don’t know their medical history.  You don’t know what medications they are currently taking.  You don’t know what medications they may be allergic to.  In fact, you know very little about the person whose life is now in your hands.  That is what happens following shootings like the ones listed above.

There is not much that you and I can do about any future mass shootings.  They represent evil deeds conducted by evil people and could involve weapons other than just guns.  But there is something I have already done and you can as well to possibly save your life.  As the title to the Nugget suggests, there are oftentimes only seconds between Life and Death.  Those seconds can be significantly extended when the emergency team has information on the patient available to them.

I started wearing an EPIC_ID Medical Alert Bracelet shortly after I had a heart attack as well as other medical issues at that time.  I was concerned that there may come a time when I might be found unconscious and no one would know who I am if I were found without my wallet which could happen if I had been robbed and beaten.  I am in my mid-70s and health is always a concern.  But this is where these shootings opened my eyes.  Most of the deaths and wounded were NOT in their late 70s or beyond; they were young and the medical emergency team working to save their lives knew little to nothing about them unless they were conscious enough to tell them.

That is when I thought about the real value of a medical alert bracelet for everyone but not just a bracelet that might tell someone the person has Diabetes or a Heart Condition, like the ones we have seen for years.  The EPIC_ID Bracelet gives the medical emergency team THREE PAGES OF YOUR HEALTH INFORMATION stored on a USB drive that is part of the bracelet and clasp.  There may be other similar bracelets available on the market but the EPIC_ID Bracelet is the one I use and am familiar with.  You have no idea how impressed the people at the hospital have been when I show them how it works.  I DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!

Here is a true situation that happened to me.  I found a need to go to the emergency room and I did NOT have access to any of my medical records when I went.  I take a considerable number of medications and correct me if I am wrong but I can’t even pronounce them let alone remember them.  When they asked what medications I was taking, I simply handed them my EPIC_ID Bracelet.  All the medications, the dosage and the physicians who ordered them were all listed on my bracelet.

The bracelet is far more than just a list of medications.  It contains a photo ID, emergency contact information, brief family history of diseases, list of regular physicians seen, prior surgical procedures, plus space to add additional information you consider important that may not have fit in the spaces provided or items such as the presence of a living will.

Anyone could find themselves unconscious or in an Emergency Room at any time in their lives, regardless of their age, and most would be there without this type of information at their fingertips.  Sickness, auto accidents, travel accidents, sporting accidents, violent crimes and yes mass shootings all come to mind after watching today’s news.  The importance of having this information affixed to your wrist available to any medical emergency personnel who have access to a computer cannot be over stated.  IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE OR THE LIFE OF ONE OR MORE OF YOUR LOVED ONES.

This is what they look like:

This is where the USB is concealed and protected in the clasp:

This is where you can find additional information:  https://www.epic-id.com

Note:  If you think this information could save someone’s life, please share it.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

My Thoughts and Prayers

By Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, July 4, 2019

How many times have we seen in the comment sections of Facebook and other social media sites posts that a friend or family member or even themselves are having difficulties and is in need of everyone’s support.  Then we see the comments, “My thoughts and prayers are with you.”  Is that true?  Are the posting individuals’ thoughts and prayers really with the person of concern?  Or has the phrase, “my thoughts and prayers” become a standard response that contains little more meaning than the “sincerely” at the end of a letter?

People ARE in need of our thoughts and prayers of this I am certain.  IF you are going to tell them your thoughts and prayers are with them, do as you say! 

I am asking for your “thoughts and prayers” for a sick friend of mine – America.  I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s.  I just missed the free drugs and sex at the end of the 60s and I am so grateful I did.  During my youth, all was well in America in spite of ducking for cover beneath our school desks practicing for the day someone would drop a Nuclear Bomb on America.  Most of us managed to also escape the ravages of Polio and the photos of children lying in the “iron lung”.   So even though it was all well and good we did have our concerns.

For example, in 1958 the divorce rate was 21% and we thought that was high.  Compare that to 1866-1980 when the rate was over 50%. Check the Divorce Rate Chart.  The chart on this link only goes up to 1999 when the rate was slightly lower at 41%.  Later numbers indicate that the divorce rate in America is between 40% and 50%.  Check this out here!

