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"Get Motivated"

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"Get Motivated!"
Review of the book “Get Motivated” written Tamara Lowe
By Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, March 2009
Everyone needs to have a personal library of great books and this is one of those books everyone should not only read but study.

Why would I recommend such a thing? Thought you would never ask. What motivates you? Do you know? I thought I did until I read Ms. Lowe’s book. The book describes Motivation in terms of having a Motivational DNA; character traits that define what motivates you and what de-motivates you. More importantly it shows you how to recognize the various Motivational DNA of people in your personal and business life.

I have been involved in several personality type evaluations and have been qualified to administer two different types. This is what I know about other types of evaluations; you have to know what you are doing and you have to do it on a regular basis to fully understand it and how to evaluate people. I have never felt very comfortable with the process since it is so difficult to understand and administer.

Within a minute or two you can take the online Motivational DNA evaluation and have the results in a clear, remarkably “on target” and easily understood format; at least in my case. I challenge you to go to http://www.getmotivatedbook.com/ and take the online evaluation to prove me wrong. If it does not nail your personality types I will be shocked. Notice I said “types” because there are several.

Why is that important? Again, I am so glad you asked. I can read your mind and I can also see you via your computer video cam; you look unusually nice, got an important date? Since the online evaluation will identify what motivates you, most people, and that would certainly include you, would benefit by intentionally putting themselves in situations and environments that would support and stimulate their personal motivation compared to a combative environment. This would automatically increase the odds of reaching your goals and objectives especially when it involves working with other people.

What if you could identify the Motivational DNA of your spouse, your children and grandchildren or your co-workers, customers, competition or whomever? Would you act and treat people just a little differently if you knew almost certainly what would motivate them and/or de-motivate them? I know I would. If you-know-who is reading this, maybe not.

If you and I work together, here is another reason to read the book. Like General Patton said as he was defeating General Rommel in the deserts of Africa, “I read your book your magnificent *&#$!” I am going to use the techniques laid out in Get Motivated to manipulate, sorry, motivate you to do the right thing. Now that I know what motivates you and de-motivates you – I can’t wait to jump in. However I feel I am safe because as Get Motivated points out, over 80% of all Americans never read a book once they leave high school or college. “That means that I have an 80% chance that only 20 of you will know what I am doing and since I know what I am doing I will immediately recognize those 20 who may have read the book, that will give me a leg up on the 80”, Gymbeaux said with a slight chuckle in his voice and a sly grin on his face. If I had a mustache, I would be twisting it at this moment. Don’t know about you but if I thought someone was going to read a book that would enable him or her to manipulate, sorry, motivate me, I would read the book!

For you-know-who - I am kidding (no I’m not). The book really is that good. Seriously, I don’t believe in manipulating people but doesn’t it make sense to work with people to accomplish good things rather than work against people and not accomplish good things? I’ll wait for your answer… times up! (For you-know-who, it makes sense in case you were wondering.) When you and the people you know have conflicting personality styles and different motivational characteristics you work at cross-purposes without even knowing it. Miraculous things happen when everyone is on the same page, wouldn’t you agree? Of course you would.

By the way, is it just me or did that mysterious 80/20 rule rear its head again? 80% of 100% never read a book beyond high school or college. Sounds like the 80/20 rule to me. That also means that 20% read at least one book. Is it no wonder then that 20% of the people do 80% of the work and achieve 80% of the success? So while we are making good sense, if each of has a choice and we do (except for maybe you-know-who), does it not also make sense to enhance your odds by engaging in self-education – or as I like to say - Read For A Change! Think about this while you are thinking about this, if you can understand your buyers’ and sellers’ Motivational DNA, would it not be much simpler to communicate with them when you both are thinking alike? Again, I’ll wait for your answer…time’s up! YES!

If all this is insufficient reason for you to read Get Motivated, consider this, Tamara Lowe explains how you can motivate your children and grandchildren by understanding what motivates them and then responding to their Motivational DNA needs rather than reacting to their behavior. This alone would cause me to want to read the book but then…that’s just me.

Here’s the kicker – there is a Leader’s Guide available where groups of like-minded people, that would be you and me, who want to form a group to work with the book can meet for six weeks to better understand the Motivational DNA principles. If this sounds good to you, it sounds good to me, let’s do it. I have the guide, you only need to get, and read, Get Motivated. Not only will it be fun, it will help you to become more productive.

For what it’s worth, I’m a PVI. If you want to know what that means, you’ll have to read the book; you won’t regret it. And consider this, if you one are part of the 80% and you read the book, you will become part of the 20% and have a great start to your personal self-improvement library – what a deal!

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