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Hollywood and Washington DC

Hollywood and Washington DC
By Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, January 25, 2018

Hollywood, CA

By now just about everyone has heard the story of how Harvey Weinstein used the power he had created within the Hollywood film industry to take sexual advantage of the many actresses he came in contact with.  Because of his “power” and his ability to make “stars” of women who wanted to be “stars” these women said nothing about his sexual abuses for decades. 

84 women have since come forward according to:

But it is far worse.  Many of the film industry leaders, men and women, who knew what he was doing and had been doing, also said nothing about his activities and many abuses. 

Why is that?  I can think of many reasons:

  • The women were afraid their careers would be over before they began; maybe they were right but we will never know will we unless one or more women come forward who can verify that because they turned down his advances, they were never hired within the industry.  That would be a tremendous help to advance this horrible storyline.
  • His executive cohorts may not have wanted to rock-rock-the-boat
  • His executive cohorts may have also been involved in sexual abuses and said nothing out of fear of being caught themselves
  • It’s the way things are in Hollywood; probably the worst excuse of all

Now to Washington, DC

We have heard that

$17,000,000 (that’s 17 MILLION DOLLARS) of taxpayer dollars have been spent to cover up the abuses of our elected politicians in Washington.  Read it here:

Thus far Congress has refused to release the names of those politicians involved in this sexual abuse.  Why is that any different than the women in Hollywood not coming forward. In most people’s minds, sexual abuse is using your position and/or power to take advantage of the opposite sex or in some cases the same sex. But in both cases the sex is unwanted as compared to someone enjoined in a sexual affair created by falling in love with another person.  That situation may also become a sexual abuse situation by a jilted lover(s).

Then we come down to maybe the biggest sexual abuser in Washington history, President Bill Clinton.  Why do I bring up his name?  So glad you asked.  It is not just me that makes this claim, read it for yourself here if you are unaware of his inglorious history:

Now here is the rub.  Today the Democratic Party members, Independent Party Members, and even some Anti-Trump Republican Party members are attacking President Donald Trump daily on all sorts of issues including alleged past sexual abuses.  Yet, most of these same people, especially those Democratic women who served in the U. S. Senate and the U. S. House of Representatives SAID NOTHING about the escapes of President Clinton.  Not only did they say nothing, they came out against the few women of that time in our history who DID COME OUT and SPEAK OUT about what President Clinton had done to them – THEY WERE VILIFIED by Democratic politicians and members of the national press.

Who were some of these women you ask?  So so glad you asked:  Turns out that during President Clinton’s Presidency there were 7 Democrats and 4 Republican. (Did not research the women in the U. S. House of Representative, just too many names to look up.)

  • Senator Diane Feinstein (D)
  • Senator Barbara Kennedy (D)
  • Senator Nancy Kassebaum (R)
  • Senator Barbara Mikulski (D)
  • Senator Jocelyn Burdick (D)
  • Senator Barbara Boxer (D)
  • Senator Carol Moseley-Braun (D)
  • Senator Sheila Frahm (R)
  • Senator Olympia Snowe (R)
  • Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R)
  • Senator Patty Murray (D)
  • There was no reason for the Male Senators not to speak up as well

 Anyone who followed the sequence of events during President Clinton’s TWO terms (he was re-elected with all this going on), knows that Republicans spoke up whenever anyone would listen.  It was difficult to get the press to cover any of it UNTIL Ken Starr started his investigation that produced the story of Monika Lewinsky.  You can read about her here:

Now for the HUGE question?  Why is it, even today, January 25, 2018, everyone is on the anti-Weinstein bandwagon and no one is on the anti-Bill Clinton bandwagon?

The Answer:  POLITICS.  Ask a Republican and you will get a very negative opinion of Bill Clinton’s two terms in office.  Ask a Democrat and Bill Clinton was the best, most eloquent and liked President of all time.  Two very different opinions of the same man.  If you recall, a lot of Hollywood insiders said the same thing for years about Harvey Weinstein.  I believe the Republicans are much closer to the truth than the very silent Democrats.  Until Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016, none of the Democrats would dare speak ill of either Bill OR Hillary Clinton and let’s be honest about Hillary, she enabled Bill to do what he was doing.  Not only did she enable him, she came out with the strong arm of the White House to vilify the many women who came forth to speak out against what Bill Clinton has done to them.  Now she claims that all women should have a voice to speak out against sexual abuse but that apparently excludes her own husband.