Using simple math, you can easily see that if you were born into a marriage you would have about a 50% chance of growing up with two parents or looking at it another way, you would have a 50% chance of growing up with only 1 parent.  Why is this important?  That has to be one of the dumbest questions of all time.  Raising children is no easy task for two people let alone just one especially when the ONE must also work AND provide for a home.  If you want to read some startling statistics, check out the information provided here.

If you want to know why America is in trouble it can be boiled down to just 3 areas of concern.

  • It takes 2.1 births per woman to sustain a race or civilization.  In America it is 1.8.  I don’t know if the statistics consider a baby born but then aborted. 
  • Children have a 50% chance of growing up and being disciplined and taught what is considered morally right, morally wrong and what is considered acceptable civilized behavior by only one parent.
  • Children are learning more in schools than they are at home.  That would not be an issue if the schools stuck to Reading, Writing and Arithmetic but they aren’t.

You don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to understand that if there is only one parent in a family, there is only one versus two people providing the training necessary to grow up with a sense of family, a sense of right and wrong and a sense of civility. 

If a child is NOT learning in the home, what they are learning occurs in the schools.  Now consider this said by Vladimir Lenin: “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.”

Does that scare you?  It does me.  If you are a parent that does not maintain constant surveillance of what your child is being taught in our schools, it is quite possible YOUR child may be learning something you would prefer they NOT to learn.  Who determines the curriculum in our schools?  Do you know?  I can assure you that the government and the teachers’ union determine almost everything taught in our schools and this typically happens without the parent’s knowledge.
Here’s another very scary thought to consider provided by Joseph Stalin himself, “If I can control Hollywood, I can control the world.”
Do you know what happened in 1962?  Prayer was removed from our schools as if it represented something to horrible to learn.  Do you know what happened in the years following the removal of prayer from our schools?

Look for yourself at these charts and you decide if and when the collateral damage to America began and why:

Here’s the defining question.  If a child is not learning about the difference between right and wrong, interpersonal relationships, civility, etc. at home, exactly where are they learning it if at all?  Now look at the charts.  Prayer was removed in 1962.  In a perfect society all the numbers that should be on the rise began to fall in 1962.  All the numbers that should have fallen, began to rise in 1962.

There ARE underlining forces at work that most people are totally ignorant of.  The goal is to take down the one country standing in the way of a one-world-government which is supported by the United Nations.  Here are some Google links that I highly recommend you research to understand what a free people are up against.

The BEST information comes in the form of two documentaries, Agenda, Grinding America Down and Agenda2, Masters of Deceit.  These two documentaries clearly lay out a very unwelcomed picture of what is currently happening in America to take the country down from within and the U. S. Citizens have become the “useful idiots” described by Marx to make it happen.  Hopefully you are not one of them.  Here are two links on YouTube to these two documentaries.  Please, please, please watch them and then you decide if you are or are not a “useful idiot.”

As I was writing this it was announced by Nike® that they were going to withdraw from the market their latest athletic shoes featuring a Betsy Ross version of the American Flag because of a complaint by just one man, Colin Kaepernick.  Millions upon millions of Americans have become a pawn of just one man and Nike® took the bait.  What you may not know is that the Governor of Arizona where Nike® was to be provided with millions of dollars of tax breaks had the offer rescinded.  Thank you Governor Doug Ducey.  This is how you attack the forces causing America to become ill by uncaring individuals.

Some give Thomas Jefferson credit for saying this, others say there is no proof he ever said it.  Really doesn’t matter, it was said by someone who fully understood what the founding fathers feared the most.  "Democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where 51% of the people may take away the rights of the other 49%"   That works in both directions but the one that is most scary occurs when 51% of the citizens who pay no federal taxes and therefore reap the benefits from the government funded by the 49%.  When that occurs, more and more people will prefer to be in the majority of those citizens receiving their very livelihood in the form of government benefits.  That will be the beginning of the end for America.  It is also called a “tipping point.”  We are nearing the tipping point for America as we know it.

On this 4th of July 2019, IF you truly mean that your thoughts and prayers are with a sick patient, then I hope you consider America to be as sick as I believe it to be and seriously give America your “thoughts and prayers” and mean it.  If you don’t believe in “thoughts and prayers” and if you hate America as so many Americans seem to do, then none of what I have written about actually will matter to you and you are quite possibly one of the “useful idiots” Marx described.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Walking, Living, Learning!

