Sunday, March 22, 2020

Forget the Cures; Find the Cause

A book review written by Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, March 22, 2020
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I can see where someone may read this book and give it a negative review.  Why?  The book contains so much information that it can be overwhelming.  My advice would be to give each thought its own due diligence and you will most likely discover what Dr. Gangi has written to be true.  The overwhelming part kicks in when you consider ALL that Dr. Gangi has written about all at one time.  There is no doubt in my mind that it IS overwhelming.  I am confident that it was not Dr. Gangi’s intent to overwhelm anyone but instead just to get them to think.  Thinking is always good!  This book WILL make you think.

A doctor once told me when faced with no many life-changing ideas at one time, to pick and choose those ideas that (1) you know you can implement, (2) you know will be beneficial to you especially over time, and (3) that you know you will stick with them.  He then said that if you can commit to just 10%, at least initially, you will be light years ahead of most people who continue to do what they have always done (and expect different results – insanity – Einstein).

Some will read the book and choose not to make any changes and that will be their right to do so.  Others will attempt to do everything and I would be afraid that in short order they would stop do any of the recommendations.  The solution is as the Doctor advised me, start small but start with what is important to your health first!

Dr. Gangi’s book can change your health, there is no question about that.  The book is an excellent and in depth read about your body and what makes it work but it is written in plan English making it easy to understand for a non-medical person. 

Who should read the book?  Everyone seriously interested in improving their health
Would I read it again? Definitely parts of it; impossible to remember it all
Would I give it as a gift?  ABSOLUTELY; already have! 

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