This is a much different scenario than the one Harvey Weinstein so rightfully is facing today.  Bill Clinton AND Hillary enjoy a much brighter future than Weinstein does unless something comes from the many ongoing investigations into the 2016 election.  Then all could change for the Clintons in an instant..

Nonetheless, it boils down to POLITICS.  Is it no wonder that the word Politician has become such a dirty word in America?  They have done it to themselves.

I recently read one book, License to Lie by Sidney Powell (@SidneyPowell1) and am reading another The Secrets of the Secret Service by Gary J. Byrne (@GaryByrneAuthor).  License to Lie and the first half of The Secrets of the Secret Service (that’s how far I am into it) shows a Washington DC and other locations around the country negatively influenced by POLITICS (there’s that word again).  It is doubtful that the average American would ever know about these things if he or she went about their business and failed to keep pace with the news or read about current American history as described in these two books.

There is a solution to all of the political discord that is currently ripping America apart and that is take off all of our partisan political hats and stick to FACTS and leave the OPINIONS and worst the SPECULATIONS inside those hats and BURN THEM!  What Harvey Weinstein did was wrong but so was what Bill Clinton did.  It should not take years for the truth to see the light of day regarding either one but it has.  Future stories about different people will surely surface and just like terrorist attacks, people will come forward AFTER THE FACT and say I should have said something but didn’t.  Why?

  • They are afraid of what other people will think of them
  • They are afraid no one will believe them
  • They are afraid of their neighbors
  • They are afraid of what politicians may say or do about them or to them
  • They are afraid that the full force of the U. S. Government may be a bigger threat to them than the truth (that’s the scary one)

Now America finds itself in a massive debate about President Trump Colluding with Russia.  I could be wrong but don’t think so, I do not believe there are any laws prohibiting “collusion.”  You can check that out on your own but that is my belief.  Worse still, when the Special Counsel was formed to investigate the non-illegal collusion, it was NEVER tasked with finding evidence of any specific crime being committed by anyone in the Trump Administration.  So now we have an entire team investigating a non-crime and by its very power WILL find someone to charge, otherwise THEY fear they will look bad for taking up this much time and spending this much money to prove someone innocent. 

That is precisely why I personally do not believe in assigning a Special Counsel to investigate anything.  I was in the real estate business for over 33 years.  Buyers would and should hire a home inspector to inspect the homes they are buying.  Still, it was my experience that the inspections performed by these inspectors where wrought with numerous “defects” as defined by the home inspector primarily because that is what they were hired to do.  Don’t you think that when you buy a 30 year old home there will be scratches on the wall, broken light fixtures, etc.?  It is NOT a new home.  But inspectors feel a need to justify the fact that someone hired them.  Home buyers would question any home inspection report that did not find anything of concern would they not?  It is the same with the Special Counsel.  The COST of this procedure is simply not warranted, in my mind.  It is costing taxpayers MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for what? 

Even worse, it is my belief that this is what is going to happen in every forthcoming presidential election.  The losing party will find a reason to engage a Special Counsel to investigate the winning party’s candidate.  It’s going to make for a fabulous GEICO commercial.  “This is our new Special Counsel, he or she is digging up dirt on the winning candidate.  That is what Special Counsels do!”, but they are not going to be able to say they saved anyone any money like GEICO does.

THE POINT!  (Finally).  Just like we are being told to: “When you see something, say something!”  The same could be said about illegal and/or unethical political activities.  The world would be a different place today had someone spoke up about Bill Clinton.  The past election would be very different if someone would have spoken up about what Hillary Clinton was doing.  In fact the election may have been between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Here’s one to think about.  What if someone had spoken up about the KNOWN threats directed at President John F. Kennedy?  Do you think he may not have been killed in Dallas?  Politicians simply do not speak up against anyone within their own party – that’s a fact!  That needs to change.  Wrong is wrong and party politics should play no part in exposing it!

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