A book review by Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, June 25, 2019

“Page after page of golden mental snacks!”  Gymbeaux

CliffsNotes (formerly Cliffs Notes, originally Cliff's Notes and often, erroneously, CliffNotes) are a series of student study guides. The guides present and create literary and other works in pamphlet form or online. Detractors of the study guides claim they let students bypass reading the assigned literature.  (Note by me, the Detractors were right.  I can honestly say and contrary to what most of the students around me were doing, that I used the Cliffs Notes only once and it involved something written by Shakespere.  I could not get into the book of which I had no interest and the Cliffs Notes on the book was the ONLY way I could get through it.)

If this is a book review, why do I begin the report with a definition of CliffsNotes?  The book IS a form of Cliff’s Notes on some of the most famous and beneficial books anyone could read regarding sales, leadership, motivation, goal setting, resolving conflicts, etc. etc.  I am sure you have seen the posts on LikedIn and Facebook that provides a quote used by an author.  You can find such worthy quotes on every page of this book, EVERY PAGE!  In my opinion, it would be impossible NOT to learn something discussed on every page that could/should enhance your attitude and your future.  If that is the case and I believe it is, why would you not want to read this gem?

Al Argo begins his book with an explanation as to why everyone should make it a habit of walking for exercise and for good long term health.  There can be little argument with that premise.  Then the book gets really interesting when Argo talks about listening to books while he walks that he did for one hour a day, EVERY DAY, FOR A YEAR!  The book covers a year of his walking and he provides the critical elements of each of the books he listened to while walking.  That makes it a form of CliffsNotes where you are provided with “the meat” of a book without reading the entire book referenced.  I must provide this disclaimer that everyone should read.  What should people read?  You can obviously read fiction but in most cases, I find reading fiction is a case of using your time for enjoyment as compared to reading to learn and improve.  The books discussed in this book are books designed to learn and improve.

I was shocked at how many of the books Argo references that I have also read.  That is either a coincidence or I have selected some really good books to read as confirmed by the author’s choice to read them as well.  It also gives me a great list of books that I can still read.  Great minds…..

Here us a list of books discussed in Walking, Living, Learning!  By Al Argo   When possible they appear in BLUE meaning you can click on a link that will take you to a location for more information.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

You may not like it but you should read it

A book review by Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, June 8, 2019
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Unmasked is disgusting, remarkable, informative, revealing and enlightening all at the same time.  I challenge everyone to FIRST put your political opinions aside and then read just Chapter 1 with an Open Mind.  This will be an impossible task for a great many people and to those people I would suggest you don’t even try to read the book.  Chapter 1 clearly demonstrates with factual quotes by noted so called journalists as to how deep their personal hatred for President Trump goes and what they will say and do to try to change the minds of the people who watch their television coverage and/or read their books, articles and Op-Eds.    To many who do read Chapter 1 they will unfortunately find no fault assessed to these journalists because they, the readers, represent the same beliefs as the journalists.  I ask everyone to replace Trump with a presidential candidate of your choice and one you would vote for. Then consider an extremely biased news media going AFTER YOUR candidate of choice. I used the word AFTER for good reason; the truth does not matter to them.  How would you feel and what would you believe should that happen to YOUR candidate?  You would not like it nor accept it.

SURPRISE!  If you are like me, we both have been very wrong in what we have believed “journalism” to be.  Here is how journalism is defined on the Internet/Dictionary:

Journalism refers to the production and distribution of reports on recent events. The word journalism applies to the occupation, as well as citizen journalists using methods of gathering information and using literary techniques.

Notice anything strange about that definition?  If you are like me, it is not what we have believed to be true about journalism?  There is no mention of TRUTH or UNBIASED REPORTING – NONE!  There is no mention of the “reports” being FACTUAL.  There is no reference to FACTUAL reporting on “recent events” at all!  Who knew?  I certainly didn’t.  I grew up thinking journalist pursued the truth about what has happened.  It has long since morphed into journalists predicting what is ABOUT to happen oftentimes as much as they report on what HAS happened if not more so.

The Book…I found it to be well written and well documented.  It made its point regarding today’s journalists specifically and journalism in general.  For the record, I STOPPED watching the news because I recognized the one sidedness of journalist almost a year ago.  I could not help but notice it long before that but it was about a year ago I made the decision NOT to watch them ever again or at least until they have changed to reporting FACTS instead of OPINIONS.  They have become news commentators; not news reporters.  This book clearly points out just how one sided the news media and Hollywood have become.  They will say and do anything to advance their personal agendas the facts be damned.

