Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Sales Bible, a book review

By Jeffrey Gitomer (www.gitomer.com)
A Book Review By

By Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, January 23 , 2018

Are you in Sales?  WARNING, this may be a trick question.

Most people will say no, they are not.  They may be a homemaker (if you are still allowed to use that term), an engineer, a plumber, a doctor, or a McDonald’s employee.  They may say yes and that they are an insurance salesperson, a car dealer or a REALTOR®.

So what is the correct answer?  EVERYONE IS IN SALES!  PERIOD!  I don’t care what you think you may do for a living, it doesn’t matter; you are in SALES!  If you have ever asked for a raise, applied for a job, tried to sell a Board on a new idea, or purchase piece of equipment, you are in sales.  If you have ever tried to convince a spouse to agree to a home improvement, place to eat, movie to attend, yes, you guessed it, you are in SALES!  Maybe the BEST Salesperson of all is the 6 year old who emerges from the Supermarket with candy bar in hand that his or her parent swore they would not purchase.

I retired from Real Estate Sales/Brokerage in 2012 – that was 5 years ago.  So why am I reading Gitomer’s The Sales Bible, New Edition? https://www.amazon.com/Sales-Bible-New-Ultimate-Resource/dp/1118985818/ref=sr_1_1_twi_pap_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1516735864&sr=8-1&keywords=the+sales+bible+jeffrey+gitomer

So glad you asked.  First and foremost because I truly enjoy reading whatever Gitomer writes; he is that good.  Second, even though I no longer sell real estate, I enjoy keeping my mind busy and the thought processes working.  Third, I wanted to see what he may have added or subtracted from the original Sales Bible published in the 90s that I read at least twice.

I was not disappointed.  Gitomer has a very unique way in presenting material.  It is as if he and I were sitting across each other at a small table sharing a cup of coffee and our ideas with each other (mostly him with me).  I could think of no better a situation than that.  Getting to pick the brain of the person who I believe to be the most knowledgeable on all things involving attitude, sales, motivation and a happy life – IT WOULD BE PRICELESS!

The Sales Bible, if picked up by a brand new person in the sales business would almost guarantee their success PROVIDED they read it, studied it and put some or all of the techniques into their business practice.  For the more experienced sales person (the one that thinks they know it all; they don’t), The Sales Bible if read and studied would lead their personal business to new heights of success.  For the Engineer trying to pitch an idea on purchasing a new machine or technique to a Board, it could mean the difference between the Board agreeing with the Engineer or not.  To a teenager, it may mean getting the family car this weekend.

It IS all about selling AND buying.  Why people sell, why people buy and why sometimes they do neither and it usually comes down to who?  YOU!  What have you done lately to improve your skills involved in selling?  I was shocked when I heard a salesman on the radio say that fewer than 5% of people involved in sales have ever read a book on sales.  For the 95% who haven’t…how would you like to have your heart operated on by a heart surgeon who has not read a book or article on heart surgery since graduating college?  If you have to think about that, you are in a lot more trouble than I can help you with.  Me?  I have read well over 1000 books (all of Gitomer’s), mostly on sales, motivation and inspiration plus have attended seminars too numerous to count not to mention the untold number of CDs I have listened to and yes even 8-Tracks (I am that old).  The Sales Bible is second only to another Gitomer book, The YES!Attitude.  Both are absolutely MUST READS for just about anyone who is actually breathing.

Who should read this book:  EVERYONE AND I DO MEAN EVERYONE.  There is something of value that everyone can take away from this book, either as a seller, a buyer or even a CEO.  Wait…that includes me!  I’m selling the benefits of reading this book am I not?  Would I give the book as a gift?  ABSOLUTELY and I have.  Would I read it again. ABSOLUTELY, this is actually the third time I have read it already.

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