Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Never Heard It Said Any Better!



by Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, September 1, 2020

The following was copied from a post by Dr. Rayna Gangi on Facebook, dated September 1, 2020.  I have never heard it defined or said any better than what Dr. Gangi posted.  I copied and pasted it below for everyone who follows my posts on my blog to read and hopefully share.  Check out Dr. Gangi’s web page at:  https://www.earthwalk-usa.org/   SEMPER FI MARINE!


How is THAT patriotic? A reporter asked the President about people going into cities to do peaceful protests against lawlessness. Was it patriotic for me to weep when I was 13 because my president was assassinated even though it happened in Dallas and the funeral was in D.C.? Was it patriotic for me to wear a POW bracelet in high school for a soldier I didn’t know now held captive in a land I didn’t know? Was it patriotic for me to join the Marines to do my duty for my country while others held anti-war protests in Ohio? And what was it when I returned home and chose to proudly wear my uniform in spite of all the names I was called? 

Was it patriotic for me to pursue a career and while I was searching for that career to make sure I was employed and serving humanity? What was I thinking when I pursued education and a degree in subjects I may never use, but gave me knowledge and experience so I could continue to serve and to strive to be better?

Was it patriotic for me to travel from Alabama to NYC on 9/11, a city I knew but didn’t live in, to help in search, rescue and counseling of the bereaved? And why did help organize and participate in a peaceful protest of Obamacare while the President circled in his helicopter and mocked our existence? What did I feel when a policeman thought he was protecting property and the President said he “acted stupidly?” And the feeling during the “beer summit” where the cop was made to feel guilty for being white instead of being praised for trying to do his job to protect and to serve.

Was I a patriot for traveling to every state in this nation to educate teachers and students in better ways to help with classroom issues and the basic premise that everyone’s life matters and we all deserve respect?

I felt no racism for most of my life, but those who want to be victims and haven’t grown with this very young country as it’s dealt with so many differences, now want me to feel racist for my color, unpatriotic for going to aid another town, another city, another state, to “repay” them for all the things they themselves never knew or experienced, and to die because I’m not the same color as they are.

Well, my patriotism comes from a past they will never know or understand. A belief that this nation of freedom was founded on divine intervention, a Judeo-Christian power that comes from the people, for the people. It comes from knowing that what happens to any American also happens to me, that anything affecting my country, affects me and that my family isn’t some gang on the street or those who preach hate or those who refuse to recognize the wonderful differences in this garden of freedom. My family is every person who respects our beginning, honors our Declaration of Independence from tyranny, knows and follows the constitution that makes us a nation of laws, and salutes the only flag in the world that flies as a beacon of freedom.

Yes, I will go where my country needs me, be that a widow after a hurricane, a veteran who can no longer sleep, a child who believes life doesn’t matter, or to a state where business owners who believe in America need someone to help defend them from paid anarchists and tyrants. I will answer my call to duty because I am an American, a proud patriotic American.

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