Normally I would recommend everyone read a book like this but it would be a waste of time.  Anyone left of the center on the political spectrum will NOT read this book and I am positive they will criticize its contents even though they have not read it because they “know” what it says and consider it to be all lies.  Ignore the facts if you like but politics is funny; what goes around comes around.  Those who believe the media and Hollywood are doing a good job because they have both openly taken your side will one day be on the other side of that equation.  The media and Hollywood HAVE become the number one enemy of democracy in my opinion. 

In 1958 The Communist Party USA, realizing that they would never militarily take over America, devised 45 specific objectives that would in their opinion lead to a peaceful takeover of America.  The following are just a couple of those objectives and why I wish everyone would read this book.  If YOU are one who chooses to ignore the obvious and the facts, you have become what Marx and Lenin described as their “useful idiots” who unwittingly do their calling without even knowing it.

#15.    Capture one or both of the political parties
#20.  Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions.
#21.   Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

You can read them all by going to  http://www.rense.com/general32/americ.htm

Read the book and you be the judge and decide if you have been duped by the media and Hollywood.  More importantly, have you become a “useful idiot” supporting the media and Hollywood?

Would I read the book again?  No, there would be no need unless I was looking for a specific reference.
Would I recommend the book to others?  Absolutely
Would I give the book as a gift?  Probably not because it is unlikely most people would read it

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Lucky Thirteen by Ken Wiley


A book review by Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, May 22, 2019
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Disclaimer:  I retired from the U. S. Coast Guard so my opinion of this book may be a bit biased but even having said that, I do not believe for a second my Coast Guard career influenced my review of this book.

There are two titles for the same book.  The first one is Lucky Thirteen.  If you search for it on Amazon it will appear as a very expensive book but you can purchase a good used one for less than $6.00.  The second title is D-Days in the Pacific with the US Coast Guard and it is available as a book or a Kindle Read.  For the record I purchased both the book and the Kindle version.

Also, before I provide you with a review of the book, I did a little research to discover Coast Guard involvement during World War II.  The numbers surprised me.  From the Internet:

241,093 personnel served in World War 2, including 12,846 women. There were 574 deaths in action including 1 POW,  wounded not known, and 1,343 deaths from other causes, e.g. crashes, accidents, disease or drowning etc., and 4 POW of whom 1 died

Links to the books on Amazon:

Lucky Thirteen, U. S. Coast Guard LSTs in the Pacific

D-Days in the Pacific with the US Coast Guard; the Story of Lucky Thirteen

This book reads like a Hollywood fictional thriller.  It is NOT Hollywood but it IS a thriller and it reads like a thriller.  This is one very exciting book to read.  I rarely spend so much time dedicated to reading a book as I did Lucky Thirteen.  I could not put it down and I didn’t.

As I read the book I could not help but examine my own convictions when I was a boy of just 17 had I been thrust into a World War.  How would I have reacted?  How would I have been able to handle the rigors of war?  How would I have been able to handle the death of war?

This book reads like a history book thriller.  Any one of the stories author Ken Wiley describes unto itself would be a great read.  But when you realize how many “close encounters” Wiley and his boat crew were involved in is just beyond belief. By war’s end Wiley was still only 20 years old and most of his stories occurred when he was just 17 to 19 years old.

I cannot do this book justice by trying to explain how overwhelmed I was reading it and proud to have served in the same branch of the military as Ken Wiley.  Suffice it to say I think it is very well written.  It puts you right in the middle of the action.  Why it has never been made into a movie is beyond me; it should be a movie and it would be a big hit at the box office once the word got out about its content.

Who should read this book?  Anyone interested in World War II, especially the War in the Pacific.  Anyone interested in reading about courage and determination literally “under fire!”  Anyone who enjoys reading about growing up and doing so under tremendous stress.  EVERYONE IN THE COAST GUARD!
Would I give this book as a gift?  Probably not because the subject may not be of interest to everyone.  It would nonetheless still make a great gift IF they would read it.
Would I read the book again?  Probably not but only because it was so compelling the first read I don’t think I could possibly gain any further insight into what Wiley and he crew experienced.