Friday, May 15, 2020

Control Your Emotions and Eliminate Fear
A book review by Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, 20 May 2020

Have year ever had thoughts while reading a book, “Hey, so-and-so needs to read this book!”  You were absolutely certain that “so-and-so” was lacking in the knowledge contained in the book you were reading and they could not help but learn from it.  That is what happened to me when I first began reading this book by Lance P. Richards.  So-and-so could definitely use this information; no doubt about it! 

Then I realized that “so-and-so” was actually me!  What a shocker!  I needed the help provided by Richards probably more so than anyone on the planet and I am pretty sure that readers will feel the same way.  Not that they will think I need the information unless of course they might know me, but rather that they could use the information. 

You may have heard all or part of what Richards writes about before but dare I say it, most will not have heard any of this information before.  It certainly was not taught as I grew up.  I don’t know what is being taught in 2020.  Now you can read it all in one excellent book.  The book is written in a format that causes the reader to often pause and do a self-assessment by simply asking the question, “Is he talking about me?”  In my case he oftentimes was talking not only to me but also about me.

The “fear” Richards refers to in the subtitle is not just physical fear it is about fear that everyone of us from time to time experiences.  Fear of public speaking, fear of heights, fear of human touch, you name it.  Richards lays out a plan to first address the fears we face and then how to combat them.  Not sure it is possible for anyone to read this book, familiar with the subject or not, and NOT come away with a better understanding of self and what you can do to improve your self.

Now for the best part.  The book is available on Amazon as a four-book set all in one.  The titles of the remaining two books are, The Power of Silence, Winning the Battle Over the Noise of Life; Mindset Mastery, Take Back Your Life and Overcome Limitations; and Analyze People, A Power Course to Instantly Analyze Anyone.  With titles like these, how could you possibly go wrong in reading them?  I will write reports on each as I read them.  Watch this Blog at for later reviews.

Who should read this book?  Since it would benefit everyone, everyone should read it but especially people dealing with “issues.”
Would I read it again?  Probably not, the lessons of the book were well learned.
Would I give it as a gift?  ABSOLUTELY!

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