Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Give Me A Break!

By Jim "Gymbeaux" Brown, October 11, 2016

There are many things I do not like about Donald Trump but his policies are not among those dislikes.  The recently released tape is evidence of why I do not like Trump.  However, I really dislike and distrust Hillary Clinton more than anyone in my memory who ever ran for public office except for David Duke.  I could make a list of what she has done and not done that would easily fill two pages.  There is absolutely no way I could ever vote for her thus advancing her personal agendas that have nothing to do with advancing America.

So let’s talk about the released tapes.  DISCLAIMER:  I cannot speak for women for I know not what they say, have said, have done, and/or think that would qualify me to speak for them.  I would assume they have their own issues with words they use or have used.

With that said, what struck me was that the tape is almost 12 years old and suddenly the day before the second debate it mysteriously surfaces and no one seems to question that technique.  It is obvious to me that the news media is an accomplice in the release of and the timing of the release of this tape.  Conclusion, the news media and the Clinton Campaign are working together to prevent Trump from winning the election.  On the very next day, Wikileaks releases thousands of Hillary’s emails the content of which is very damaging to Hillary yet the news media is focused on the release of the Trump tape and not on what Hillary has actually said she believes and what she will do if or when elected.  You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what is happening to our election system. 

Trump is right when he says the election is rigged.  It is being rigged by the Clinton Campaign where her supporters write off ALL of her actions as nothing but politics.  It is being rigged by the news media that have obviously in my opinion taken sides both of whom are working to derail Trump.

What Trump said is despicable.  But before any MAN condemns him for what he said, we all need to take a look in the mirror.  I am 71 years old and I know what men have said throughout my life and I would hate to have someone recording what I and “most” men have said.  I have heard just about everything that could have ever been said about women, about minorities, about Hispanics, about politicians, about neighbors, etc.  Anyone who says they have not used such words or have not heard such words will lie about other things as well.

The problem is that it is now 2016 and the public seems to worry more about “words” than “actions!”  I find that deplorable.  Universities have set aside areas where people can talk freely as if free speech no longer exists throughout our Universities.  Politicians couch every word they use and most are pre-tested by focus groups to determine how they resonate BEFORE they are spoken or written.  If you are a minority it seems permissible to say whatever you want about another group like the police with immunity from responsibility.  Everyone seems to be able to put down others who claim they are Christians; others who are gun owners and the lists go on and God forbid you ever claim to be a Republican or Conservative. 

What I see happening within the 2016 Presidential Election is that (1) the news media has taken sides, (2) Hillary who has a political record to defend is not defending it because the news media refuses to address it, (3) Trump is committing the worse political sin of all, he is fighting the establishment on both sides of the aisle but especially within his own party.

Fighting the Establishment:  Who is the establishment?  They are the men and women within our governments who by being elected to office, realize that the only way they can advance their power and financial base is to unite against the people who put them in office in the first place.  Anyone who comes along like a Donald Trump or a Bernie Sanders who both ran against the Establishment, did so knowing full well that they would be attacked as they both have been because they threaten the futures of those who currently hold power.  Supreme Court Justices are appointed for life primarily to insulate them from the political whims of Congress and the President.  While that has not worked very well, the members of Congress and the President are not as lucky or sheltered and must periodically run for election/reelection thus they will say and do anything to be reelected and retain their position of power and ultimately pad their pockets in the process.  There has never been a more definitive representative of this than Hillary Clinton.  Recently leaked emails clearly show that she defines one personal belief/opinion in private and a totally different personal belief/opinion in public.  Which ones (plural) are we to believe? 

Even more despicable than Hillary Clinton are her supporters who clearly overlook her lies and deceit because she represents the “party” and therefore MUST BE supported at all costs.  Proof of this is the Democratic Party itself.  Have you heard of just one elected Democrat that condemned her for any of the many lies that have been proven to be true  Not one has stepped forward.  Not only have they not condemned the lies and deceit, they attack the leaker instead of the content of the leaks.  Compare that to what the Republicans did when President Nixon should have resigned; many stepped forward and called for him to resign.  Then there is Bill Clinton who also lied and did so under oath and not one Democrat called for him to resign; not one. 

If ever you wanted proof of just how corrupt our governments (federal, state and local) are you need only to consider what the various Parties will do and not do to keep their “people” in office

For what it is worth, I changed my political party affiliation from one of the two major parties to a much minor one.  It may be an insignificant individual protest against the status quo but other than my actual vote it is the only thing left for me to express my total disgust with the people in power and the “Establishment Politicians.”

If I had a platform to expose the evils of the status quo like the morons in Hollywood or the news media have I would use them both but I do not and my guess is neither do you.  If ever America needed a grass roots revolution to unseat the Washington Establishment it is NOW!  Will it happen?  NOPE!  Of that I rest assured and so can you; it just won’t happen!  So you and I are left with the remnants of what use to be a proud and respectful country. 

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