Friday, January 19, 2018

License to Lie

By Sidney Powell

A Book Review
By Jim "Gymbeaux" Brown

DISCLAIMER:  I am NOT a lawyer so a lot of the legal matter in this book were unfamiliar to me. 

I did not want to wait until I finished reading this amazing book.  To me it represents several books in one.  First it is a text book on legal matters and the US courts.  Second it is a book on legal ethics and oath of offices by attorneys.  Third it is a history book on both situations that have existed in America and the people those situations have impacted.  Fourth it also reads like a crime book by everyone involved from the defendants to the prosecutors and even to the judges involved.

My overall opinion of the book thus far is so distant to what I HAD (past tense) believed about our judicial system of justice in America.  I accepted the fact that innocent people could be found guilty in a court of law even though both the defense and the prosecution did their best in what they believed to be the law and the facts.  But what I was not prepared for was the criminal deceit, the hiding of evidence, the misleading of witnesses, the threatening of witnesses and their families, and the lackadaisical attitude by so many judges all leading to conviction of defendants who may have been innocent and probably were innocent. 

In 1965 I took an Oath to Defend the Constitution of the United States.  I took a similar oath in 1977.  In both cases the oaths I took HAD NO EXPIRATION DATES ON THEM nor did I ever sign any document that said I no longer had a responsibility to defend the Constitution.  The lawyers involved in this book also took very similar oaths of office but it was obvious from the very beginning of the book that the oaths that some of the lawyers in the book and even the judges took, had no bearing on their actions they took or failed to take.

This has been one of the most interesting books I have ever read even though a lot of the legal matters discussed were over my head and hard to follow.  Still, I had no difficulty in understanding how government lawyers you would have thought would have followed the law,  but instead used whatever methods they thought were right, ethics be damned, to win a case.  Their activities destroyed not just one life but the lives of families, friends, businesses and in the case of the Arthur Anderson case that was reversed, the loss of over 85,000 jobs and Arthur Anderson itself.

While this has been an extremely interesting read, it has also been one of the most disgusting books I have ever read and that is no reflection on the author or the writing.  It puts politics into our government and in this case, THAT IS NOT A GOOD THING. 

Who should read this book?  EVERY AMERICAN!  Would I give the book as a gift?  Not sure that if I did the recipients would take the time to read it but I would still give it as a gift.  Will I read it again?  Probably not.  I know what it says and I don't like what I have read but that doesn't mean you should not read it.  On the contrary, if you are a dedicated American (not everyone is). then you SHOULD read it.  You will see a side of government that you may have suspected existed but this confirms it.  SICKENING to say the least.

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