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By Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, May 25, 2012

 We are born (point A) and then we die (point B); a pretty stark reality when you think of it.  In between however, there is a lot of traveling to be done.  The questions that need to be addressed are:

  • Have you ever been lost, without direction?
  • Are you lost now and without direction?
  • Could you possibly be lost in the future and without direction?
  • Do you care that you might be lost and have no idea where you are going let alone where you might have been?
  • Are you lost in the travel section of life?
Consider what Larry Winget would say IF he were asked to speak at a graduation:

As seen on Fox & Friends
(and of course annotated by yours truly, that would be me) 

Congratulations on earning your degree (REAL ESTATE LICENSE). But the truth is that the degree (LICENSE) alone isn't going to be enough to assure your success in the real world (REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY).  (Gymbeaux Note:  Obviously I added the part about real estate.)

In the real world employers don't care much about your degree, your happiness, your income or really much of anything that has to do with you. They care about what you can do for them. And from this point on, that's how you have to think. Businesses exist to be profitable.  It is your job to help make them profitable. If you know how to do that, how to be worth more than you cost, then you have value in the workplace. If you don't know how to be worth more than you cost, then employers will pass you over and find someone else.  (Gymbeaux Note:  Is is not enough just to show up for work, you need to know where you want to go, how you are going to get there and the core values you believe in that will serve you on your journey.)
Look at what it really takes to be successful in the real world.
You have to take responsibility. Your life, your results, success, happiness, health and your prosperity are up to you. When it turns out well, you get the credit and when it doesn't work out the way you wanted it to, you get the blame (Gymbeaux Note:  You may also get fired, laid off, or downsized). It isn't up to anyone else to make sure you are successful, it's always up to you, so be responsible.  (Gymbeaux Note:  If it is to be; it is up to me!  William H. Johnson)
Others. Respect your employer enough to be on time and give them your personal best every day because that is what they are paying for. Respect your boss, even when you think he is an idiot because he is still your boss and deserves your respect. Respect your coworkers so they will respect you and your customers because they pay you.  (Gymbeaux Note:  Implied in this statement is the Golden Rule:  Do unto others as you would have done unto you.  Before you get mad, angry or want to retaliate against someone, ask, how would I want to be treated if the roles were reversed?  In most cases you WOULD act or react differently if it were happing TO you instead of BY you!)
Clear priorities. Your time, your energy and your money will always go to what is important to you.  (Gymbeaux Note:  Can you say GOALS!)  If looking cute is important to you then you will spend all of your money at the mall. If being financially secure is important to you then you will make sure that you save, invest and live on less than you earn.  (Gymbeaux Note:  And the most critical of all – you create a plan and then work your plan and always be aware that the plan will occasionally need adjusting or tweaking to meet current circumstances.)
It's about work and excellence. Regardless of what others may tell you, it's not about your passion -- I know people who are passionately incompetent. It's not loving what you do or being happy every day. You aren't paid to be happy on the job; you are paid to do your job. Success always comes down to hard (smart) work and excellence. And it takes both. Hard (smart) work alone won't cut it. I know people who work really hard yet aren't any good at what they do so it doesn't matter. And I know people who are excellent at what they do but they don't work hard (or passionately) enough at it to make any difference.
So work hard (smart) and be excellent at what you do. And remember, if any one can do it then anyone can do it!
What was NOT said in this presentation (except for my note) was the need to personally have core values and strong beliefs. If the current political scene reinforces one fact it is that most politicians have no core beliefs or values; they say what appears to be the most expedient at the moment and change what they say frequently usually to secure votes or to appear to “go along with the crowd.”
NEVER COMPROMISE YOUR CORE VALUES OR BELIEFS!   For this to happen you must first KNOW what your Core Values and Beliefs are; do you know?  Do you know what the Core Values and Beliefs are for the company you work for?  But wait you say, I am an Independent Contractor; I work for myself – EXACTLY! 
When you work for yourself you may, as Larry Winget states above, be working for an idiot!  One thing I am certain of is that when you affiliate with Keller Williams Realty as a lot of readers of this Nugget have, the Core Values and Beliefs needed to be successful have already been identified and promulgated by Keller Williams Realty.  All you have to do is live by them, promote them and teach your customers and spheres of influence why they are important to you.  They are known as the WI4C2TS!  Do you know them?
·      Win-win; or no deal (someone does NOT HAVE to lose for others to win)
·      Integrity; do the right thing (ESPECIALLY when no one is watching)
·      Commitment; in all things (do and give your BEST, ALWAYS!)
·      Communication; seek first to understand (and THEN be understood)
·      Creativity; ideas before results (there is no such thing as a bad idea)
·      Customers; always come first (but first you must recognize exactly who the customers are; they include teammates, cooperative agents, vendors, buyers and sellers.  Would you think a little differently if you thought of your customers as WEALTH BUILDERS?)
·      Teamwork; together everyone achieves more (all boats rise with the tide)
·      Trust; begins with honesty (takes a lifetime to develop, and only a second to destroy)
·       Success; results through people (no one ever achieved anything alone)

Zig Ziglar said, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there!”  Knowing where you are going not only includes a destination but also the route you will take and how you will act and/or react along the way.

Suggested Reading:
·      The Speed of Trust by Stephen M. R. Covey;
·       Master Your Traits by Bob Burg;
·      The Little Gold Book of YES@Attitude by Jeffrey Gitomer;
·       The Little Green Book of Getting Your Way by Jeffrey Gitomer;


High in the Sierra Mountains lives an old man
Who from his hermitage looks down in pity
Upon other men of higher mental aspiration. 

One day he rescued a little group of Swiss mountaineers
Lost in the mountains’ vastness
When told were they were they exclaimed in disbelief,
“But how did we get here?” 

To which the old hermit replied,
“If that question ain’t got no answer attached to it,
I ain’t got none that fits.
If you is goin’ anywhere in particular
Up here, yu’d better figger fust how to get thar.
Cuz by jest goin’ afore ya know where yere agoin’
Ya can get to a powerful lotta places ya might not wanta be.”

Author Unknown, pity

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