Friday, January 27, 2017

Is Common Sense Dead in America?

Is Common Sense Dead in America?
By Jim "Gymbeaux" Brown, January 27, 2017


Someone comes into America ILLEGALLY.  Have they or have they not broken our laws?  THEY HAVE!

Someone commits an ILLEGAL act while in America ILLEGALLY.  Have they or have they not broken even MORE of our laws or not?  THEY HAVE!

Someone who comes into AMERICA ILLEGALLY commits numerous violations of our laws AND is even CONVICTED of violating our laws.  Have they or have they not broken our laws?  THEY HAVE!

Are we a country of laws or do our laws not matter?  WE ARE and THEY MATTER!

If you are NOT familiar with Kate’s Law, then shame on you; you are not paying attention to what matters.  Kate’s Law was named after a murdered American Kate Steinle, murdered by an illegal immigrant who had been deported SIX TIMES because of his criminal behavior while ILLEGALLY here in America.  The law would have REQUIRED that such criminals to be sentenced to severe penalties in America and THEN deported to their native countries and Kate would still be alive.  Sounds like Common Sense in action to me.  You?

Why has this issue become a Republican versus Democrat issue?  When the Republicans tried to pass Kate's Law that would impose strict punishment on criminals who are in our country ILLEGALLY, one person, Senator Harry Reid was able to prevent an up or down vote on the law, one person out of 535 members of Congress.  If you want to know what is wrong in America it is our political system that allows someone as vile as Harry Reid who was caught lying on the floor of Congress.  He lied because he knew he could not be punished as long as what he said was on the floor of Congress.  Said anywhere else he could be charged with defamation of character.  This is the kind of politician voters continually send to Congress and it sucks.  People like Harry Reid are perfect examples of why we need Term Limits for members of Congress.  Power corrupts!

Kate’s law is nothing more than simple common sense and EVERY elected official regardless of party affiliation and the President of the United States should have been a signer to this law but they were not, all because of just one man, Harry Reid and thus the Democratic Party.

To all those Americans like news commentator Geraldo Rivera who said he would not vote for Kate’s Law, I ask this one question.  If Kate Steinle were your daughter, would you be voting FOR or AGAINST Kate’s Law.  If you say AGAINST, I will show you someone who will lie about anything.  How sad is that for a commentary on America?

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