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Written by Ryan Holiday 

Review written by Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, December 18, 2020

This is the fourth Ryan Holiday book I have read.  The other three were Ego is the Enemy, The Obstacle is the Way, and Conspiracy.  Like those three books, this book is an excellent read as well.  I especially like the way in which Holiday writes.  He makes his points using historical figures and events to do so and his writing style is easy to read and understand.

Disclaimer.  I am well aware of how many people who should know about such things recommend that people SHOULD engage in stillness or meditation.  I have tried and have failed primarily because when I attempt at stillness and quietness, my head wants to explode because of the long-time suffering from Tinnitus, the ringing in my head that never ceases and is enhanced whenever I am in total silence.  It is very depressing to say the least. Yet even for me, this book is God-sent because it reinforces a life you would want to live by. It is extremely difficult for me to imagine someone reading this book and not improving their outlook on life. It is that good.

That aside, I still found Holiday’s book fascinating.  The following quote from book explains why YOU should read it as well as anyone who you value in life: “Confucius and his followers spoke constantly of the cultivation of wisdom, saying that it is achieved in the same way that a craftsman develops skill: by putting in the time.”  Everyone could benefit from reading this book but I would suggest that everyone over the age of four should at least read the chapter titled Limit Your Inputs.  Holiday is so very much on target and when you read just this one chapter you KNOW that he is and you can probably see yourself in the people he describes and trust me, that is NOT a good thing.

Holiday’s book is a well written “how to” book on creating a better life not only for you but also for the people that surround you that you love and who love you.  A quote from the book is right on point when it comes to defining the value of maintaining a personal journal: “That is what journaling is about. It’s spiritual windshield wipers, as the writer Julia Cameron once put it.”  

Who should read this book?  From the book: “People who don’t read have no advantage over those who cannot read.”  If YOU read this book and just practice some of Holiday’s advice, your life would be a better for having read it. If two read it, double the results.  But if an entire country were to read and practice its lessons, the world would truly be a better place to live for eternity!   Everyone should read and practice this book.

Would I read it again?  There would be no need, except to locate specific quotes from people throughout history that you may want to use.

Would I give it as a gift?  ABSOLUTELY!

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