Monday, November 18, 2019

With All Due REspect

A Book Review by Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, November10, 2019
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In my opinion, when people see who wrote this book and that she is a Republican and if they are left of center on the political spectrum, they will determine it to be not worth reading.  That would definitely be their loss.  This is a great book for everyone to read IF they want to read about a strong and principled woman who rose to be the United Nation Ambassador for the United States.  She is a woman in what typically is described as a “man’s world” yet she not only survived she thrived and America is better for her work not only at the United Nations but also as Governor for the State of South Carolina.

As I read the book, I thought about my three daughters and one son and how they may have benefited by reading Haley’s book when they were teenagers.  The one statement that stands out far more than any other in the book was when she described being the American born daughter of a mother and father who both immigrated to America from India.  She was “not white enough to be welcomed by white groups, and she was not black enough to be welcomed by black groups.”  She said she could have let that deter her but instead she moved on.  That is a lesson for everyone regardless of your ethnic heritage or your skin color.

I particularly enjoyed reading about how she rarely if ever took “no” for an answer.  That she fought the status quo and in spite of tremendous odds managed to convince others to do the right things at the appropriate times.  It also depicts the world as it really is rather than what we may think it is or what we see on television.  Many of her experiences are truly shocking as she describes them. I fully realize this is one person’s view of the time she spent as Governor and then as Ambassador yet as I read it, the truth seemed to shine through.  This is a good book and one that every teenager should read and learn from in their early years as there are valuable lessons throughout the book.  Adults could also learn from the book as it provides a window into the operation of a state government, the United Nations and the White House.

Who should read this book?  Everyone interested in improving their position in life and everyone interested in current events and politics!  It’s that good!
Would I read it again?  Probably not, it is not one of those books you need to read more than once.
Would I give it as a gift?  I definitely would! 

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