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A book review written by Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, March 16, 2020
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The author points out in the beginning of the book that this book is fiction but is it?  As you read, you quickly understand exactly who the author is writing about and you know that the events discussed actually happened or at the very least, some of them happened.  Is it really fiction?  I honestly don’t know and I think that was the intent of the author.  Most of the book is certainly plausible.

This may be one person’s “theory” as to how the infamous “Q” and “Qanon” originated and who the person behind the “Q” actually is.  My recommendation would be to read the book and you decide for yourself.

I may have been more fortunate than most as I have also read the book, Dr. Mary’s Monkey, a must read for everyone.  If you read the book with an open mind and understand that the book is a book of truth and history, you will most assuredly begin to have serious doubts as to how John F. Kennedy was actually murdered.  You may not know by whom but you will definitely have questions as to Lee Harvey Oswald’s actual participation or not.  If you then follow that book with Me & Lee, it will further create a doubt in your mind as to the events of that fateful day in our history.  Then if you read this book, well, you will have questions and you will have doubts!

There is another aspect of the President Kennedy murder that most people are simply unaware of.  There has been a government group titled The Majestic Twelve.  If you read anything about this group and what they have done, it will cast even further doubt as to Oswald’s participation and the more likely scenario that agencies within the Federal Government were responsible for the assassination of President Kennedy to prevent him from dismantling those sections of our government now referred to as the “Deep State.”.

This book really begins with the assassination of President Kennedy and the attacks on the Kennedy family. If you understand that, the book may make more sense to you and you may believe that the treat discussed may in fact be real.

With that said, does this book write history as it is unfolding before our very eyes or is it as the author suggests, fiction?  For the record, I read it in one sitting for two reasons, first it is a short book but secondly it is a fascinating book that holds your attention to the end, true or not.

Who should read the book?  Anyone interested in history and current events and politics and the JFK assassination..
Would I read it again? Probably not.  Very easy to follow and understand.
Would I give it as a gift?  ABSOLUTELY! 

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