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How the unsolved murder of a doctor, a secret laboratory in New Orleans and cancer-causing monkey viruses are linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, the JFK assassination and emerging global epidemics

By Edward T. Haslam

A book review by Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, October 7, 2020

Surprisingly, this is the THIRD time I have read Dr. Mary’s Monkey.  It is even more scary in 2020 than when I read it the first two times.  Why did I choose to read it again in October 2020?  The China Virus (COVID-19) is why.  By the way, when someone labeled it COVID-19, does that mean there are 18 previous viruses?  When you understand from where the China virus originated, a government sponsored laboratory in Wuhan China, if you have read Dr. Mary’s Monkey you realize that you have heard this same story before.  Therefore, I wanted to read the book and read it with a different attitude and a sort of enlightenment brought on by the China virus and its devastating and deadly aftermath. 

Haslam could have included in the sub-title words such as Dr. Mary Sherman, Mafia Boss Carlos Marcello, Oswald murderer Jack Ruby, David Ferrie and Judyth Vary Baker.  To people born after 1975 these names may not mean much of anything to them and that would be a pity and a blight on our educational system and verification as to how the news media intentionally stifles and suppresses the free exchange of information. 

In short, this is a story about how OUR government, worked in secret to correct a MASSIVE wrong IT had committed.  Secret laboratories were working on what is known as Monkey viruses many of which were cancer causing.  The author puts forth his suggestion as to how these viruses became unleashed on the world but the important part of the book reveals that they were somehow embedded within millions of doses of Polio Vaccines given to millions of our children in the 50s and early 60s. In fact I could easily have been one of them.  The book describes how OUR government then secretly worked to find a cure for the diseases that would surely follow the release of the deadly vaccines most of which probably would not become evident for 10, 20 or 30 years later in the form of soft tissue cancers.  If you look the charts of cancer growth in soft tissues you will in fact see a spike in the 1980s and beyond.  This was a tragedy of our own government’s making and it desperately tried to keep it secret and tried in secret to find a cure but it all eventually became public knowledge but not really.  I had to learn of most of this by reading Dr. Mary’s Monkey, I had never seen it discussed on the news or was never taught about it in our schools.  If you are like me, this will all come as very new and shocking material. 

The cast of players in the book is like reading a whos-who of the Kennedy assassination and how all the players were linked together.  How lives like District Attorney Jim Garrison of New Orleans life was totally destroyed by forces within our government and aided by the news media in an attempt to keep the truth from seeing daylight.  How the relationships of the players were linked with both government agencies AND America’s Mafia families.  And finally, the reader needs to remember that it was against America’s policy and law and specifically forbidden for the government to assassinate foreign leaders like Fidel Castro.  Yet that is exactly what this book describes.  How secret laboratories worked to actually develop a quick acting cancer- causing virus that could kill someone and since the person (Fidel Castro) would have died of cancer, no one would have suspected that it was deliberately caused by American agents or people working for American agencies.  For the record, the virus WAS tried on a human, a prisoner who supposedly volunteered not knowing the true measure of the experiment and who died in just 28 days of being injected.  The plan was evil but brilliant and as the facts of the book suggest, would have worked had it actually been attempted.  The virus “may” have actually been used on Oswald murder Jack Ruby, an associate of Carlos Marcello and who died in jail awaiting trial. 

In short, OUR government created this unbelievable story so why is now so difficult to believe that the China virus wasn’t created by a Communist Chinese Government and that it is even possible that its release to the public was intentional.  After reading this book, nothing becomes impossible.  NOTHING!  In fact, that leads me to the real reason I read the book for the third time.  President Trump contracted the China virus.  Since he is our President and Presidents throughout history have been the targets of assassins, was it possible that his contracting the virus was not by accident?  This book kind of opens the door to that type of thinking.

Who should read the book?  EVERYONE, and I do mean everyone.

Would I read it again?  I have already read it three times; a fourth time is not beyond a possibility.

Would I give it as a gift?  Definitely in hope that others would actually read it; the material is that important.

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