Friday, November 27, 2015

If George Washington Were Alive Today

If George Washington Were Alive Today!
By Jim "Gymbeaux" Brown, November 25, 2015

Most folks are unaware that George Washington had written Rules of Civility that he lived by.  If you would like to see a list of those 110 rules, you can download them at:

If George Washington were alive today, I am sure he would modify one or two of those rules but he would be adding far more than he would be modifying.  Listed below is my list of what I think George Washington would have added to his list if he were alive today:

When you see someone trying to cross the street, stop and let them cross 

When you see someone trying to exit a parking lot, slow down instead of speeding up to permit them to safely exit

When it is time to eat, wait until everyone is seated at the table before you begin to "dig in"

Use your electronic devices whenever you are alone; never when you are in the company of others - NEVER!

If untrained, train yourself to become an effective LISTENER and know when to stop talking

Never use your electronic devices while driving a car - NEVER - not even hands free devices. You are not the good driver you think are if you are engaged in conversation or/or using a device

Open doors for others

Make eye contact with people serving you and answer their questions while making the eye contact

Stop smoking; it's just a nasty and very unhealthy habit.  If you do smoke, NEVER throw your butts on the ground

When the sign says right or left lane closed ahead and people are merging into one line, NEVER race down the right or left open lane to beat the "other guy" to the merge point - NEVER!

When commerce is heavy and you are required to stand in line to be served, don't take your frustrations out on the server when it is your turn to be served

Employees if you do nothing else, make eye contact with your customers

Say thank you every chance you get and then some
Smile at strangers and give them a pleasant greeting every opportunity

Your mother was right; return to old fashioned mother insisted values and principles

Research your candidates and amendments BEFORE you go into the voting place to vote

If you know NOT of what or whom you are voting for; DO NOT VOTE!

If you do not vote, do not complain

Post nothing on Facebook or other social media that you would NOT want a future employer to see

Post nothing on Facebook or other social media that you would NOT want your mother to see

Throw nothing onto the ground except for things to make plants grow; throw your trash into the garbage cans

If you break it let the owner know, NEVER leave it to be found and the owner wondering who broke it

If you see something on the floor in a store, pick it up

If you decide NOT to buy something in a store, put it back from where it came, not to where it is convenient to just leave it

Write thank you notes to people who have done you nicely

Write thinking of you notes to people you suddenly think of

Write your history as it is happening for future family generations to read

Learn to recognize and never be afraid to say you don't know something

When you take something out, put it back

Never drink directly from the milk or juice container (you know you have)

Remember your parents probably know more than you think you know; seek their advice

Friends are hard to come by and harder to keep; treasure the friends you actually have

 Don't spend time with people who pull you down only those who prop you up

From Jeffrey Gitomer, "you know you are on the right track when 3 of your closest friends and/or family  suggest you are nuts for trying something new"

Remember that if it is important to you it is also important to someone else

Treat others as if their physical pains are greater than yours; half the time you would be right

 "Always share the munchies" - Gerry Vaillancourt WRNO Radio

Did I get them all?

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